Piglets love milk! They are still quite young so I water down their cows milk. We don’t want runny bottoms.

Heidi is down from Chicago for a few days ‘down on the farm’ and took these photos for us last evening.

I hope that Instagram video opened for you because it is so funny watching me try to walk amongst that gaggle.


Today I hope to get all my work done at The Mill in quick smart time. ( Thank you for reminding me to give you the link – good idea to put it in our cottage industry page too). Then Heidi and I will start work in the Kitchen’s Garden. I am putting in rows of edible flowers! I think that might look really pretty from the Coop. Especially a long row of chives. I love chives.

I am creating an email list for The Mill so I can keep in touch with my bakers and then I am going to start a mill blog which will be just as much about the farming of the grains as the milking. That should be fun! ( plus they will pay me to blog – just imagine) so if you want to stay in The Mill Loop, email me on and I will keep you informed- though not too often as I hate being hounded in my own ever-crowded inbox!!

Ok! Those chickens make such a racket in the morning! Louder than an alarm clock!

Poppy is still limping very badly. But is eating and drinking well. I am going to take her temperature this morning. I am sure a heavy belly full of babies is not helping. It is not unusual for these large animals to pull a muscle – aspirin and rest usually help. And no more fighting for food.

Right! Again! I had better get out there and milk my cow. They are loving all this good grass. I dreamed last night that John went out and mowed my pastures while I was at work. It was an awful dream. Awful!

Talk soon.

Don’t forget to get on the Janie’s Mill list.

The lilacs are blooming and the scent drifting into the house is heavenly.



  1. Bounty indeed, the duck eggs are huge! Evening feeding time alone should earn you ‘danger pay’. Thanks to Heidi for sharing wonderful pics, we love seeing miss C in action. Laura

  2. Hi Cecilia: yes I can see the video. Love your running commentary too 🙂
    No big veggie garden this year. Planting a few easy things in the flower gardens at the house, 3 tomatoes, 4 cucs I started so far. Need to find the Zuch and Squash packets and see if they are viable.

    M in NC

  3. Oh, the excited high pitched squeaks of excitement! So funny watching you pick your way through the squirming throng. I had to play it several times: the Husband wanted to know what had me cackling, and then cracked up himself. What wonderful rhubarb you’ve grown, too.

  4. Ahhh! Lilacs! I miss the scent – and the blossoms. They don’t grow here near Houston.

  5. Just love the picture of Ton Ton under the bench!!! He is such a cutie!!!

  6. Amazing how you’re able to keep your footing with those squirming little ones running around your feet like that. Great video.

  7. Lovely wee video and the photo of the line of piglets poking their heads through the fence is just magic!

  8. Gadzooks! It would be way too easy to break an ankle high-stepping among the piglets!! I love how talkative they are and such a cute line-up of the piglets in between the fence boards. And of course, Ton–always in the midst of everything!! Rhubarb and asparagus!! And eggs! Wow!

  9. You new job is a wonderful extension for your comms talents, it’s a good match for your both… baking, food… I believe create good community.

  10. Oh, the Instagram video with its fun piggy squeaks caused much light-hearted laughter amongst the many working here yesterday . . . for some reason my comment did not manage to stay on the page tho’ . . . 🙂 !

  11. really enjoy all your updates 😊 you are my first priority read every day! – the asparagus look marvellous! 😉

  12. Oh my goodness! All that rhubarb! and it is not in my garden. I so miss my rhubarb. It is still here. I have been growing it at every home I lived at since I was a kid, but I have not multiplied it in this garden. I suppose I could get some from the old garden.

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