Tia has given birth to a beautiful little baby bull. The vet was here working with Aunty Del, who is still struggling, so she was on hand.

And all went well. The calf was up and drinking very fast.

This morning I will milk Tia a little. The calf and I will share.

Below you can see the results of the flooding. The fields are covered in water, my basement is full of water, the creek/ditch is terribly high, up to the bridge actually and all the surrounding ditches are at the level of the road. This will take a while to drain. Until the rivers go down this water has nowhere to go.

Because of the high waters the cows on the other side have no pasture and I have no hay. So I have opened up the middle of the barn and they can roam where the hay was stored, there are quite a few broken bales and dropped hay. Hopefully this will keep them going for two days then I will lead them down into the lesser wet field and lock them in.

Having animals living with lots of space means lots of mud at this time of year.

Also the ducklings have arrived! I had no warning of course. But I was kind of ready.

With Del sick with high temps again and mastitis and then collecting the chicks – my car, planing out on the wet roads because I was driving too fast, and then Tia going into labour with her placenta coming first, and then both Vets arriving all in a morning with fog and loud torrential rain – I was a little overwhelmed.

The ducklings are all quite busy and good. I also have six Easter Eggers as a special gift to me from me – if all goes well, these chicks will lay lovely colored eggs that will jazz up the egg trays I sell to the chefs. There are lots of eggs going up to Chicago and I want mine to stand out. Pretty and nutritious. Already I make patterns from my dark brown and light brown and white eggs.

All the chickens and ducks roam free so by the middle of summer our landscape will be interesting!

I milked Del again at nine last night – I will milk her three times today – though I have to get some work done at the Mill too. But hopefully we start to get on top of her problems today.

Let’s hope.

Ok! Time for work.


How did it get to be a Friday already!

27 Comments on “BABY BULL

  1. Clever girl, Tia, love your little boy, and impeccable timing! Celi, I hope your rain stops, or you’ll need to add ark-building to your tasks for the day…

  2. Such a handsome little bull & a blessing for Tia & you that he came with no problems. My hopes & good thoughts continue for Del, that this will all abate & she’ll recover her good health. The duckling are adorable, & the Easter eggers a charming idea. Even though overwhelmed, Celi, you have it all in hand as usual. A busy time on the farm to go out to work as well, but we know somehow you’ll manage that too. And the weather gods will send you sunny, drying days. Time to get a sign that reads Make Way for Ducklings (And colorful chickens, guineas, peafowl + piglets & cats). Has Freebee moved on & Tima returned yet?

  3. I have a new morning mantra for you. Rain go to Laura in Gauteng, SA. our East coast has been hit by 2 devastating cyclones in a month! I might see snow this winter, but in the mean time your rain will be greatly appreciated. Bless Tia for timing that beautiful bull so well. Love those little fluffy ducks. I do hope Del turns the corner soon. What a week, you deserve another treat. Laura

    • Also, meant to wish you luck with your maiden milking of Tia. Still envious of those eggs, whatever the colour. Laura

  4. wow, there was so much in this post Miss C.. I have never had a placenta first.. that’s .. ok.. I am very glad the vets were there already, lovely looking calf.. maybe it’s happened and I have missed it somehow over the years.

    The rest.. well the rest is going to take time, and while you can do some things.. so much is out of your hands.. I hope that the far barn has a good amount of clean up hay, maybe you can get three days out it instead of two so you can get that field to dry out more.

  5. So much good news! What a lovely calf. Sorry about Del still not improving. I’m hoping for better news next week. The ducklings are so cute! Hope you have a chance to catch up this weekend.

  6. Spring has been hard on you! So glad the calf arrived safe, and he is beautiful

  7. Bravo, Tia on you handsome little boy!!! Lovely fuzzy little ducklings too. That is a lot of water on those fields, not a good thing. Poor Aunty Del, this has been a really rough time for her and you, I hope she gets well soon. It’s distressing when an animal isn’t well, they can’t tell you what’s wrong. Don’t forget to take care of yourself along with everyone else at the Farmy.

  8. What a beautiful calf. At last one bright spot amongst all the hardship. Please remember to be kind to yourself
    Whilst being so kind to all the animals in your tender care.

  9. Good news regarding Tia and her healthy boy calf. I hope Aunty Del gets better soon, poor thing she’s going through the wringer. You look like your living in the middle of a lake!! So much water, that will take some drying out.

  10. Wonderful news about Tia, her calf and the ducklings but very worrying about your dear Del and her ongoing complications. I do hope today is better for all and that you have several days of sun to help to dry out the lakes.

  11. What a beautiful calf, I hope Del gets better, so much water. We are having record flooding also down here at the Mississippi River. More rain next week.

  12. Congratulations on your baby bull! I like a mix of beautifully different colored eggs as well. Have you tried Cuckoo Marans? They lay a beautiful dark, chocolate colored, egg that contrasts beautifully with the Easter Egger greens.

  13. Lovely to have new arrivals after such a sad loss recently. Fingers crossed for auntie Del!

  14. Of course the water is there too. Holy smokes!! Seems this has been a spring to beat all springs. They have declared states of emergency just north and west of us, Loved the shot of the barn with the cows in cleaning up the droppings. What a perfect solution. Hang onto your hat Celi!

  15. No doubt the babies bring some cheer. I’m sure you can do without the flooding – I hope it adds nutrients to the fields to make up for it.

  16. It says something about you that you want your eggs to be more eye catching than others competing for the same dollar. It sounds fun, too. That barn looks huge in the photo. Hope everyone is happy there for a few days. And I hope Del had a turn for the better today. It is worrying.

  17. Oh boy, placenta first! Does the cow wait to eat it until after the calf comes if it comes out first?

    So glad to have good news and a cute calf and ducklings! Thoughts and prayers for dear Auntie Del’s quick recovery!<3

  18. I don’t know anything of udder anatomy but I know curing my recurring mastitis with my second took some tricks. Do you massage the udder and try for different angles like you do with humans?

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