Good news and Lots of Sweetness

Marmalade still loves Boo Boo. But that is not the good news. We all know about the Marmalade and Boo Boo show!


Everyone loves the new hay. But that is not the good news either.

december-01-003 december-01-004

The Good news is that the Duke of Kupa is not doing the gaggy face anymore. The gaping. And rasping.  Though I will still put him through the next worm course when it arrives. But it seems that the sheep drench has made a vast impression on his health. He is still a little hunched, but on the surface he seems much improved.  I am feeling optimistic. Very good news.


december-01-023 december-01-028

When I first got Boo I swore I would not teach him to retrieve. One retrieving dog was enough I thought, but yesterday I finally  gave in. He needs something more to do, something he can succeed in.  And after only 15 minutes of training, he was bringing his stick back for me, laying it at his feet, not my feet yet but we are close, and will even, if I am fast, put the stick in my hand, (but he kind of throws it to me so I really do have to be fast!).

He is a premature catcher though – we need to work on giving me some space to throw, before he catches. However even with these two short lessons he is paying attention to me a lot better. Instead of focusing on out- running Ton and being in trouble.

TonTon had to be asked to sit on the sidelines for the training so there were no fights,  but he did not seem to mind.


And I did detect a snigger.

But Boo caught on very fast.


A different dog when he is inside though.

oops-034 oops-037


Though the Bad in Bad BooBoo is never far away.

While the cat and  dog played yesterday, I made two batches of soap.  One with a wonderful lemon and eucalyptus essential oil that Tanya sent me from Europe with the arnica for healing.  The other batch of soap I made is scented with lemon grass. Our house smells like an apothecary. Wonderful.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,


ps Later last night I crept out to the barn again to take this photo for you. I did not want to use a flash so it is a bit grainy. But here is Sheila deep in her straw, under her blanket – sleeping.


81 Comments on “Good news and Lots of Sweetness

    • He is our Great Bird .. Peacocks can live up to 20 years so it would have been a great sadness to lose him so young.. c

  1. Oh that is excellent news about Kupa! Relieved sighs around the world from all of us today. My daughter, the dog trainer, says some dogs need a job! Sounds like Boo and you are off to a good start with retrieving.

    • I do agree with your daughter, and Boo’s job was to work the stock with me, but there is just not enough for him to do .. and he especially became naughty when he was not getting his training every day with me out of sorts, plus he needs the exercise!, so it will be frisbees all round at christmas.. c

  2. Thank you for the update on the Duke. Brilliant news. I’m thrilled to bits. A happy day to you, c, and to the farmy! xx

  3. So much goodness. So many warm colors. So much healing and learning going on. I am in love with your life. It makes me happy knowing that someone is living it. x

  4. Sheila looks as peaceful as a Babe in a Manger…bless her cotton trotters!!
    That is indeed good news about Kupa …I am

  5. I am very happy to hear that the Duke is recovering. Your posts are always a delight to read but I do have one reservation this time: I don’t believe there is any Bad in Boo – not one drop!

  6. Great news all round for my Monday morning, Kupa improving, Boo Boo fetching and I love the photo of the 5***** Piggy Hotel!

  7. Boo has a job – raising orphaned Kitties! Good news indeed about Kupa – may he continue strength to strength 🙂 Laura

  8. good news!….kupa!!

    as always, love marmalade-n-boo photos.
    but those ones of boo, CATCHING!….superb!

    and sheila, asleep under her blanket: priceless.

    loving the little snippets of farm life….

  9. Wonderful to hear that Kupa is better, but Boo learning to Be Good (or making a step in that direction!) is music to my ears 🙂
    Have a great day, C. Been missing everyone 🙂

  10. The Boo relationship with the little cat is quite unreal. The expressions are beyond anything an illustrator could conjure up. There’s definitely a wonderful child’s book in this.. PS Glad Kupa’s on the mend, oh, and read Laurie Lee’s “Cider with Rosie”…his words are fantastic.

    • Oh, Yes! Cider with Rosie! And right now before Christmas. I was so in love with Laurie Lee’s beautifully written Cotswold memoir that I bought a lovely illustrated edition.
      I agree with all the above sentiments about Kupa, Sheila, Boo + Marmalade. So happy for you All today.

  11. Very relieved to hear about Kupa. Illnesses can strike birds so quickly. It’s a good thing you caught it pretty early and found a treatment that worked and worked fast. Loved the latest installment of the Marmalade and Boo Boo show, though Boo’s solo act catching the stick is pretty good, as well. 🙂

  12. All is well once more on the Farmy. The Duke and Celi are on the mend, Bad Boo is metamorphosing into Better Boo, and Marmalade is doing his usual display of high octane cuteness. That little cat has an expression of real intelligence. And as for Sheila; one day, I’m going to make a quilt for that pig. She’s a superstar!

  13. Hurrah for the Duke of Kupa! And those pictures of Boo + kitten are as gorgeous as always. As for Sheila, you’ll be giving her slippers and a hot-water bottle next!!!

  14. Good news indeed – hope you are mending too. Glad you are putting that oil to good use! Loved the action shots and Sheila looks so happy, My little Luna looks like that when she sleeps – only her blanket is much smaller 😉

  15. This was the bestest day ever for photos!!!!!!!! 😀 Loved everyone of them and the story for each!!!! Thank you so very much!!!! I love Boo and Marmalade!!!! What a wonderful experience…watching the two of them together melts my heart and makes me smile huge!!!! LOL
    Oh Ton you are a good guy sitting on the sidelines and giving Boo his chance to shine in the stick throw!!! 😉
    And Sheila so comfy under her blanket in her lovely deep straw bed! Pigs are very intelligent and this one is amazing!!!! Well…her momma is Celi! I would expect nothing less!
    Duke of Kupa I am sooooooooo relieved to hear news of your improvement in health!!! I have to admit out loud now…I was very worried too….just couldn’t express my fears and put them out into the universe.
    Celi it sounds like you are beginning to feel better. I know you are still hurting and it is okay to say so ma petite fleur! Being strong is a good thing, but a little cavetching is good too! So cavetch away!!!! We all know it still hurts!!! We’ve all had a bad bum or two!!! 😉
    It snowed last night and there is much more to come they are saying on the news. So be ready it will probably come your way. uffda…
    Love to all! Have a wonderful day! Great way to start my day and I thank you for all the photos that I know were hard to come by!!!
    (((hugs))) Muah!!! 😀

    • they say there may be a few sprinkles later n the week but we seem to catch the cold more than the snow.. c

  16. Aw, good news abounds. You know, if re-incarnation exists, I think coming back as your favorite PIG would be a marvelous thing!

    Glad Boo is learning to fetch. It really did help George (beagle) to learn fetch when he was a teenager. Gracie was never a problem, but all of my boys have need multiple tasks during those TEEN years. Might be a boy testosterone thing since my two girls were just lovely.

    • He is so excited at fetching he can barely contain himself.. i keep forgetting he was only born this summer.. c

  17. You must be feeling better (and moving about better, too!); I’m so glad. Don’t overdo, if you can keep from it. In the photos of Boo and Marmalade, I can just see Boo roll his eyes, sigh, and say, “The things I have to put up with.” But we know he loves the cat. Yes, he does.

    Have a good day and week, Celi! And keep getting better.

  18. Boo Boo and Marmalade …a coffee table picture book !!!
    A cozy pig !
    The Duke is on the mend…shout it from the roof tops !!

  19. HI Celi! Let me know when Boo learns to return the stick to you and the training involved! Dolly learned super fast to retrieve the ball, but she brings it very close to me and then drops it. I want her to put it in my hand! 🙂 Boo can certainly jump! Just love the good news from the farmy!

    • this is exactly what boo is doing so far.. but with ton i refused to pick it up, for the game to continue he has to put it in my hand..i will do the same with boo..i will let you know when he gets it.. c

      • My favorite with Shelly is to say “I can’t reach it” and she will go pick it up and give it to me. Although sometimes she gets impatient (“it’s right there at your feet Mum!”) and picks it up and THROWS it at me LOL

  20. That is an awesome photo of Boo leaping up in the air and missing the stick. Oh that made me laugh out loud. And I’m glad Kupa is recovering. Our animals and pets keep us on our toes!

  21. I’m so glad the duke is better Celi; I was thinking about you and him for a couple days now. Also,, that Boo and Marmy thing is never going to get old! C and I look for a photo of the two of them every day. Sending the link now to Robert who also loves to see them. 🙂

  22. “And I did detect a snigger.”
    Did you doubt it for a moment? What a great and comical shot! 😉
    Glad the Kupa is on the mend.

  23. Good news that Kupa is responding to the Ivermectin. May it continue.
    Is there a chance Ton and Boo could work as a team? Would Ton tolerate that after being ‘the’ working dog for so long?

  24. You are a regular Dr. Doolittle–or Dr. Do-a-lot! Being a vet and seamstress and farmer and dog trainer–my my. Touching photos of Marmalade and Boo.

  25. Such a loving, warm and upbeat post, So glad the Duke is improving as you are, too. You know I just love that Sheila. What a character! Boo and Marmalade…I have save so many pics to my computer I may need more memory. Working dogs need jobs…..even if it is only rounding up a stick. Kudos

  26. Good for Boo, learning so quickly to retrieve, but then he’s a smart boy. Mirrhi, my heeler/border collie cross puppy has to work for all her privileges…..I hide her collar at night and she has to find it and bring it to me before she gets a walk…..which she does very well now, and walk nicely on lead before she gets a game. She’ll drop the ball in my hand when I ask, but her favourite thing is to throw at it me as she dashes past at a 100 miles an hour. Just a caution about getting Boo to jump high for the stick, they can come down hard and put hips or knees out …….we know how that hurts, hey?………..and his bones will still be soft baby bones and easily damaged.

    • Yes, i do understand that caution, thank you.. Love the idea of hidng the collar, you and Mirrhi must have done lots of work together.. our favourite at the mo is “Find your baby” and boo will search high and low, until he finds his kitten! have lots of work ahead of me to catch up with you!!.. c

  27. Mirrhi is a good few months older than Boo, so we have a head start age wise. They do love the “find” game, it’s a great boredom buster and a good way to focus those cottonwool brain moments!

  28. Happy to hear Kupa is doing better.

    Love the puppy and kitty pics. So cute!!!

    By-the-way, when will you be conducting your soap making class? 🙂 That is on my bucket list of things to learn.

  29. A wonderful letter of love and achievements to bring smiles on all our faces ~ not one bit of bad 🙂 ! Methinks these are the best ones yet of the Boo and Marmalade story!!! And what a sweet one of Sheila . . . must sleep a deep sleep not to have woken up!! For me the best tho’ was to see how much you managed to do . . . somehow it feels there is a little ‘good’ surfacing there also . . .

    • Surfaced just a little bit too much actually, but am being good on the couch today.. seriously improving all the time though, how are you though Eha, are you well?

      • Fifth Amendment Milady ~ but cracking two molars to pieces day before yesterday in addition to other matters brought no joy!! Dentist tomorrow: your darling daughter may have just said a few things about Down Under dental bills!! See you day after tomorrow anyways, as won’t be back before your ni-ni’s . . . hugs . . .

  30. So much wonderful news in one post Cinders! Those photos of the Boo and Marmy are priceless!
    You’ve made our day! 🙂

  31. What great news about the Duke perking up. Whoever would have thought that sheep drench could cure a peacock! I learn so much from your blog. Sounds like a good idea to give Boo an outlet for his exuberance. Seems to work with teenagers.

  32. Juliet Batten had such nice things to say about your blog, I just had to stop by and see. So glad I did, Celi, and will return to read more.

    • thank you and wonderful to meet you.. juliet keeps me connected to the rhythms at home.. I love her blog.. c

  33. I never cared about ‘pigs in blankets’ so much until now! Sheila looks so snug!! Almost as cuddly as Boo and Marmalade curled up together. 😀

  34. Alas, when my Lola was a pup I was trying to clear brush on our hill but Lola kept getting in the way. Afraid that I’d smack her with my hatchet, I decided to give her the job of taking the saplings that I was cutting. Of course she had them all over the lawn but at least she was out of the way. thus she became the Queen of Sticks, sticks are her job. Since I’ve have an inflamed sciatic nerve for a while though I can tell you that a cane is just another stick to her & I wish I’d found another job for her to do.

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