Not necessarily simply but simply simple living. Just at speed. A multi tasking nightmare that seems to work.

Multi tasking is my best.

Poppy is still not using her front right foot much. But she seems happier.

I have not told her that another breeder is borrowing Manu for a while. He evidently has some pretty special genetics that need reintroducing into the show pool. He certainly has done pretty good looking babies.

It is a good move for Manu. I am not breeding again this year. Molly is tired and Poppy is limping. We are going on a break.

Manu’s babies.

Just as soon as I can get John to help me carry all the hog panels down the back I will set these little pigs to work eating thistles down there. Then I will have two sets of Thistle Eaters out in the fields.

Ok! Time for me to milk Del and feed the pigs then off to work. Then back again! Then pack up all the produce – chicken eggs, duck eggs, rhubarb and asparagus boxed, bagged and labeled and deliver them. Turn back again to milk Del and Tia. I am so glad Our John likes pottering about in the kitchen or we would starve!

Tuesday is a very satisfying day.

This week I begin work on a current HAACP Report for The Mill. It will be an huge undertaking given that I have never even seen one before. My research tells me it is an official and very deep risk and hazard analysis of a premises in the interests of food safety. There is some very specific language I need to learn. Plus I need to learn how to create flow charts on a screen and spread sheets, etc. I need to collect and report all their considerable food safety systems already in place into one document for inspection. Now that the mill is expanding it’s markets we need to collate and maybe extend all these requirements. Something new to stretch my brain. If you have an HACCP document on your premises reach out. I need to read as many as I can.

Thank you so much!

Have a good one.


The warmth is coming!


29 Comments on “SIMPLY LIVING

  1. Drat, I just wrote a nice comment and my connection went down and I lost it 😦 What I said was that I hope very much someone will be able to help you with examples of the documents you need, and some advice on how to address this new challenge. Also, Manu does breed beautiful babies, even if the genetic material is only half his!

  2. I must just thank you for the photos of farm animals …. They really rescue me from going crazy, my life is also hectic and stressful, hate city life,
    your photos are my little bit of feel good every day. Tons of love from sunny South Africa…

  3. Lots happening on the Farmy!!! So glad the Our John is there to lend a hand! xo

  4. As an aside, if beaurocracy there is anything like ours here, HAACP & HACCP documents could end up being two completely different things. Excel is a wonderful spreadsheet programme, you can pull up all sorts of graphs and flow charts with just one click. Talking windows here, I know nothing about Apple Mac’s. I do hope Manu will return, is Tima still at her Spa? Laura

  5. I’m happy for the two of you that your John likes pottering in the kitchen so you have food to keep you going apace. I like the word “pottering” for kitchen creativity. That’s what I’ll do now when fuel is running low. Potter. Much better than messing around which is what I was doing before.

  6. That sounds very ambitious. I am impressed by your undertaking and look forward to hearing how it goes, but the animals appear uninterested. We humans and our goings-on.

  7. Love the photo of the ducks in the green , green grass and gorgeous blue sky!

    • Yes, and I as well! That Drake is so attentive and got his eye keenly focussed on you. And such a wonderful collection of (mixed clovers?) in that field: )

  8. How do you manage to pack SO much into your life? I’m very glad that your John has retired now! Manu certainly hands
    on some very handsome genes. Take care of yourself Celi.

  9. Hmm, does Manu earn a fee for his stud services? because that would be quite a lovely way for him to contribute to the farmy. Although it would make sense for these things to be done in trade, too. The quackers look so happy in the field with the red clover – such lovely forage materials for all farmy residents. Cheers.

  10. No experience of HAACP but (there’s a free version) is easy to use and you can easily create flow charts, visual interpretation of processes, etc. Designed for collaborative working so easy to share as necessary. In order to have one version of a document (e.g. Word or spreadsheet), I use a shared Google Drive (free) with my team, and a Trello board (free version) for project planning/ensuring nothing falls down a hole! I don’t comment often but love the Farmy, and all that you do.

  11. Hey, could you post the link to the Mill here again and/or maybe post it over in the cottage industry section? I know you have before, but I can’t find it and I keep meaning to check it out.

  12. stretching your brain is a good thing! Love how gorgeous Manu’s babies are! And I am glad the girls Molly and Poppy are taking a break!
    Take care !!

  13. Stud fees was the first thing I thought of for Manu. Would be nice for him to earn his keep.

  14. Ditto TDC’s comment.. No animals in our yard now (except squirrels and birds– which I love to watch– and a timorous chipmunk who emerges occasionally from a fallen downspout ) so I learn to rise above daily cares from yours.

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