Always when I take a photo of a calf – Mum will stride across to check I have not touched him.

Tia is milking well so far too.

I gently herd baby into his milking corner and he hangs about until we are finished milking.

He will stay with his mother. She has plenty of milk for both of us.

These photos are untouched. The grass really is that colour. After all the rain and gloom the pastures look lime green.

I feel that Del has gotten a whisper better. She is walking just a little stronger and milking well except for that mastitic quarter- that will take a while to clear. So I will milk her three times a day until it gives. Maybe four times today.

I worked until 9pm last night – chores then getting the coop ready for today’s guests. My last guest left yesterday.

Jake has given me an old shop fridge because with the asparagus and the rhubarb and the chicken eggs and the duck eggs and soon the milk – my house fridge has no room for all this. Usually I drive everything over to Jakes cooler but with the Mill work and daily vegetable pick up, this is not convenient at all.

I will take a picture today. It sits on the verandah because it won’t fit anywhere else – it is huge with a big glass door and is PURPLE with lights along the top and s big drinks sign on the side. It really is quite hilarious. Plus it is noisy! We will see what it does to the electric bill but it will be useful and is the beginning of a good idea.

Here is the mill address for you. Once everything dries out we will be planting seeds for this summer’s flours and polentas- even buckwheat for the gluten free. Isn’t that a fantastic thought. Harold and I plan for my cows to be able to graze the winter cover crops. Do you see in the image of Del above how the flood waters are not nearly as bad in the pasture. It is wet for sure but will drain faster and recover with a bit of dignity.

The uncovered earth is just a bog now.

Cows help out the land a lot when they are freely roaming in big fields.

I have a new friend who is developing a new popcorn seed – it is red. I don’t know enough to tell you more but this year we will sow it and if all goes well – sell that as well. Once I start bagging it in the mill I will know lots more about it!

I like my popcorn popped in a pot with a lid and eaten with melted butter and salt.

Right – time to get on and milk my cows. It is cold again this morning but will warm up I think.

If you do get around to ordering from Janie’s Mill – let me know you are one of The Fellowship. – just write (F) after your name in the address line – that can be our secret sign. If there is room in your box I will try to fit a sample in there for you of something new to try.

If you would like to try a flour and put the recipe on your blog let me know. You can help me get the word out. I have a big vet bill to pay and the more orders I get the more hours I get paid to fill them! Not to mention the health benefits of pure, locally grown, organic, stone milled flours.


41 Comments on “PHOTO UNTOUCHED

  1. I like my popcorn popped the same way. Only once the oil heats up, I put the salt and a pat or two of butter in the pot right along with the popcorn seeds. Then as it pops, the salt and butter evenly coat everything!

  2. So glad to hear Del seems to be improving. The photo of her looks beside a large pond, small lake or inland sea. Lovely colors in that photo, Del’s russet, Ton’s punch of b & w, brilliant new grass, sunny dandelions & blue water. I highly recommend the the mill’s Bloody Butcher grits, you all! And my dear friend in Boston said the yellow polenta was divine (& she has lived in Italy for some years). I love how good ideas are always sparking with you, Celi. Very inspiring.

    • I am also in love with that polenta – you have reminded me to take some down to my Italian chef the next town over. He might like them too!

  3. I so wish I had a Janie’s Mill nearby, or even in the same country. I’d order every week, except the postage to Australia would be iniquitous… Their website is good, an excellent balance of information and understate sales information.
    Tia’s little boy is gorgeous, and so is she, the clever girl. Glad Aunty Del is mending, if slowly.

  4. Such a beautiful calf. I am quite sure that the presence of cows are tremendously good for the human psyche. As is popcorn with salt and butter. Happy times.

  5. That is the most beautiful little black baby calf. I’m quite sure that the presence of cows is incredibly good for the human psyche/soul. As is popcorn with butter and salt. Happy times.

  6. So glad Tia is proving to be a good mother and has remembered her contact with you now her calf is here 😁 still holding thumbs here for Aunty Del’s full and speedy recovery.

      • I have been so surprised by Tia – with minimum training she lets me put the cups on and off with no worries at all. Cows like to be milked – as well as the relief – they get treats!!

  7. I like my popcorn made the same way. So easy and much less expensive than the less than healthy pop-in-the-bag stuff.

    I do plan to order from the mill, but Celi, how in the world can you put in more hours in your day?

    • Some days are longer than others but the mill work is only a few hours in the morning – and I thoroughly enjoy being part of a team of like minded people.

  8. So glad Del is doing even a wee bit better – all that beautiful green , green grass should make her feel better. Tia’s calf is so adorable!

  9. I love that Ton works so dependably for you. Such a beautiful dog. Faithful and true. And hoping Del is free of mastitis very soon. The new calf—well I could look at him all day.

  10. Calf is so precious to mum….I love seeing animals sharing ideas on their own understand… I like it

  11. Products from mill all sound wonderful. It must be nice to be part of a team. Fingers tightly crossed for Del
    and may that beautiful bull calf and Tia continue to do well.

  12. Ah, yes! Beautiful Spring Green! Nothing compares to that color! In fact, I believe Crayola has or had a crayon that shade! Ain’t life wonderful? How are the fuzzy ducklings doing? I would love to see your new cooler box – it’ll be source of conversation for all visitors. Who knows, you might even go out I there middle of the night to admire it yourself! PURPLE? WITH LIGHTS? How fun! Will you need to put a lock on it to keep raccoons and bears out? Enjoy all of your new babies!

  13. lovely mom and calf photos! Have a good day and I can’t wait to see that new “cooler” in purple no less! Hahah!

      • Small world. I live in Tecumseh, Michigan. Will check out this bread.

          • I will. First thing my husband said – – “have been wanting to go in there.”

      • A lot of bakers in the US start a new sour/starter/mother/sourdough/etc using whole grain rye flour, because it has more of what the little guys (yeasts and bacteria) need. As this new micro community develops – usually it takes about a week – the baker will slowly convert from 100% whole grain rye flour to the flour they plan to use to maintain the community. This way they start with a very healthy and very wide selection of microorganisms, and gradually evolve a community that lives well on the chosen flour. In Germany and other rye loving countries they definitely maintain a separate rye starter, so that all the rye breads start with the right acidity (sour) and right community of little guys. I keep both a wheat and a rye starter, since by now each micro community has optimally evolved for my two flours. That means I can bake either wheat or rye whenever I like at optimal conditions!

  14. There is joy in your off-farm work, providing quality grain to people who care, and on-farm, providing quality produce -now from a big purple fridge!- to people who care. From the early days of your blog -wow how your follower numbers have grown- through the journey of the coupe now AirBnb, it’s inspirational to see how you’ve made this happen.

  15. Have I missed this, but have your sometimes blogged about the vet/bills/regularly he/they drop in?

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