You would think that I am old enough to know that trying to take your trousers and socks off at the same time when in a hurry does not work. All you get is a jam up. But it is Saturday today so I have no need to hurry. Speaking of a jam up – I asked Jill my boss yesterday if she was ‘flat out’ could she help me. What does Flat Out, mean she said?

Firstly look at Tima and FreeBee cuddling together on a cool spring morning at FreeBee’s new home.

Who would have thought he would settle in so fast.

Mr Flowers needs no introduction – he is very free with his tail is our Mr Flowers.

Right at the end of yesterday’s shivery day the sun came out!

Del is slowly slowly getting better.

When I come home from work the ducks all rush to meet me loudly complaining – they escort me to the shed and I dole out large lunches.

Tia’s Bobby. Eating grass already.

The other side of the Purple Fridge. This big beast has been a game changer. Eggs, vegetables and milk now have a separate cool-store. Much better.

Though as far as decor goes the fridge is a little incongruous. Like an aging noisy pot smoking jingle jangly hippy in a Porsche. Much as I would love my muddy verandah to be sleek like a Porsche.

When it gets hot I will cover this glass door – I think the sun beating in will be counter-productive.

Ok! Today / right now actually – I am going out to create an electric fence for the Thistle Eaters. Then I am shifting the ducklings outside. The mess in the turkey house is legendary.

Stand by.



  1. Flat out of patience…flat out tired….but funny I never thought of what it actually meant.

  2. Jabba the fridge, those colours must be a bit shocking first thing in the morning. Tima knew she had to stay to settle little FreeBee. Laura

  3. That must be a funny, noisy reception being welcomed home by your ducks.

  4. ”FLAT OUT” – totally deflated, out of gas (energy), broke (no money; i.e.,out of your flat because you’re broke—so many uses for that phrase…like flat out of work………. “Jabba the Fridge” for me was love at first sight! FreeBee is beautiful, and such a contended little piggy! Tima seems in her element, too. Will she be OK leaving the little ones? I know what a “gaggle of geese” is, but ducks—–a “dabbling of ducks”? Loved the photos, busy lady. Have a lovely day!

  5. That’s some fridge! So happy Aunty Del is coming around and amazed by the Bobbie’s size. Now when I see Mr. Flowers displaying I’m picturing what’s going on backside.

  6. For some reason, I thought the title referred to an Aussie/New Zealand dessert that was new to me. 🙂

    Mr Flowers’ display is stunning. Tima and FreeBee look so cute together. She’s very motherly to the littlest piggy.

  7. Loved today’s photos. Del on the road to recovery, all be it slowly, Tia’s handsome bobby, amazing fridge,
    and Freebee with his surrogate mum. All fabulous. Hope you enjoyed your day on the farm without the mill work.
    Nearly forgot, those gorgeous looking ducks!

  8. I was wondering if you’d cover the door. It might be more energy efficient to hang a curtain on the porch to block out the sun before it gets to the fridge. We learned that with our egg incubators. The sun was coming in from the skylight and covering the doors could only keep out so much heat. We ended up painting the skylight with black paint. It worked a treat.

    I am glad Freebee has a permanent home. Jude looked great in yesterday’s photos. He still seems small for his age, but he is handsome. Does he still have digestive issues?

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