The snow stood still in the air.. thinking its little think

The wind died  down

I don’t care how it died frankly, as long as it was gone.

st-018 st-020 st-024

We all crept up out from behind our shelters, sniffing the air. The snow gently falling, in no hurry to go anywhere.

Did you see Mama, she seldom comes out into the field nowadays. Preferring to stick closer to the barn.


Sheila on the other hand was everywhere yesterday. Her nose in everything, following me about. Her ears are so annoying that to see something clearly, she has to raise her head up high, and shake, peering between her ears with each shake of her head.


A day without  howling wind and driving snow felt like a gift from the gods.

st-036 st-051

Kupas feather has been attached to this fence for months now. It is one of my little memories of him.The snow was drifty, almost friendly.

This morning I awoke to silent freezing rain coating the windows like stipply opaque 1950’s backdoor glass.   If you wear glasses take them off and look out your window, that is what we can see. Through the ice there is shimmering, fuzzy snow falling thickly onto the fresh frozen ice that is now laid like a vast sheet on the old frozen ice.

Good morning. My icebug boots will be earning their keep this morning.  The cleats on the gumboots I keep for dirty work.  And popping to and fro for firewood. ( The icebug boots have such sharp spikes on the bottom that they leave marks on the wooden verandah floor). But today I am bringing out the big guns, it is going to be exceptionally slick out there.

But it is warm (just below freezing) and there is no wind.

I have been in touch with Bob, whose kunekune mama has gone into the delivery room as her piglets are due.  He will email us pictures as soon as all their little feet are on the ground. It is her first time, so she is not expected to have too many but I hope that we can have one of these, and I hope we can collect our new pig before I start to milk Daisy. The timing will be pretty tight. But as usual I am getting ahead of myself. But as I have said before getting ahead of yourself is better than having to pull out and pass yourself!

No point in getting in your own way.

There is no dawn yet but the day looks so interesting that I think I will start early and see what is going on in the barn. 

I hope you all find a little loveliness in  your day.  Don’t forget to look for it. Even if it is a funny pig lifting her head and flapping her ears so she can see you clearly.


Your friend on the farmy


61 Comments on “The snow stood still in the air.. thinking its little think

  1. That’s one happy pig I’d say! We’ve had some snow today but just a smattering compared to yours. Cold wind though which I detest but not as much as the Silkies who have stayed indoors! Enjoy your day whatever the weather.

    • We have quite a bit of snow, about three inches i think, and now icy rain again, but I think that the storm is over, it is getting lighter. The snow is lovely, flurry and white.. I must pop over to see your daily view.. c

  2. In a couple of months the farmy is going to be full of little babies. Are you ready, Miss Celi? You’ll be needed as midwife, wet-nurse and surrogate parent to all kinds of fuzzy little creatures with hooves, claws, trotters and maybe even paws!

  3. Personally, I wish a slow, painful death on the wind…and you know I’m not a violent person….
    Ice under the snow is as bad as it gets…hate not being able to see the slippery. But that smiling pig makes it all better, doesn’t it?
    A tiny party at our place today…a certain Little Man turns three tomorrow!

    • THREE! Wow, he is growing up fast! In fact the ice fell on top of the snow and just created a wee crunch, so we got away with that one.. phew.. c

  4. I think what I like about your blog is that basically, you are a poet. Haiku poetry is Japanese condensed poetry that captures the moment in a few strokes. But your poetry captures your life with a few smiles.

  5. Hope the wind has gone home to the North Pole for good. Good to see Sheila checking up to see everybody did their jobs while she was away. 🙂 Laura

    • She is a very happy piggie, and the cold is coming back tomorrow, but it is nice to have a warm day for a change.. c

  6. That Sheila is too cute. The last picture is a real keeper. Your descriptions of winter are so beautiful. I’ve been thinking about “which ones are best,” but it would be very hard to narrow it down. There’s an “accumulation” that takes place (much like snow itself) from one post to the next…I know one has to edit, but one wants to edit, not unravel. You know what I mean?

    • I do see what you mean, I need to keep that in mind. Also the work needs to flow and tell a story, not jerk all over the place in a clompy way, i think this might be harder to do than I thought.. c

  7. Sheila looks as happy to be home as we all feel having her home ! Not sure that is even a sentence ? O well sounded ok in my head, which is a whole subject we’ve discussed on this very blog. Enjoy your day ,RABBIT RABBIT.. to be said on the first day of the month as you are jumping out of bed …. For luck !

  8. Just love the last picture of Sheila peeking out! No doubt she is happy to be home! 🙂

  9. “A day without howling wind and driving snow felt like a gift from the gods.” Amen to that! We have a similar day to you with temperatures that have “warmed up” to around 0°C (32°F) although with freezing rain, which is turning my garden into a giant slushy. I was out shovelling the drive and raking the deep snow from the roof earlier and the snow is really heavy as it warms up. At least I won’t need a gym membership 🙂

    Sheila looks like she’s back in form – Queen of all she surveys. And dear Marmalade looking like butter wouldn’t melt in that pretty mouth….

  10. Good morning, c, and a happy weekend to the farmy! It’s raining here. Again. Creek rising. Again. Flood warnings out for Sussex. Again. Been there; done that; ready for something new, thank you very much. Love to Sheila. That’s one happy pig.

    • Goodness, you have had enough rain I think.. flood warnings again, your ground must be saturated, hope you get a warm spring to make use of all that moisture.. c

  11. Cecilia, who is that peeking in on the last picture with Sheila? It looks like Boo but maybe it’s BigDog.
    I’m glad you have lovely mementos of Kupa. The death of such beauty is very hard to accept.
    Could you wrap Sheila’s ears in an Aunt Jemima scarf the way we do after washing our hair–so she can see better?
    And I’m not sure if I saw Mama. There are 4 sheep, right? Meadow, Mama, Minty and Tilly.

    • That is Boo Bum popping his head through wondering if I can see the stick he dropped through the door. Yes there are four, Mama is all the way in the back of that first shot, standing outside the barn door. She is a tired old lady this winter.. c

  12. ah, its good to see Sheila back into the fold where she can tell by the look on her little face that she is happy again…the sheep look contented so all is right with the world.
    Maybe Sheila needs a ribbon to tie her ears back so that she can see…..only a thought!

  13. I know how Shelia feels, I act the same way every time I come home after a trip- without the problematic ears of course! I feel for you all up in the frozen tundra, we have had a cold winter for us but cold in Texas is just not the same.

  14. So you have to contend with the stick obstacle course too……….first the frozen pose catches my eye….dog on point, gaze fixed firmly ….then I see the stick or ball. If I’m not quick enough dog races in and hurls it at me again. Very funny. Morning Celi.

  15. We’re bring dumped on as I write this comment. We’ve been out shovelling already once and I suspect there will be another! It’s heavy too. There is not much space to put this extra snow. I’m already having to lift it up more than a metre! I’m done with winter.

  16. Just had a great wander about the farm, Celi. I’ve been sporadic about blog visits and always love to catch up. Confession: I’m glad I wasn’t aware of Sheila’s experience while it was happening. Reading about her was possible knowing she was back home and rooting about. So sorry about Kupa. Sigh.

    I just called a fellow-Aquarian friend to wish him happy birthday. Turns out he’s as soft as me about animal stories. He never did get through Bambi. Couldn’t watch Lassie. They were torturous in parts for me, as well. We laughed at ourselves and empathised harmoniously.

    As a kid, I read Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka once mom told me we’d have a good talk about them when I was finished each book.

    So I will ever have the picture of you lying beside Sheila in her fresh straw with your head resting lovingly on her. Yep, I’ve heard pigs sigh!

    • I do hope she can have babies because she is such a good piggie and has such a pragmatic forgiving nature.. Though today she is wandering too and fro in the snow barking at me.. and searching my hands for treats.. but no more sweet treats, she is on a diet! Apples only between meals from now on.. c

    • You know when I was a kid, I never read black Beauty, though there was a beautiful copy in my Dads library. Someone told me that it had a sad ending and I just could not bear it.. what a thing. c

  17. That head on picture of Sheila doesn’t show any bulging belly or rolls of fat. She looks svelte to me. How about some low cal lettuce or other veggies for treats? More walks with Mom Celi? Too bad there is no such thing as a piggy treadmill,… there?

    • Ha ha , piggy tread mill, .. she was been wandering all over the show today.. the snow is too deep for a proper walk .. soon though.. c

  18. Loved reading about another winter day on the farm, a nicer day before another onslaught. Is the new little piggy you are going to get like Ginger and Mary Ann over at Bee Haven Acres? I’ve never seen that breed in Kansas, but then I don’t know many people with pigs.

  19. Kupa’s memorial feather… I know you have others but that one in the fence is particularly touching… possibly because I have similar simple little memento’s and in absentia of their owners they have a lot of emotional significance… 🙂

  20. I love the Kupa feather. Miss A and I were just talking about him yesterday (she was looking at the pictures in our photo album from the farmy) and said how happy we were to have a little piece of him in our home as well. It makes us happy every time we look at the feathers – definitely a bit of loveliness to our days. 🙂

  21. We had a rainy day, and nearly all the snow melted. I think I’m going to find a new meteorologist, I don’t like what our local ones say about upcoming weather! I’m thinking NZ…

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