Life in the Fast, oops I mean SLOW, lane!

Early spring is a period of waiting. I make my little seed pots from the seed catalogues. We sow the seeds and wait for the seeds to sprout.  We watch the weather each day and wait for it to be warm enough for all the seedlings to go outside into the sun. 

(Also waiting for a glasshouse but I have not collected enough old windows. These things take time.)  Then we wait for the ground to be warm enough to plant the brassicas. Onion sets go out this week. Their waiting is over!

Mama was allowed out into Pats Paddock for the afternoon as a special treat while we wait for her babies to grow a bit more. It was cold but sunny yesterday afternoon.  So here is another  pause.  A pregnant pause.  It may be a long pause but it is definitely pregnant.

Houdini’s baby girl was put to bed early.  Must have been naughty or something.  So she is waiting for night to fall.   Can you see the tip of her comb tucked in? All the Barn Hens are waiting for me to catch them and pop them into the chook house where the good feed is. There are too many of them running wild and they are beginning to look closely at the hundreds of seedlings that are lined up on the deck in the sun. Plus they must be laying by now and have hidden their nests well! And can you imagine the destruction that this mob could make in a vegetable garden! 

Good morning.

The day is dawning clear and cold again.  All that rain and snow that was forecast for the last few days did not eventuate.  Though I could have done with the rain.   Can you see the tinge of green in Mama’s shot? There is a little growth, just a promise. Still waiting for real growth.

Yesterday we spent all afternoon cutting, splitting and moving the wood pile. It is in the way of the new pig-sty. So the Wendy House is filling with prepared firewood again, which will wait for next winter.  I only light the fire in the afternoons now to cook dinner on and warm the house for the night. I am waiting for winter to Go Away.

I am taking the Old Codger in to have his stitches out this morning (No TonTon you cannot come) and after that it is into the garden for me!  I need to mix up some worm fertiliser for John’s tomatoes too.  We should visit the worm farm in the basement soon, so you can have a look! They are waiting too, like worms do!

Good Morning! Have an excellent day.


76 Comments on “Life in the Fast, oops I mean SLOW, lane!

  1. I was about to say the same a Rufus! It’s great to see plants sprouting and Mama out eating in the paddock 😉

    • Morning Mad! I loved getting the sheep out, wish there was not more grass but it will come as long as I let it grow!! c

  2. Planning ahead, I see. I think we all like the promise of spring that your photos hint at. Especially when it’s snowing here.

    • I think we might have one of those peaceful days too, Lots to do today, but nothing dramatic I hope.. Morning Ronnie! c

  3. Things are looking good, Celi! Each day that passes now means Winter is less likely to return, en force. We did get a light snow last night. I’m sure it will be gone by noon in all but the most shady of spots. Good luck with your friend today as he gets his stitches removed. I hope it doesn’t turn into an all day affair. Have a great day!

  4. Thank you for posting images of those seed catalog pots. I was waiting to see them and they are simply as lovely as I anticipated. Beautiful lighting on the second shot.

  5. Oh! A wormie farm? I had one of those years ago at our last house. It was great fun. I turned the compost heap yesterday, and I was surprised how many wormies in there. I’m so happy about that. Good morning to you all 🙂

    • Just enter paper pot maker into your browser and you will find a little wooden device that we use to make them, It is really simple and makes perfectly good little pots, they hold together surprisingly well! actually (who is in that shot sells them too!) Good luck and good morning! c

  6. Ah spring… I miss starting plants early indoor, believe it or not. My tomatoes are already blooming (a bit early, but what can you do?) and greens will be gone too soon down here. Keep up posted!! Love your pictures…

  7. What a great idea to use the seed catalogues to make pots!! My husband and I just transferred our seedlings into larger pots yesterday. Got a whole bunch of different seeds for the girls to watch grow and tend to. Those cosmos sure do grow fast! Love waking up to your posts. Have a great day and all the best to your friend, the Old Codger!

    • the kids will love Cosmos, they love to grow and flower for ages they will love picking them and decorating the table!! c

  8. Oh, you get to play an active part in the coming of Spring and not just grumble about the cold as you wait for it like the rest of us 🙂

  9. I love the springy color in your hand-made seed pots.. this should make it into a book or something? Lovely harbinger of spring weather.. This is a silly question, but do you just plant them like that, wrapper and all because they will disintegrate in the earth or are they transplanted (silly city slicker that I am..) xo Smidge

    • Yup you just pop them in just like that, and remember keep the pot and the soil you are planting Into moist. If the paper dries right out it will actually create a barrier and become hard to rewet.drying out your wee plant. Sometimes I unwrap them, if they are going into a low maintenance garden. morning smidge! c

    • Morning yummy, i love that shot too, especially those feathers, each one slightly lifted with the curve of the bird.. c

  10. Your paper pots are luscious. We make ours out of old newspaper, but I always try to fold them so there’s an interesting picture on the outside. I don’t notice them in the end, but it makes folding them into a bit of a game. Those seedlings are a heart gladdening sight, too.

    • I love the folding too, i make a little fold at the top so that they have a band around them, aren’t we funny! I do newspaper when the catalogue run out, i just love the irony of wrapping the plants in the advertising! c

  11. The seedlings in paper pots are a sight for sore eyes, or rather snow blind eyes. Home for a week soon so will be planting my peas. Aaaahhh the joy of sowing and planting C

    • You will be more in love with your garden than ever, because of all that travel, a whole week! .. c

  12. Oh Celi! You just inspire me to try so many new things…even in my very suburban garden! I have all my seed pots doing great, but it never once occurred to me to make the pots myself–and out of the many, many seed catalogues that come my way. I can’t wait to do this now, you clever and resourceful teacher. I’m looking forward to the lambies, as are we all. Their birth will signal true spring! Blessings on your abundant day, Debra

    • You can pile heaps of stuff into a wee suburban garden, I hope you have space for a wee compost pile to feed all your gardens.. c

  13. It really does look like everything and everyone is just waiting and ready to spring into action (that really wasn’t meant to be a bad pun!)

  14. Love the photo of Houdini’s baby girl. Our morning began with a couple of short, sharp, shakes (earthquake) and mine with stirring up a sponge for oatmeal bread.

    • Oatmeal bread .. that sounds good i shall pop over! hope the earthquake did not disturb anything! c

  15. love the paper pots! we really need to start doing that – such a great way to recycle! Hope your having a great day, and thanks for a wonderful story yesterday!!

    Jim and Mary

  16. Good morning, c! Waiting, and waiting and waiting. It all takes so long, doesn’t it? I love the shot of Mama, sheep on the ground and sheep in the sky! 🙂

    • Oh you are right ted, i did not even see the two woolies!!! (laughter) well done! You have such a good eye.. c

  17. Liz is jealous of seeing your seeds hard at work and growing. We’ll be moving later this spring, so sadly she will not have a garden to tend to.

    • Oh, poor Liz, i do sympathise with her, will you be able to have a garden in the new place? maybe you could buy her a pot of chives for the sill! They transplant well! c

  18. hi celi..have you ever shown how to make those pots and if not, could you? i would love to make some! i got an inch of snow and i am thrilled!

  19. A friend of mine has just been given a LOT of 6mm thick glass sheets that I would love to send you if I could 🙂

    • Oh .. you are so far away, that is exactly what i need, I have some and we will need to collect the rest from the junk yard .. it will be wonderful to have a glasshouse albeit a little one! c

  20. Ah, catalogs. Must try that for the next round of pots…seem like they’d work better than newspaper. The shot of Mama with the blue sky against the neutrals is beautiful!

    • Morning betsy, the catalogues fold under better and sit nicely! you will know what i mean! Plus I always fold a collar at the beginning! c

  21. Oooooh yes! I’ve been waiting to see your wormery for AGES!

  22. Winter seems to have *gone away* here, hopefully not just on a temporary basis. The sky looks lovely in the image with Mama in the paddock. And your colourful paper pots are gorgeous.

  23. I love how everything is shaking off winter and opening the door to spring – such a great time of year! Mama looks happy and I hope all goes well with the Old Codger tomorrow.

  24. I’m still waiting for the snow to melt. Soooooon the ground will thaw and we can start digging in the earth.

  25. Those little pots of green look so hopeful. It’s getting cooler here now; nice to think that the warmth is passing your way.

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