Yesterday was more than just a sunrise

You would think. sunrise-001

And to trudge back up to the house, through that sunrise, after feeding the animals and moving them,  and checking who is eating well and who is making more noise and telling Daisy: not long, Honey, not long , and then in for a beautiful hot cup of creamy coffee watching the dawn, before you rustle back up into gear and sunrise-002

make a special cow breakfast then gently exit back into the brightened morning for the gentle milking. One thing we know is that the sunrise is always different and though it sounds like every day could be the same – it never is.

There was more to yesterday than that sunrise, but the still anchorage of a miraculous red gold sky, even though laced with calls and voices and movement, expectation and endless determination, this dawn resounds, echos and conveys us silently and carefully through the day. Those wisps of sunrise, that colour of rose, like hope.

Good morning.  This morning’s dawn (as yet still under wraps) will show ice on the ground from last night’s freezing rain. They forecast snow as well, but that passed us by.

The cold is back.  Have a lovely day.



67 Comments on “Yesterday was more than just a sunrise

  1. Enjoy your Sunday we here in NH will sit and watch the snow MELT they say maybe 50! Then what ice all over as temps. drop 🙂 New England weather if you don’t like it wait a minute 🙂 always changing. We were socked in with heavy fog as I walked the beach yesterday with JT and had hoped to see a beautiful sunset I could share but the fog only sunk to the surface worse bad driving in it but now today there maybe a beautiful one which will probably match your sunrise 🙂


    • Morning Eunice, love the idea of walking along the beach in a fog, I grew up by the beach as you know, and we used to listen to those resonant sounds of the fog horns drifting in through our bedroom windows.. wonderful memory.. c

      • Sadly lighthouse was not sounding yesterday while we were down by Plum Island one but I did capture the Green light I think in a shot from across the river 🙂

        I am glad I can send you some memories of the sea and you bless me with farm animals as my grandparents always had.

    • the cold has come back just in time, I noticed a certain swelling on a lilac yesterday, time it went back to sleep! I thought of you this morning when i realised I had completely forgotton to take a Daily View Shot!! c

  2. beautiful sky! it is 60 here right now but the cold front rolls in around noon and our temps will fall quickly. as it should be for this time of year!

    • January is full of surprises, but I am sure we will be cold for the duration now, not too bad this morning yet though, 28 I think! c

  3. Hi Celi! It’s cold down here too now. But in one more day I’ll be in Nicaragua where it is warm!! I’ve got my backpack packed up and I’m ready to go. I’ll be able to check email down there, but probably not daily. But I’ll check in for sure during the next three weeks! xo

  4. Beautiful sunrise pictures! Isn’t it nice to see the porch light on when you’re making your way back to the house? I hope you’re wearing your ice grippers on your boots today!
    Have a lovely Sunday

  5. Sunrises and sunsets – some of Mother Nature’s best works I think!

  6. the cold is back here also. I am just so impressed with your photos. I have seen many shots of this but not as beautiful as yours

  7. Lovely! Oh, and I’m always a tiny but jealous of people enjoying hot cups of creamy coffee. It always sounds like such a good idea, but I can’t bring myself to like the smell or taste of coffee.

  8. You can’t imagine how much I relish each morning with you and your critters and camera. Last evening here in Chicago the sky was a cloud cover of palest pink. The houses on the block obscure any chance to see a REAL sunrise or sunset,;this is why I so love your photos.

    • I forgot you were in chicago, maybe one day the Chicago contingent of the followers of the farmy could meet for coffee.. or maybe tea at that russian tea shop near or on madison ave?! On a snowy day.. we need snow for it to be a properly lovely meeting! c

  9. Love your photo and your blog. It’s really cold in the Pacific Northwest, Western Washington the icy cold has been here from Alaska for three days and we can plan on a good week of it. The donkeys and my horse are blanketed and drinking warm water. Come on spring 🙂

  10. Prose becomes poetry in your from-the-heart description of sunrise on the Farmy. It is moments like this – when I look across the winter fields and see the sky afire with colours we can only dream about. How fortunate those who have this view – this ability to see the beyond. My throat catched as I read your words Celi. A glorious start to Sunday. V.

    • Oh no.. fog in paradise.. well it had to happen i guess, but i bet you are snug in your beautiful new home.. c

      • Our “beautiful new home” is also very large and difficult to keep warm…Ha! I’m usually layered in socks and sweats, and a sweatshirt. The fog has been kind of nice actually. Puts you in that stay at home and mill around kind of mood. I wouldn’t mind seeing the sun tomorrow though. 😉 Hope you are have a good day!!

  11. hi Celi well we got your sunrise ourlittleacres just didn’t get out of bed to see it; it was like your just with more trees in the background and hills Beautifully outstanding.

  12. Friends home from NZ last night, son in law back from Fiji…all greeted
    with a lovely 5 degrees at the Denver airport !! Just plain rude !!

    It all the way up to 14 so I am sure they are still wrapped in their toasty
    beds ! It’s The National Western Stock Show’s fault…these temps
    are kindly known as “stock show weather ” It never fails !!

    I love having winter, makes spring seem all the more amazing !!
    Always ready….always grateful……love your porch..I’ve never seen
    it !! Stay warm..

  13. Cecilia, That would so much fun. Even more fun–a few glasses of wine. If you’re thinking of the place I’m thinking, there’s a Russian Tea Time on Adams St. a few steps from the Art Institute.

    • Yes that is the one, i have never been there but i have heard good things.. i need to consult with my chicago john.. see what he thinks! c

  14. Beautiful sunrise, Celi, and we didn’t fare any better, snow-wise. Yes, it’s colder but there are nothing but mostly blue skies in the forecast. I hope they’re wrong.
    Russian Tea Time would be a perfect place to meet, Celi. It’s near the subway and just a few feet off of Michigan Ave, making it quite easy to reach. You can read all about it here:
    Have a great evening!

    • We should make a plan John.. Daisy is almost settled and The Matriarch and I are about ready for a gad about! c

  15. Am certain a dawn like that does set you up for a gentle day . . . it has even made me feel good at 10 am [:) !] on an Australian summer morning. Of course the Powers above did bring us some gentle Camelot rain for an hour or two, so that this gal well and truly slept thru’ our dawn . . .

  16. What a lovely sunrise. I’ve grown to appreciate a good sunrise more and more. Almost more than sunsets. I hope you had a great day. No snow here either…just cold.

  17. Your vivid words of the sunrise rang in my head with the voice of a preacher capturing me for a brief moment. Beautiful.
    May the feeling it brought carry you through the cold gray icy mornings. wt

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