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While I go through this ongoing episode with Aunty Del ( who is still so weak ) I literally stand in the kitchen to shovel a little food into my mouth at the appropriate intervals. But none of it sticks. My old jeans are… Continue Reading “WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM”

Why am I cold?

I asked this of  the busy kitchen after dinner last night. No-one had an answer of course.  It is not cold like real cold is but I am sitting writing to you in August on the prairies with a sweatshirt on, thinking about socks.  It is 52F /11C . Not… Continue Reading “Why am I cold?”

The ill wind that blew no good

.. was no good wind at all… Bad news should always be delivered fast I think.  So here it is. Yesterday when I woke up I discovered that our Old Big Dog had died in the night.   I won’t put you through a… Continue Reading “The ill wind that blew no good”

Chook Steps

Mr Pink fascinates me, she has come out of her creep and is the gentlest little chicken I have ever known.  And now that she gets food in her own little hidey hole  she is growing very fast. She likes to be stroked and is the… Continue Reading “Chook Steps”


Yesterday John’s little nephew arrived  just after the milking, so Berit and I loaded the hay on the hay rack and they sat on it as I drove the tractor, pulling the hay rack,  all the way to the old barn. Everyone needs a ride on the hay.… Continue Reading “Helpers”

How I milk my cow

As you know Daisy stood (we think) on her udder while standing up the other day and ripped a teat almost in half. This teat was sewn back together by the vet.  It will be a good three weeks before I can use the… Continue Reading “How I milk my cow”

Battening down the Hatches

Yesterday was cold and icy on top of the small amount of snow that sat around all day. However the cold weather did not deter the daffodils. Bless their beautiful nodding heads. Bowed down under the ice but still smiling like crazy.  They are… Continue Reading “Battening down the Hatches”

We will see what we think

Now, how can you possibly see what you think. Imagine if we were all walking about with the picture of what we were thinking flying about our heads for all to see. Thank goodness you cannot see what I am thinking . But let… Continue Reading “We will see what we think”

Cold wind blowing

.A cold day is fine. Or should I say a fine cold day is fine. But a cold day,  though not too cold with a high of 29F (-1C),  but with low slate gray clouds and a relentless wind becomes uncomfortable. Yesterday it  snowed… Continue Reading “Cold wind blowing”