This week I hope to get home from the mill a little earlier so I can keep my asparagus up to date. Right now I am going down the back to pick and weed.

My posting hours are all over the place at the moment. Which I don’t like. I do prefer a routine.

However I am still adjusting to the introduction of twice a day milking to my long day. Thankfully it is a long day because there is a lot to jam into it. But I will find my rhythm again soon.

Our farmers are starting to get seriously worried about the planting. We had more rain again this weekend. Things are very wet. In the words of my boss farmer – ” It is mid May and we have yet to turn a wheel.”

I have brought Poppy back home -she is not ready to farrow or anything but is limping quite badly. I am giving her aspirin, a deep bed and rest. Not having to fight Manu for her food will make her life easier.

The ducklings are out in their chicken tractor. This is not safe as far as predators go but I am hoping to get away with it for a short time. They love to be outside in the air and on grass. There is only so long you can keep them locked up. After a few weeks it is just mean and filthy. Ducklings make a terrible mess. After a while they will join the big birds for the nights. But are a bit small yet.

Soon soon


14 Comments on “HOME FROM THE MILL

  1. Hi, busy Lady! For the time, I guess, you’ll have to put up with your out-of-routine being the routine! Thank goodness we are flexible! This is such an honor – being the first one to be able to write in your ‘Comments” column! It’s still a.m. here in CA! I’m just finishing laundry! Have a wonderful week, Wonder Woman!

  2. Mr Flowers is being quite the show-off lately isn’t he! And then there’s Tane…who has his own brand of showing off 😉

  3. Have the older ducks shown any interest in the ducklings, will they accept the new babies? Laura

  4. That you make time at all to keep the Farmy door open so we can see what’s going on is a fine thing… and I’ve enjoyed the insights into the milling operations. I like to know how and where food comes from.

  5. Oh I love knowing he walks very fast on all four feet! Take is so happy without you-know-who!

  6. Long ago, I came to the conclusion that your backside never hits a chair. Now, I’m beginning to wonder if it hits a bed, either. How much sleep do you actually scrape by on, Miss C? I feel like everyone on the Farmy gets the best of care except you… I think we should bed you down with Poppy with the great Australian panacea: ‘a cup of tea, a Bex (headache powders) and a nice lie down’, for a day or so at least.

  7. I love how the peahen is so very unimpressed with Mr. Flowers big display. She’s all, yeah, you got feathers. Whatever.
    He’s so lovely though.

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