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The positives …

… about being below freezing for so long. And there are positives, it cannot possibly be all bad. Not in Our World anyway.  There are lots of good things. The pigs get a warm breakfast of soaked alfalfa cubes, garlic, kitchen scraps  and molasses.… Continue Reading “The positives …”

The snow stood still in the air.. thinking its little think

The wind died  down yesterday. I don’t care how it died frankly, as long as it was gone. We all crept up out from behind our shelters, sniffing the air. The snow gently falling, in no hurry to go anywhere. Did you see Mama,… Continue Reading “The snow stood still in the air.. thinking its little think”

Trouble in The Gardens.

Don’t you hate it when the internet is broke? Sorry about yesterday. We are right on the very steep edges of a black hole of nefarious internet coverage. Evidently there was a man up the only tower that can reach us. I guess he… Continue Reading “Trouble in The Gardens.”

Yesterday was more than just a sunrise

You would think.  And to trudge back up to the house, through that sunrise, after feeding the animals and moving them,  and checking who is eating well and who is making more noise and telling Daisy: not long, Honey, not long , and then… Continue Reading “Yesterday was more than just a sunrise”