Do you believe in miracles and magic and angels?

‘This is weird.’ John said, as he trudged back from the house to the hay field. He had checked the weather again when he went inside to take his cherry pie out of the oven (the cherries are ripe!) .


“It looks like every storm that is coming our way today hits something and kind of shatters and parts and goes around us. Like a wall is there or  something”.

“Ah”. I thought,” as I unfurled another windrow to the gathering breeze, the skylight of blue directly above sending in a searchlight of drying sun.” That is A Fellowship  of the Farmy Wall.” But I said this to myself because the best magic is a secret.cherry-pie-009

In the early morning we had read  a forecast for rain and storms but then very strangely it had started to clear.  So we had optimistically gone out and begun to spread the windrows apart, gently easing the damp hay out from under the dry hay. Up and down and up and down getting two acres of hay out and fluffed back up.  All by hand, two of us with forks, John going in and out at times to attend to his cherry pie. It took hours. And as we worked the day got warmer and the breeze built as it ran straight in from the South. The hay was drying incredibly fast. Magic fast.

After a while John had gone in to check the weather forecast and came back with this interesting discovery, as I stood in the field with my rake and watched another huge mean black rain-cloud roll in from the West then swerve and run out to the North. The whole North and West horizon boiling with black clouds raining on corn fields a mile from us, but our hay field began to dry.  Hope scampered along the rows. By 9 am the sun was midday hot out,  a dry heat. And a determined breeze began to giggle down the rows stopping to chat and rustle, butting in on the settling of the alfalfa and grass, lifting the drooping stalks.   As I threw a forkful of hay up the breeze caught it and added a conversation of voices, buoying it up, spinning and dropping it neatly onto the new row.  Like a joyful friend the breeze and I worked together down the rows.cherry-pie-011

I did not feel the pains in my wrist or my back until later, as the breeze and I sorted and reshuffled the drying hay.  Was that you?  We worked faster as more rain clouds gathered and loomed above the neighbouring fields then turned and hightailed it in the other direction. Did you do that?


We began to take the day seriously,  the  first rows  narrowly passing all the dryness tests and the sky above our heads  blue and hot.  So,  late in the afternoon tentatively we hooked up the baler and began to bale the hay. The knotter knotted. The bales were not too heavy and gathering confidence we began to smile and even cheer a little as slowly and carefully we brought the hay in.  We brought in 64 bales before the dark and the weather sent us home. We stood them on their sides in the barn, with room to breathe around them. We have  half the field still to dry and bale but 64 bales is over a months worth of winter hay for two cows, the pigs and a bunch of sheep.


In a week or so when I am sure they will not heat up, they will be pulled up into the hay loft. The animal pantry. Now who does not believe in magic and miracles and angels?

Good morning. I am late today. The internet was down when I awoke so I did the farming first.  There are showers around for the next few days (one on my head right now) so in the next dry spell we will return to the field.  I am much impressed with your ability to hold the weather at bay plus blowing all that hot dancing air down the pike, for a good 24 hours, saving over half the crop of hay. Don’t tell anyone what you did though, they will think we are all bonkers. But I know.

When we bring in the next half it will go straight to fattening the Bobby.  And I will close up another field for hay, as a trade. Hopefully this way we will still get in the 400+ bales I need to get us through this winter and into next spring.

You all have a lovely day.

Your smiling friend, celi


78 Comments on “Do you believe in miracles and magic and angels?

  1. I am very tired reading your post……whew. You are a hard worker but hopefully a piece of that yummy pie helped at the end of a long day. 🙂

  2. Maybe it takes a wash basket moment to drive out all the problems and let the the good thoughts in. I’m sure the whole Farmy Fellowship wished you a better ,sunny Sunday and it happened. I hope your back and wrist can have a bit of a rest today. The piggies are growing so fast. It must be great fun to watch them play.

  3. Now we all know what we did… but let us know when you need us to do it again… love this blog… makes me tired just reading what you get up to in a day…

  4. HI Celi! Yeah!!! What fabulous news!!! I just love how you portrayed the breeze in your writing! So wonderful and imaginative! So thrilled at least half the hay is in! xoxoxo

  5. I read your profile, just wondered where in the Midwest are you located? I am American (from Oklahoma) but moved to the UK. I remember living the “simple” life, although a struggle, still. Nice to meet you Cecilia 🙂

    • We are a hundred miles south of chicago! Welcome to the Farmy Lounge of Comments Have a glorious day! c

  6. Your heartfelt plea, power of many positive thoughts and a few redirected fans and hairdriers ……. 🙂
    Johns pie looks delicious and those little piggies are growing from one photo to the next. let us know when we need to do the rain dance in order for the grass to grow again 😉

  7. Oh I believe! As a child my mother remember hail missing their farm while the neighbours fields were flattened. Blessings on your farm : )

  8. So happy to hear all the prayers were answered for a day and that you were able to work through your pain. Now ice up!

  9. OH THE PIGGIES!! They are so freaking adorable!! For some reason – I can’t quite put my snout on it – I love pictures of piggies. They remind me of someone. And that cherry pie?! I’ve never had a cherry pie. It looks so delicious my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  10. YES!! What a satisfying day! There is something so much better about hay you put up yourself than the hay you buy. Thinking sunny skies and warm breezes your way.

  11. I am ecstatic that the day went so well for you. Very good news indeed, c. I am a bit tired today. Up since 4AM, drove Gabi to Heathrow. She’s on her way to Colombia. My John follows her in a few weeks. Life is full of bumps.

  12. I am so happy and excited! I did pray for your farm like I pray over mine. Being a believer and a Christian I hold to the truth that we have a Savior in Jesus Christ and that we have an enemy who hates all things beautiful- especially organic farms. So each morning, I take my authority in Christ and tell the enemy that he will not use the weather as a weapon against me. I prayed the same over you and yours and then over every other farm working to get their hay in. I also prayed for strength for you as I fully understand what is required to do so much on your own while the husband is away working. I love the Chronicles of Narnia books by C.S. Lewis and the deep magic of Aslan, I see it every day on my farm.
    Also, the piglets are the cutest things ever!

  13. Hooray! Never underestimate the “hot air” of your readers, Celi .

  14. good for you! i am glad the farmy gods blessed you with good hay weather. i hope they bless me with some rain! i will be making a cherry pie in a few days. i made a blueberry one yesterday. your looks so good! and the piglets….i want one so bad! i always mean to ask you….will you ever add goats to the farmy?

  15. Yes, I too believe in the powerful beams of positive thoughts from so many of us for you & Farmy. And I also believe that Soon some Savvy Editor will offer you a lucrative book contract that will pay for the extra strong arms you need for this difficult but richly rewarding undertaking. I would buy your lovely books for to read & give! Keep writing & living your special life, Cecilia!

    • I would write a book for you in a heart beat, maybe I should.. after the haymaking though!! SO you know any cool editors?.. c

  16. Oh Thank Goodness – I have been checking my emails since 6am and getting so worried when your post didn’t come. Of course I am then thinking all sorts of worrying things about the hay, your wrist, Queenie and the vet (i could go on LOL). So relieved to hear all my worries were wrong! Like me you don’t mind rolling up those sleeves and getting the job done, it’s when things keep knocking you back, and everything takes so much longer that it should, our exhaustion turns into the blues! But see I knew keeping your pecker up and all of us sending positive vibrations would win out in the end. OK now I have to speed up as I am well behind my garden chores……. Hugs
    PS Managed to get some fat back from the Farmers Market on Saturday and I am going to ‘render’ me some lard! Can’t make cherry pie as I only had a few (young tree) and the stink bugs got them, but my raspberries are coming in great so Raspberry Pie with real pastry is in my future!

    • those positive vibrations were just the thing! the support i get from the Fellowship is extraordinary and has saved me many a time.. thank you so much.. c

  17. I think that it was your guardian angel after your recent washing basket moment. Well done to you both for all your hard work, your angel probably has a big grin!

  18. Yippee, woohoo fabulous!
    Also, would you look at how quickly our little piggies are growing – they really do grow fast!
    Yippee for hay!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  19. Today we woke up to clouds…soft billowy GREY clouds. And a very cool breeze. So cool a light jacket was necessary to change the water in. We still have clouds now, not as many, but still soft and mostly white. I have all the windows open the heat is only 99* I’m going to enjoy it as next week we top over 100*…way over they are saying.


    • Oh you have had it so hot so far, we are only now just inching into the high eighties, A reprieve of sorts! c

  20. Am so happy for you and John that things finally went your way. Do I detect a metaphor with the pictures of the pigs cavorting and your Farmy Fellowship! : )

  21. So glad the rain held off for you. We got dumped on, lots of flooding around here. Love those plump little piglet pics. How many have Charolette’s ears and how many have Sheila’s ear set?

    Have you ever salted your bales before? When we would have hay that was a tad bit damp we would sprinkle salt on them, each layer in the loft would get salted. Fine ground salt, like table salt, each bale would get a sprinkle by hand across its length. We had 25 or 50 lb bags of salt that was mixed in with the dairy cow ration that we used from. I can’t remember how many bales a handful of salt was suppose to do but we had luck with it. Dad always checked for warm or hot bales but I can’t remember any in the salted hay. I can remember a couple times when we ran out of salt and had some hot ones. Of course they were never on the edge of the stack, it would always involve moving a lot of hay to get to the hot ones. The hay has a certain smell to it as it heats up. I can remember checking for hot bales as part of chores every day. Sometimes we would salt bales that were heating up, let them sit so air could flow around them and it would stop the heating process. If all that failed we always had hungry heifers who ate just about everything.

    Do you have a hay rake for the tractor? If not I would keep an eye out for an old one from about 30 to 40 (or More) years ago. They would be too small by today’s standards and very useful for your smaller fields. There are rakes that run of the pto and ones that are 3-point mount that provide their own energy (they kind of look like big sunflowers). They not only can be used to rake the hay into windrows but you can fluff with them too. It all depends on how you adjust the toothy parts. You lose a little quality in the hay by multiple fluffings but you don’t lose the hay crop.

    • Our rake rakes into the windrows, i shall put a shot of it on for you tomorrow, though after the rain one that would fluff it back up would save me a lot of manual labour,(though i do understand about the depreciating quality) and you are right, our fields are small so there is a lot of turning.. (like being a swimmer in a short pool!) I am buying a big bag of stock salt tomorrow for this next lot..This is an excellent tip. thank you. It makes perfect sense to me. The bales we put up yesterday I stacked for maximum air flow and it is nice and breeze in the bottom layer of the barn, i am not putting them upinto the hay mow untiI am sure they will stay cool. luckily i am familiar with the smell of hot bales so I will be in there checking frequently. How long do you think I need to worry for? Two weeks?
      The last of the hay just got rained on again.. sigh.. c

  22. It was a magic pie! I’m glad you were able to get the hay baled and what happy little pigs 🙂

  23. I’m late on parade again – laptop on the blink. I’m so glad all the wishing and hoping and praying worked – the Farmy friends are a powerful bunch. Your piglets are adorable. I hope the rain stays away for a few more days.

      • I bought a new mouse, installed it but it didn’t work. Without being able to move the cursor, I am unable to use the laptop to reinstall the USB ports which are not working, but I can’t take it to the nice computer man, as there is too much going on here. My PC is all but defunct, so there is serious money to be spent! Meanwhile, I struggle!

  24. “Every time I hear a newborn baby cry , or touch a leaf, or see the sky….” Or see piggies and lambs and cecila…I believe!

  25. I think dear Alice has said it all… so glad to hear that the weather gods heard the pleas all round the world as well as yours ! And so glad you’re back to your usual soaring energy and good spirits…and may the miracles keep coming…

  26. Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I’ve never been able to do anything other than the latter. Hooray for getting some of the hay in! xx

  27. I like that the hay work didn’t get in the way of other important work… cherry pie making 🙂 That is the way to do things – just do what you can and know it is the best it can be. I think one of the keys to tomorrows miracles is believing today in what you already have.

      • It’s not so terrible, no flooding in the inner city areas where I am… just taking its time to move along… I’ve had washing on the line on the balcony since Saturday. It will pass though 🙂

  28. Of course I believe! So often, well actually always, when i stop by here I think that your posts would make a wonderful scene in a movie or a book. I love southern movies and books. Have a great week. Greetings to the Fellowship wind!

      • Granny?! Mistaken identity… of sorts. I wondered if that might happen. Not a problem. Made me smile. We just had a mega thunder storm here. Lightning hit and shaved a tree next to my house. I thought about those clouds over your fields. I love a good storm, though this was a bit close.

  29. Altho’ our wind at the moment is howling at an alarming 100 km or so and my surrounds look like lakes, I am SO incredibly happy a ‘hundred thousand miracles’ [you should listen to ‘Flower Drum Song’ 🙂 !] are working for you and the wind is giggling and, in the process of having brought in a 1/6 of what you need for feed you have played games with it!! And the cherry pie pie tops it all! [Oh, I could hug those playful piggies having a wow of a time whatever the clouds!!!!

  30. Remind me of that old McDonald’s song, “You deserve(d) a break today!” What luck! I’m so glad that you were able to get so much hay baled and in. Let’s hope that once this rainy system heads the East, you’ll have a number of warm, low humidity days to dry out the rest. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  31. I also believe in the power of prayer. Wish I could have been there to witness your miracle first-hand. Piglets appear to play like puppies and kittens do.

  32. Yay! Positive People Power. So pleased you had some success. Having setbacks makes us appreciate when things do go right. That cherry pie looks delish 🙂 Joy

  33. Isn’t it wonderful? 😀 So glad you were able to get it all done. And say, if we can’t help you eat the pie, can you share a recipe? I looks simply divine!

  34. You have such a way with words: “animal pantry”, “Hope scampered along the rows”.
    Yes the best magic is secret. No doubt lots of thought waves were directing the winds and clouds this day?
    (I remember old tractors fluffing hay with big spinning teeth. Can’t imagine doing that by hand – even though that was a little place)
    Happy piggies have to make you smile

  35. Wow! Yea! Miracles indeed, and with so many of us holding you, I’m not surprised. I went to bed thinking about you hay and the sun needed to dry it. I even said to the sun, ‘I don’t need you here. Winter is your off season anyway. Go where you’re needed.’ And then I read this (a day late, but I had a busy time) and I’m skipping and dancing for you.

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    blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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