It is all about the cows at the moment. Del is milking twice a day and Tia once a day ( she has a hungry calf).

This is how Tia sleeps. She reminds me of a horse this cow.

The all- you – can – eat feed dispenser stopped dispensing so I lay it down. The piglets spent all afternoon emptying it out and playing with it.

It is Sunday and Mother’s Day for many. So I hope you all are having a lovely day. We are taking John’s mother out for lunch. Mother’s Day is an odd kind of celebration. Especially with no children close by.

I made the first butter of the season yesterday. That spring yellow is an outrageous colour!

I had better get on with the milking and the chores. It is still grey and not summery. But we have a lot of growth.

Talk soon


29 Comments on “COWS

  1. Awww… little Bobby with the traces of a milk moustache. That butter really is astonishing. All the people who say yellow butter has colour added – that it should be pale cream – should see your beautiful fresh butter.

  2. Happy mother’s day to you. Mum to many on the farmy. Cute Bobby and beautiful butter, the ice cream to follow soon no doubt. Laura

  3. Ohh that butter! I would have that thick on hot toast. 😋 Have a lovely lunch. 😀

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to you! I hope the lunch is nice. I’m so glad Auntie Del is starting to feel better. Glad you’re getting good growth. I meant to comment on your Nantucket Nectar’s purple fridge from a post earlier this week. I remember when Nantucket Nectar started. I was living in New England and they were all the rage. Their drinks were yummy too.

      • I don’t know if they’re still in business even. I’m assuming they are. Maybe they only sell on the East Coast now. That used to be national leak distributing. I remember seeing their stuff in Los Angeles when I first moved here.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well! Enjoy the day. That little Bobby is just too beautiful. And that butter… oh my gosh!

    • How are your goats – have you finished kidding? I must get on my computer and come visit . Blog hopping never works as well in the phone app.

  6. Oh my, that butter! Do you add salt of leave it just as it is – sweet butter? I remember my grandma churning cream into the most delicious butter from ‘Bossie’ the cow, then puting it in forms for the pretty impressions. We loved to see the butter ‘sweat’! Homemade bread, freshly-churned butter and homemade lam, jelly, or preserves of your choice… Do they have a Grandma’s Day She deserved one! Happy Mother’s Day to you all! Curious – is this observed around the world or just in the U.S? Everyone in the world has a mom……….

    • Mother’s Day here in Australia on the same day Sunny Scroggins. I think UK and Europe, France anyway, celebrate on different days. Just had a comment on my blog from France, to say she was between Mother’s Days, as she has a daughter in UK and one in France.

    • Mother’s Day here in Canada today. Some call it family Sunday and it is also Good Shepherd Sunday. Missing my mother, she died in 2002 and it’s still a tough day. Spent time with my elderly sister who is sliding deeper into dementia, she has finally accepted that our parents are gone, but seems to think it was only a couple of months ago. Oh boy. But we had a good visit anyway.

      Oh the eyelashes on that Bobby – he is just beautiful, Tia did a marvelous job. Glad Del’s health is improving. Happy Mother’s Day to all.
      Chris S in Canada

  7. My soul swoons at what homemade butter must taste like; I bet it beats the storebought stuff by a country mile.

  8. That photo of the Bobbie and Tia is just spectacular. And I think this is the first time ever for me anywY seeing the two cows resting in their respective quarters in the barn! A great shot. And finally Tia lying “flat out “ looking like The Black Stallion! Shiny and magnificent. You mentioned recently how much taller Tia is than Del. I’d love to see that image too.

  9. I swear a whiff of butter passed through my nostrils just now, seeing that photo… xo

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