I am trying to get up even earlier nowadays to get the milking done before I go to work. And now I have been to work and it is sale day.

So I am popping in before I bag up or crate twelve pounds of asparagus – five pounds of rhubarb – fifteen dozen chicken eggs, seven bright white duck eggs and a partridge in a pear tree.

I am too tired to order that sentence so it actually will sing like the song but you get my drift.

Del is still recovering – still has a bad quarter. But she is milking nicely, eats well, chews her cud and has just started cleaning herself.

Their milk is in the purple fridge so I can watch it for twenty four hours and check out the color. Del’s is ready to drink as long as I milk her sad quarter separately. Which I do anyway.

Tia and her baby are just fine – Tia waltzes in to be milked and now I realize just how much bigger and taller than Del she is.

Ducklings and chicks are doing what they do, Molly has been trying out different places to sleep and has settled on the rat house. It is getting cooler again and we have rain on and off.

But otherwise the grass is growing and I am adjusting once again to a new schedule. And I have lots to sell this week.

And adjust I will. Nothing lasts for long.

Talk soon.


24 Comments on “WHAT A DAY

  1. You are busy! I’ve forgotten what breed Tia is — who was her mother? Good job on training her to milk! I’ve got a half Jersey/half shorthorn that I’m going to try to milk when she freshens in August….we will see how that goes. She had two calves on her last year as a first freshener and still had milk to spare but I haven’t really messed with her udder much — she does come in to the stanchion for treats.

  2. Sing like the song – there’s a lovey man here with an amazing herb shop, who sings your order while he weighs things out!

  3. Keep calm & carry on! So pleased to hear all is ok, I was starting to get worried, but then I thought basement might have drowned your internet connection again. Always pleased to hear farmy news. Laura

  4. Del is looking better! Tima didn’t come back to the farm. Is that right? Should we be worrying about her?

  5. Wow, thank you for that flash of colour from the side of the purple fridge. Hard to miss, eh? And speaking of colour, there’s quite a difference in the milk colours from Del and Tia, or is that just the photo? You’re so busy, Miss C, but this too will pass, as you know. Just…. breathe occasionally!

  6. Such abundance. I know it creates a lot of pressure, but it’s still a wonderful thing to see how the farm is producing.

  7. Well the eggs do not get gathered and packed nor the asparagus cut on their own . . . even if enjoyable, what a damn hard way to make the necessary buck . . .

  8. Your photos are phenomenal! Everything so fresh and clean – ‘and that’s the way we like it, uh huh, uh huh…’ (words from a song that I can’t recall the name of – and I didn’t win a prize with that sentence structure, either!). You’re very busy, but things seem to be rolling along smoothly. That’s sure a plus! Good luck with Tima, and – Tia is gorgeous! Stay healthy!

  9. Trying to imagine hoisting Tima đź‘€. I love the face of Del and it sounds like the farm is running in a higher springtime gear. You are so productive. Enjoy that feeling. Have a great day.

  10. I love your big purple fridge… my dream kitchen which is polished concrete floors and all stainless would have a decent sized coolroom… so much more efficient than my albeit generous-size kitchen fridge. We are down to 3 or 4 eggs a day but for which I am grateful our old girls still produce. The thought of buying supermarket eggs makes me cry.

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