Sometimes the news will not be good.

When working with animals things do not always go the way we want them to.

Mia has presented with a nasty prolapse. I will not go into details here. There are plenty of sites that will give you those kinds of grisly pictures.   She got into trouble yesterday late afternoon. Of course my vet was off for the afternoon and every other vet in the kingdom had gone to ground.  So I put her to rights as well as I could ( with the help of a stranger vet from another county on the phone) and this morning we are taking her in the stock trailer to our usual clinic.  Our vet is of course chocka block  and certainly no vets have time to come out so we will know later this morning when she will be seen.

There is a chance that we may lose Mia.  Which is wretched. But that is the risk we take naming and loving any animal. I am not going to labour the fact.  Because I know that many of you have accepted the names of my animals and love them too. I have to remind myself that I am running a wee farm here, not a holiday camp. She is a sheep, but she is a sheep in my care so I am doing everything I can to save her.

She has made it to the morning and is eating and drinking. She seems bright.

I debated whether to put in this image of Moaning Mia as it seemed wrong somehow but maybe everything will work out OK.

At least today will be sunny and warm.

Good Morning.


64 Comments on “Sometimes the news will not be good.

  1. It sounds like you’ve done the best you can for Mia and that is about all you can do. It wasn’t all that often that we named the cattle on our farm for the sole reason you explained. It was, after all, a farm and even as children we understood the animals’ ultimate destinies. Yet, how can one not help but become attached to these animals? It’s nearly impossible to detach, whether they have names or numbers. Hoping for a positive outcome for Mia.

  2. Celi, my thoughts are with you and your family and your lovely Mia and her unborn. May all that should go right, do so swiftly.

  3. Celi, thinking of you and your family and the lovely Mia and her unborn. May all that should go right, do so swiftly.

    • Celi, I am sorry to hear the news of Mia’s loss but very relieved to hear she has survived the ordeal. Such resilience. How precious life is. Thank you for writing so honestly and beautifully. It is truly a gift, your writing. Warm and settled weather here today. Hopefully for you as well. Hugs to you, brave lady.

  4. Sorry, Celi, to hear of Mia’s woes. Named or not, you’ve so little stock, comparatively speaking, that only the most cold-hearted could remain unattached to these “characters” — and that certainly isn’t you. I hope all goes well for Mia later this morning. One thing’s for sure, she couldn’t be in better hands.

  5. No, you’re not running a camp, Celi, and it’s good to remind us of that. I’m so distant from farm life I almost do forget that. But we’re somehow all connected, and I’m going to pray for Mia this morning. And you, too. That’s my way…I’m glad you shared. Debra

  6. I think any owner of animals hates to see them ill or in distress, it’s natural for you. So I’m hoping for some good news all round on the Farmy this morning.

  7. I have always believed that every aspect of our lives matters…has a purpose…and I know that Mia matters to you. Please, God, may Mia and the wee one come through this okay…and help Celi and her John through this, too.

  8. Reading this made me think of the joys the pets in my life gave us – and the difficult time at their end – but the joyous memories win the day. Best wishes of comfort to you and Mia.

  9. I hope the vet can put Mia right, though in my experience with other large animals, it is a very hard task. Life is so bittersweet, isn’t it? My thoughts are with you, Mia, and John. Love to all three…

  10. Hope all goes well for Mia, these occasions are inevitable when we keep animals – pets or otherwise. But you’re right, tough as it is, animal welfare MUST be the priority. Fingers crossed for you.

  11. God bless, Cecilia. Your care for your animals is exemplary and joy-filled. I am sorry you have to face the harder bits of that care at times like this.

  12. Once you name them, they are yours….even ranchers and farmers know. Paws and fingers crossed. Prayers sent. Positive energy beamed. All to do now is wait and hope for the best outcome for Mia.

  13. These animals come into our lives and we care for them and get attached and are concerned when they are not well. It takes a cold heart not to. We all know you have one of the warmest hearts around. Hoping all turns out well for Mia.

  14. C ~ Mia, you and John are in my thoughts and prayers this morning and through out the day.
    Like it or not ; we do fall in love with them~ If there is any thing I can do from afar…please ask.

  15. Will be thinking of you and Mia today and sending positive energy for all to be well with her. We humans are of this earth with our animals, and to not care for them would be to miss out on experiencing and witnessing great joy, as well as sorrow. She couldn’t be in better hands than yours, Celi.

  16. Life on the farm. Life everywhere. Peaks and valleys. Highs and lows. Life and death. To become involved means joy but also means suffering. It’s just how the whole thing works. You need to read: A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by W. Phillip Keller. A worthy read whatever your religious affiliation or beliefs.

  17. So sorry to hear about Mia’s difficulty – you know my thoughts and prayers are with.

  18. Oh, how sad… it is soooo painful to see our friends suffering, I have my fingers crossed for Mia, hoping it will all have a happy ending

    hang in there, and please keep us posted….

  19. Oh god, have only just seen this. I am hoping that you are now with the vet and he is helping her (and you) through this. Hoping for a happy ending like everyone.

  20. Maybe there will be good news yet!

    But you’re right, we name them and care for them, but there is only that much you can do sometimes, as sad as that is to accept.

  21. Everyone has said everything I could have said. I’ve just arrived home, so am late on the scene. I’m hoping that by now Mia has seen the vet and is feeling more herself. It’s a good sign that she was eating well.
    Love and hugs, ViV

  22. As with any living creature, I cannot help but visualize a golden blanket of light and healing be wrapped around Mia. And you, Celi. My heart is with you, big time!

  23. Sending healing juju to you, Celi, and to dear Mia. The farmy is a place where life and death coexist and cannot hide from one another, nor can we hide from them.

  24. It is after lunch now, we will be off to the vets in a few hours, Sadly Mia l (who was not meant to be pregnant at all) slipped two wee dead premmie lambs this morning, it has been a messy business, but she is much better now and has taken herself for a walk in the field.. as soon as John gets back we can take her to the vets in the trailer.. I think she just slid over into Pet Status Don’t you?!.. I will update on facebook after the vets and talk to you all again in the morning.. thank you so much, what a great bunch you are! I loved reading all your messages .. Now back to the barn for us we are not out of the woods yet.. c

  25. Oh, Celi, this is so awful for you and poor Mia… you’re right, this is what caring for animals means… I am praying that Mia gets better soon, it sounds like your tender loving care will make all the difference!

  26. hi celia…i hope mia is doing well! maybe she should never have been preggers. i had a horrible day with teddy at the vet too. i am so tired and stressed that i can hardly type. these poor animals!

  27. Whatever happens, it was meant to be….All your flock have the best of care and love so you can do no more ….. positive thoughts for you … Joy

  28. How sad. There are hard realities in raising animals, and when you don’t have a big flock or herd, it matters a lot more.

  29. I read the posts out of order so I knew Mia was OK before I read this. I’m glad that she came through it all alright and I hope she will recover. But I’m sorry to hear about the lost lambs.

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