While I go through this ongoing episode with Aunty Del ( who is still so weak ) I literally stand in the kitchen to shovel a little food into my mouth at the appropriate intervals. But none of it sticks. My old jeans are all comfortable now. Lucky I did not cut them up for rags!

Last night I finished at 9.30. I gave Del an extra milking – though she was reluctant. Del has mastitis in one quarter now. Her temperature is back up and her head is back down.

Tia is still waiting. She is showing no signs of being close except that big full udder.

I will go out before work and collect some medicine for Del. Her system is so compromised that it does not surprise me but it is still devastating that she is poorly again. You would think with all the antibiotics she has had in the last week that she would have escaped this.

Molly the sow is in her own field now, the piglets are officially weaned and the barn is so much more relaxed. The piglets had oats soaked in ( watered down) hot milk for dinner and gobbled it all up.

Poppy will be home soon from the other side. She should be farrowing in a month or so I need to check the book.

The Thistle Eaters are doing an amazing job. After yesterday’s four inches of rain the ground is so soft they can dig and excavate very deeply. I shifted their enclosure yesterday after work and by nightfall it was cleared. Once they are a little taller I will train them to an electric fence which will make shifting them a lot easier.

It is working though. This intensive thistle grubbing. When I went to take this picture of the Thistle Eaters they were all laid out sleeping in the sun. Naturally they leapt up at the exact moment of capture. They are glad the rain is over for the meantime.

Every tine I shift them I rake and sow oats into the area they leave.

Not everything is working. We are going through a rough patch. But I persevere.

The basement pump has been going almost nonstop. There is a lot of water coming in down there.


Oh – apparently I spoke too soon about the rain ending today.


  1. Oh, no! Not mastitis now for Del. I am so sorry to read that she now has to fight this. No wonder you are losing weight, all your hard work plus stress & worry. Eat as much good comforting food (grits & polenta & ice cream). Sending lots of good vibes heading your way. I see warmer temps are on the way.

  2. At least it is warming up a bit. Nothing like stress to make the weight fall off🤨

  3. Oh no, poor Aunty Del. Is there such a thing as probiotics for cows? Don’t let those jeans get too big. Laura

  4. Super rainy here too! Days of it! Our huge, nearby lake has risen 4 feet in the last few days! Sure do hope the medicine works for Del. Both of you have ‘been through the wringer’! xo

  5. Sounds like you need a taste of your own medicine, Miss C. Good food, care and attention. But I suspect those jeans are going to get looser before Del turns the corner and you can keep her milk. Just wait till the effect of the extra milk, cream, yoghurt, butter, cheese and ice cream kicks in….

  6. oh poor Aunty Del…..no wonder you have lost weight…..stress related I am sure….hopefully she gets better soon.

  7. The unrelenting weather seems to be a major factor. Just awful for you and Aunty Del. The damn antibiotics screw up the natural body and now you need probiotics to counter them. What irony. You don’t need to lose an ounce either! Maybe the antibiotics you had aren’t helping you absorb nutrients you need. Horrible when what you eat doesn’t do its job.

  8. Well.. If anyone knows the meaning of persevere it’s you my ol friend. Take care of yourself. Gx

  9. Ah yes, the stress diet, the only one that works for me… but which I can live happily with a few extra kilos, and without. Keeping you & Aunty Del in my thoughts ♡

  10. It’s good that you have the piglets to bring you some joy. I wish they could do the same for Del.

  11. Just been to Instagram . . . . congratulations, felicitations – at least something has gone according to hopes and plans . . handsome . . . 🙂 !!!!

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