Frisky on the Farmy

Walking the fences as the sun went down, yesterday evening.

Mia toddled out of the barn. 

What are you up to Mia?  I wonder.  Nothin’. She says.


69 Comments on “Frisky on the Farmy

  1. Aaah. Look at Mia dancing across the field. She’s probably trying to keep warm. It looks cold out there. What’s the temperature there now?

    • I shot the images as she danced but it was right into the sun so could have gone either way, I was lucky to capture that series.. It was just above freezing when I took these shots, we are definitely into our winter woolies, or at least I would be if I could find a spinning wheel!!c

    • Thank you Rosemary, the first thing I designed when I arrived was this big Kiwi verandah. It is a great space -winter and summer.. c

    • They still have a very big space in that paddock as the interior fences are yet to be built (poor John) so sometimes you will see all of them gamboling about the field chasing each other and leaping.. even fat old Mama! c

  2. Beautiful pictures.
    I hope Mia got a feeling that she would be part of your post tomorrow, that’s why she dancing with joy & happiness.

  3. Too funny C! As always, beautifully captured and I am loving your house in the background of the first piccy – gorgeous!
    Hey, maybe the grass was just cold under hoof.
    🙂 Mandy

  4. Ah, the Old Homestead! It is so remmenassent of the farms in Zia’s area of Michigan. When we’re going somewhere, I’ll often take the scenic route, away from Lake Huron, through the farms inland. There’s an inherent beauty to it all and I love how it changes through the Seasons. Mia, by the way, is quite the ham!

  5. Hi Cecilia. You do live in a lovely part of the world. I bet Mia would say “Ewes know me… I’m a woolly jumper”. Fab photo C. Thanks for sharing.
    Regards Florence x

  6. Ooh, la, la. Wait that’s not the frisky on the farmy story I was hoping for you tease. Kidding, this is adorable!

  7. Hate to admit it, but she’s a far better dancer than I. How delightful! Brings to mind my years of living with Granny and Gramps and watching the Performing Sheep out in the back pasture. Good times! This was just the perfect post to make my day. 😀

    • Well i am not sure what ROFL means! It is a home sweetie, the fist real home I have had as an adult.. everything else came with a job or was rented, this is a home and it is a lovely feeling.. c

  8. WOW! What a lovely moments of Mia you captured dear Cecilia. Seems so happy… Actually I supposed that only cats and dogs make something like that…. I am learning, I am learning… What about lovely Daisy, is she fine? I am excited for her, to give a baby… Have you experienced before, I am sure you had. My love, my best wishes for you all, and Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, with my love, nia

  9. Celi – that shows a great deal about the feelings one little sheep named Mia has for her shepherdess! Thank goodness you had your camera and that you got those shots. Totally priceless.

    Animals communicate so much to us. Will the rest of the world ever understand, Celi? Mia? 😀

    • I raised Mia, so when she sees me she gallops over, or should I say gambols over. I can walk anywhere and she will just trot behind. In a way it is sad as she does not really fit in with the flock.. but sweet for me. c

  10. I love your farmy … but I need to get my eyes tested; at first I read your title as ‘frisky on the fanny’ …

  11. I love how you take something like a sheep dancing and show us that even the simplest of moments can bring such joy. It is a gift, dear C., to be able to do this. Thank you.

  12. You’re going to get bored of me telling you how much I love your posts and pictures but I can’t help it…. so lovely…sigh (in a good way, not a sad way!)

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