As the snow turns to a dogs delight: slush and mud

The day stayed well above freezing yesterday. The snow began to melt and all the animals  heads came back up.


Incredibly the sparrows indulged in a bird bath. Splashing about in the melting ice. Not quite that warm I thought. But there you are,  I am  not that kind of bird.

vitamins-042 vitamins-019

I opened all the doors in the barn, locked the plonkers out to play in the snow and cleaned their pen. When it is cold their toilet habits get a bit lazy. But they love digging in the snow.

vitamins-017 vitamins-007

Lulu is such a lovely cat. She is so quiet and unassuming. And very well fed.

vitamins-051 vitamins-060

Boo wants to show you Tons frisbee. TonTon did not eat it though. Boo did. Boo stole it. Ton is deeply unimpressed as this frisbee was a gift from his favourite Miss A.  When she sees the damage she is going to be appalled. Bad BooBoo. In trouble again.

Kupa had his shot and then I carried him out to the Chook House. He turned on me when I went to catch him yesterday, reared up and had a go. Good boy Kupa, John and I said to him as he tried to rip me apart. He was showing spirit.  But his breathing is still ragged and his mouth is never shut. He is terribly traumatised by the injection and will lie down for a while afterwards. So he lay under the warm light with the chooks to catch his breath.  If I can catch him today we will give him the extra injection. I am hoping he is so much better I cannot get near him. It is torture to keep sticking needles into this bird.  But I think he is slowly responding. Though we have to be aware that he may have a very short life with his ruined lungs.

I checked him last night and John checked him on the way to work this morning and he was quite settled under his warm light. He has water and food and company in there and a whole big chook house to roam if he chooses.  The rain will keep him inside which is a good thing.

Mama’s Vitamin B12 paste arrived yesterday and so we popped her into the hospital wing (a smaller enclosed pen) so we could coral her and shoot it down her throat, (it came already in a monster syringe) John kind of waved it under her nose to introduce her to the smell, explaining that this would help her get her energy back and she reached over, sniffed at it and sucked it right out of the tube,(she has a sweet tooth) he hurriedly depressed the plunger straight into her mouth, we did not even have to hold her. Good Mama. I hope it helps her buck up a bit. She is still very quiet.

It is going to be another warm wet day (yes above freezing is now labelled WARM) and I am looking forward to catching up on even more of the chores that my injury and the weather stalled. I worked outside all day yesterday, it was wonderful.

As I can drive again I do my rounds today. I visit the Old Codger with his lunch, (lamb patties today that I will make this morning from last nights roast), then I drive to my friends farm and collect my 2 gallons of raw milk, then I drive to the village store and pick up the bag of past- their-date vegetables and fruit, then I drive to the pub and swap my clean bucket for their full bucket of prep scraps, then I come home and feed the animals  and chickens their fresh food and milk. I do this Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. My animals eat well.

I hope you have a lovely day.

your friend on the farm,



46 Comments on “As the snow turns to a dogs delight: slush and mud

    • That big one needed a good run, all that sitting around during the cold days is not good for a pig! Sheila spent all day yesterday outside too, chasing patches of sun, her and Ton. Actually yesterday Ton jumped a fence he has jumped a thousand times before into her yard and got hung up, I was alerted by Sheila barking at him to get down and stop being stupid. I ran over and lifted the dog so that he could extricate himself and had Sheila trying to help. Ton was indignant! c

      • Poor Ton Ton – I suppose he might have slipped on wet ground as he jumped. It’s funny how animals get embarrassed 🙂

  1. For a minute there I thought you would be nursing Ton’s injury over the holidays 😦 Love seeing the Plonkers frolicking in the snow. Kupa’s recovery sounds a bit more hopeful today – still holding thumbs for the Duke. Laura

    • No Ton was a bit limpy but fine, though I had to carry him right out of Sheilas paddock as she was intent on examining him herself. Mostly TonTon was embarrassed that he got his leg caught in the top of a fence and was hanging upside down, and EVERYONE SAW! c

  2. Sounds good to me, but not quite all plain sailing yet… more prayers for is good to know that he is responding as he should, even attacking, naughty boy…
    take care of yourself miss c …otherwise you will be placed under the warmth of the lamp in the chook house…..he! He… xxxxx

  3. If only all your patients were as co-operative as Mama and her big slug of B12. Those plonkers are in heaven, aren’t they? I can almost hear the squeals. And I can hear the smile on your face as you get back to your normal routine, being as busy as possible and feeding the world.

  4. How old is Kupa? It’s funny that after a deep freeze we call anything above freezing warm. But we do! It’s nice to go outside without the snow pants to walk the dogs. And oh Boo! Made quick work of that frisbee. LOL

  5. Celi, guess what! Our young gilt, half Gloucester Old Spot and half Spotted Hog had 8 piglets yesterday!!! About a month ago we figured out she was pregnant! She was getting big, but they all are!!! We thought she was still too young to get pregnant! Poor baby was grunting away as she delivered them, so I crawled in with her, encouraged her along and 8 precious piglets popped out. So exciting!

    • WOW, that new boar of yours has been busy, will you need to give the piglets a warm light in their crawl space?.. now you really are a pig farmer.. c

      • We have no lights out there in the field, only our headlights when we go out there. The farrowing house is well built, filled with straw and cozy. All are doing well! BUT we had to immediately set up sections of the field for our, also young…but very productive boar Jethro, to separate him from our other young gilt, Ellie Mae. We hope we got them apart soon enough!!! We think Roxie, our older purebred GOS is pregnant too! But how Jethro managed to mount her is still a conundrum!!! xoxoxo

  6. Good to know Kupa is getting better and even putting up a little fight! That’s definitely a good sign, but be careful, you don’t want to be the one in need of injections and stitches!

    thinking of you and your lucky animals, stay warm!

  7. Melting snow is a nightmare here. We have a doggie door allowing our dogs free access in and out of the house. That also means free access to the mud pit that is tracked into my kitchen. Mop and bucket become my best friend on days like these.

    I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed to see the snow melting away though. I had hoped for a white Christmas this year.

    Kupa is quite the fighter. Hope time in birdy surroundings helps turn things around.

    • I think we are in for a grey christmas instead.. at the moment it feels like a NZ winter, i don’t mind these temps at all! c

  8. Good morning. I’m so glad the animals are doing well. My hubby is dealing with an injury like you had. I’ve been wondering how the family is who’s mother was in hospital?

    • She is out of hospital and taking up the reins of her family once again, it is so important to have the Mum in the drivers seat when there are so many little children.. and we were putting things away in all the wrong places!!… c

  9. Thank goodness Sheila let you know Ton was in distress. I had a friend who gated her puppy in the kitchen while she was at work, and when she came home she found him dead–his head caught in the “accordion-style” gate.
    Ton has suffered enough having his special toy(s) stolen then wrecked. still hoping for Kupa’s recovery.hard for him to breathe and hard to listen to.

    • What a terrible thing to come home to.. she must have felt awful. I am hoping your husband is back home and back to his easel soon. I am not sure that Kupa is going to recover, we must prepare ourselves I think, his breathing is still terrible, i have just come back in from injecting water down his throat .. I yesterdays display was a last ditch attempt to get back outside, to where he is more at home.. Bad luck really. But I cannot see how he can carry on.. But I will keep fighting as long as he keeps fighting .. c

  10. Still sad about the lungs but the rest of this post was wonderful news! Enjoy the warmth 🙂 we will hit 40 and all JT wants is for me to kick her bal I must do a post 🙂

  11. If I was ill and needed constant care, I’d want to go to the hospital wing of the farmy. The care there is first class and 5*****!

  12. Poor Ton! Everyone knows. Maybe Santa knows his true heart and a new frisbee will arrive.
    We’ve had high hopes for frisbee exercise for Molly, but she just ate it.
    Encouraged that the Mom is back with her family and old Codger doing well.
    Smart Ci picking up scraps at the pub!
    Warm hopes for Kupa. And the humans of the farmy, too!

  13. You are so much busier than I, and I marvel at you! Isn’t it lovely though, to be so busy – loving what you do? And yes, above freezing can be considered “warm” up in your neck of the woods… I just came from a trip to Nebraska to visit family. BRR!!

  14. I just received my Christmas Card from The Farm. The sparrows were straight out of a vintage English greeting card. I have said many prayers for The Kuppa. V.

  15. It is snowing here. Big fat fluffy flakes that drift slowly through the air. Once they land they melt quickly! My Sam Cat is very sick right now. I took him to the vet where he got a shot…he will be 13 in January…I hope he recovers. I hope Kupa recovers…having our animal friends sick is such a hard and helpless feeling.

    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  16. So glad to hear that Mama likes her vitamins! Awesome! Along with everyone else here, I also am rooting for Kupa. Birds are difficult, and you have done really well with him. We here in Maine are having a little warmup as well… It felt like a spring thaw today when I did chores in 20F weather!

  17. In some ways the farmy resembles a kindergarten of unruly kids, doesn’t it: there is always someone needing attention, someone ill and someone saying ‘Look Miss C what I did’ 🙂 ! I suppose Boo thinks he was smart also?! Great you can get out in the car again, but doubt your backside appreciates all those lifts to get your brood eating well! . . . Slowly, slowly and lets hope for Kupa . . . .

  18. Kupa’s not going anywhere unless he’s ready. This warm spell will surely help him. Yes, this time of year, anything above freezing is “warm”. Speaking of which, it’s not here for long. Sunday is looking like there’s going to be some bad weather. Right now, the worst of it will be just north of the City. I hope it stays there. Frozen streets in a city this size is never a good thing. I hope you have a good night and morning, Celi.

  19. Poor Boo…in trouble again…LOL!
    He’s just an energetic boy but we mustn’t forget what a great Nanny he is too!
    Love the Boo’ster! 🙂

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