But FreeBee has found his place in the world. World. Such a big word. And world is only one letter away from Word. Though I don’t think that means much of anything.

Day before yesterday I took FreeBee over to live with Jude. He travelled like a gently sleeping trooper in the back seat of my cat. Once we got to his new home we tried to contain him in his own space in case Big Jude got aggressive but over the first twenty four hours Free Bee escaped three times to get in with Jude and Tima.

In the end I just told Ann to let him be – obviously Jude thinks he is People and finally the two legged ones delivered his little brother and all is well with the world. And Freebee is more than happy to be little brother.

There in Bottom Left hand corner (above) is a little bit of Fat Tima. I tried to get her into the car to bring her home so she could get started on her summer diet but she just couldn’t do it. She has put on some weight while babysitting Jude.

She discovered corn in the field by the looks of her. She is such a dear but could not climb into the car. Just too fat. She did try and after a few fails she wandered off and lay down in the grass.

We will need to take the trailer.

I have come home from work early so I can clean out the cow shed and set up the first electric fence for the thistle eaters. They are big enough to be trained to the wire now. So expect escapes!

It will be much easier to graze them across the field now that they are big enough for the electric fence.


Talk soon


It is so cold! Why am I so cold?!

37 Comments on “NOT TIMA

  1. Oh, that Tima. She looks just like a gently inflated balloon, with the stem knotted under her chin. That’s definitely a blissful smile of contentment and dare I say it, smugness on her porky face, having evaded the dreaded diet just a little longer.

  2. I’d love to share our heat and humidity with you.

    Hitting 90+ again here in southern Georgia.

  3. I’m glad freebe has settled in well, and as for fatty Tima! Let’s hope she can get in the trailer. 😂

  4. Ah, lovely to see Jude and Freebee happily together, delightful. And as for that Tima, what a gal.
    Celi, hope YOU are keeping well.

    • I am very well and looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow morning. Rising at 5am to milk before going to work is taking some getting used to

  5. Chuckle – if you can’t get our Romanesque Tima into the trailer either, you may have to walk her home! The other two characters are going to have a blast in their youth and adolescent seasons. Please take care of yourself! Being bone-cold is not good!

    • Bone cold exactly describes it / and because we work with flour at the mill the whole building is kept at 52f. I wear a lot of clothes at work

  6. Wondering how Del is doing and hoping that little dog of Ann’s doesn’t bother FreeBee.

  7. Tima Tima! Can you still remember the little piglet that snuggled up on your lap on her first journey to the farmy? She does look happy in her field of dandelions. So happy Freebee has found a happy forever home with Jude. Laura

  8. Wonderful to see dear Jude again & being big brotherly to little Freebee. Oh Tima, you look like I feel, just back from an early Mother’s Day lunch at my favorite Middle Eastern/Med restaurant. Like a big fat Pouf Ball. It is 80 today in Asheville. What’s going on up there in Illinois? I remember wearing my winter coat in June when I worked in The Loop years ago. Brrrr—if winter comes (& goes), How Far behind can Spring be?

  9. How embarrassing for poor Tima- but she doesn’t look that upset about not leaving her vacation resort!!

  10. Adorable pigs and that pic of Tima is priceless!

  11. I love it when random things work out like an invisible hand has organised them just so… and it looks like Tima is happy with that arrangement for the time being. In her porcine world all is well. Yes, why are you cold… you should be warm, we should be cool, which we are of an evening but with beautifully sunny days… all good except for horrible August winds… in May 🌬

  12. Why so cold? Apparently no one I formed Mother Nature that April showers bring May flowers and she’s running a month behind… :/)
    Does Tima have an active nipple under her (chin?) Celi?

  13. Such a sweet story and happy ending for Jude and FreeBee.

    Tima looks as happy as a pig in mud in her grassy bed.

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