Do you want to peek in through my windows?

Well, you can’t, because the glass is covered in ice. This is what I see when I look back out at you.  Best you use the door.  But be prepared to give it a good shove as some of the doors were frozen shut yesterday morning. windows-002

Who needs curtains! windows-005

This is a curly barked maple. I love this little tree.  Thankfully the ice was not too thick on the branches, I have seen freezing rain bring down huge limbs of trees through sheer weight.  In fact this is why the tree house tree is such an odd shape. windows-010

All the stock was inside overnight due to the icy rain, so feeding out was easy, but to get to the chook house I had to get through this gate. Frozen shut. So off I went to find my hammer. Just as well I did as I had to use the hammer to break into the chicken coop as well once I got out there, the door was frozen shut.


Daisy was not impressed with my meanderings as her water had a sheet of ice on it too and that trough is heated. but someone forgot to plug it in after its warm weather hiatus.  Ah, well that would be me.  windows-018

No need to crowd the refrigerator with the left overs of last nights chili. Just pop it outside.


The Daily View looks so benign but that grass is frozen stiff and crunchy.

Good morning. The competition is hotting up over at Spirit Lights The Way and just to be sure that I have covered all the provisions of the competition here is an old pic of my writing desk, not that I am competitive at all Roger. !!winter-studio-1

My work space The Loft Studio. I already turned in my little essay. Now, you can join in too.  Write a tiny bit about your process and send in a pic of your writing space. Pop over to read all about it here.  But have it all in by Robbie Burns birthday. There will be voting for the bestests on Groundhog Day, I think.  And there will be  prizes.  I am not very good with rules.  But I love to vote so join in if you feel the urge.  just a little excitement for a grey winter.

Now you all have a lovely day. It is 14F (-10)  outside.  Soon I shall feed out. Daisy is still doing well with her Once A Aay milking.  We are all so much more relaxed and the milking is at a civilised hour after everyone’s breakfast when it is warmer and the barn animals and the people are not frozen and pressured – which suits Daisy.  Yesterday she never even lifted her foot. She stood beautifully still for the whole milking. Good girl.


57 Comments on “Do you want to peek in through my windows?

  1. That certainly looks a cosy study in which to craft your posts. I can’t imagine you needing those tiny exercise weights when you spend most of day chucking sheep and cows around:)

  2. I’d take 6 inches of snow over a half-inch of ice any day…ugh.
    Love Ton with his stick in the Daily! Oh, and I see the Jeep has gone…probably weeks ago, and I’m just noticing, eh?
    Stay warm and dry!

  3. i have big paper bark maples and i love them. they get more glorious as they grow. the cold has not quite hit us here yet! glad daisy is doing so well!

  4. Hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t be complaining about fog? I think having everything frozen would be worse. I love the picture of the curly barked maple and the pump. Colorful and gorgeous! Your office looks mighty cozy, a perfect place to write. I haven’t seen a rotary phone for 20 years and even then the only one around was at my grandma’s house. I miss that noise that it makes when you dial and the patient and much slower life that went with it. 🙂

    Have a lovely day! ~ April

  5. You got your silkies just in time! I prefer my ice in a glass with something heady and delicious poured over it, thank you very much…Unfortunately, the cold is also headed our way by the end of this week. Digging out my silkies. Sounds like the milking is well under control and much more civilized.

  6. No ice here in southeastern Minnesota thankfully. But my son reported from Fargo that his classmates were falling like dominoes on the campus of North Dakota State University on Friday due to the ice storm there. Very cold (minus double digit windchills here this a.m.).

    The jolts of color zap the gray in your images. Well done.

  7. Wow and here I’ve just got back from the Kalahari… temps around 38 to 40 degrees C every day… and there you are freezing… glad I’m where I am…

  8. Great pics, Cecelia. Your desk area is so cozy in contrast to the icy morn . . . you’re going to get the “sympathy vote” for sure with all those chilly shots. Brrr! 😯

  9. Thank you for the reminder. I just need to hang my notice board and then I’ll do my office workspace shot! Just off to find the drill.Then the words to describe my process!

    It’s cold here too, but not as cold as you – a little blanket of wet snow last night 🙂

  10. Oh I do hope that Tons stick is not frozen to his mouth – he looks quite happy though in the last shot waiting for your to come and out play.
    Stay warm C and have a happy farmy day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Maybe that is why Ton is always seen with a stick in his mouth, it is frozen in there!!! He does not seem to mind the cold, whereas big dog actually slipped and fell on the ice yesterday, right outside the back door, then glared at us all through the glass, daring us to laugh! c

  11. Thanks for introducing Nancy’s blog. I’ve just had a good look around and really like her. Love your writing desk photo. Would die to show you the state of mine at the moment. (completely covered in papers/files/junk) Will need to commit a neatness before taking a photo. 🙂

  12. Good for Daisy. You know i love that cow! I love the pic of your writing desk and had to smile that with all the physical work you do on the farmy you have a pair of hand weights there! 🙂

  13. That’s serious chilling. In college we put up quilted panels over the windows (over the thin drapes) in a very old “vintage” non insulated wooden frame house. Self preservation without central heat.
    Hope you’ve got some good gloves – metal and ice in this kind of cold is very hard on hands. How nice the water trough can be heated instead of being beaten with a hammer each morning – now that’s real progress! (Ice boxes at one time were on the back porch…real ice boxes – saves money in winter, but going to get stuff out of it!)
    Stay warm and enjoy that perfect writing spot!

    • yes an ice box would be just dandy. The windows are double glazed so it is only the outside layer that is frozen but I have the inside handle to the basement is always coated in ice, never touch that one with wet hands!! c

  14. How lovely is the contrast of all the bright colors of the gate, your red pot, etc. against the ice and gloom…so reassuring. That’s a lot of ice! Your workspace looks like it has as many projects going as mine…only yours is much more organized. Love your desk!

    • I do like to have a tidy desk, today the only things on my desk is paper and a pen, the computer and a dictionary, I have another desk that sits at a right angle to this one that is covered in the general detritus of research.. Sometimes I worry that i spend too much time organising and not enough time doing! c

      • Oh goodness, if you of all people don’t spend enough time “doing” then there’s no hope for the rest of us, LOL! I wish I was as organized as you. 🙂

  15. Your writing space looks like a cosy respite from the cold. I can’t imagine how cold it must feel when the ice covers the windows! Even the idea of keeping the leftovers outside is so novel in my experience. But there is a definite beauty in the frozen landscape…as long as the drinking water doesn’t freeze! 🙂

    • I have to keep topping up the animals waters with buckets of hot water, well those ones that are not heated and I had better get up off my desk chair and do that actually, it might have warmed up a little by now! c

  16. I like that rotary dial phone on the desk. I found one in the trash when I was in middle school (or what we used to call “junior high”). I brought it home and took it apart. There was one more screw in it going into a solid piece of metal. I couldn’t figure out why it was there, so I removed it. That’s when I learned the “solid piece of metal” was a sandwich of ten thin pieces of metal with nine slices of plastic in between. I never got it back together. Years later I understood that it was the dialing mechanism.

  17. When I was young, I remember “Jack Frost” painting the inside of our windows with such lovely patterns of ice. I see TonTon has his stick in the Daily Photo. He always makes me smile. The skylights are nice for your writing space in the loft. I’m glad Daisy is doing better.

  18. Now when I think about you Celi and your writing I will see you at the wonderful old table – surrounded by things that are important to you. Virginia Woolf would have appreciated your lovely Loft study. V.

  19. Your writing room seems to be glowing after those other icy shots. Thanks for the temperature translation. Now I can really go “Oooh and ouch’ when I take in those degrees of chill. It’s so good to hear of Daisy’s new routine, so kind to all.

  20. I see the Led Zeppelin cover is still prominent – Stefan Gates will want royalties 😉
    It snowed here today, but turned to sleet, so no ice like the farmy.

  21. We have had weather near fifty; no ice here. I think we will pay dearly for that. God luck in your competition. I use my covered porch in the same manner during cold months…

  22. We didn’t get the ice that you did, thankfully. It can mean power outages, especially for you country folk, as tree limbs fall onto wires. In Michigan, the power company comes around every 5 or 6 years and will trim off half of the trees to keep them away from the power lines. As badly mangled as the trees all look, in 5 years they’re back and you’d never know that they’e been clipped.
    Stay warm, Celi, and have a great evening!

  23. Oh, my writing desk is definitely out of bounds to anyone at the moment: what a messville next to yours! Even piles of papers next to it on the floor 😦 ! But absolutely love your dial-up phone: I never minded them and kept mine as long as it worked – hate things ‘same-same’!

  24. I love your writing space……the red rug looks very familiar. I bought mine in Durango, Colorado in 1989.

  25. I believe your cold is heading this way, hope it warms up a bit on the way and is not accompanied by ice rain which can be so damaging. Gald to learn that Daisy is back to normal.

  26. The album on the floor behind your writing desk…my dad has that as well. I remember always being intrigued by it when I was younger.

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