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Do you believe in miracles and magic and angels?

‘This is weird.’ John said, as he trudged back from the house to the hay field. He had checked the weather again when he went inside to take his cherry pie out of the oven (the cherries are ripe!) . “It looks like every… Continue Reading “Do you believe in miracles and magic and angels?”

How to make dishwasher powder and Daisy: back to normal.

How to make your own dishwasher powder that works is so easy. Like the laundry powder I was dubious but this stuff is great. It is not a by product of nuclear waste so it will not take off baked on food or clean… Continue Reading “How to make dishwasher powder and Daisy: back to normal.”

The Whisper of Spring’s Wing.

Yesterday I was working in the barn for a while then came back out into the air and there it was. Warmth. There was no sun, and I was surrounded in snow, yet somehow there was a warm cast to the air. Of course… Continue Reading “The Whisper of Spring’s Wing.”

Yesterday was more than just a sunrise

You would think.  And to trudge back up to the house, through that sunrise, after feeding the animals and moving them,  and checking who is eating well and who is making more noise and telling Daisy: not long, Honey, not long , and then… Continue Reading “Yesterday was more than just a sunrise”