I opened up the center of the barn for Molly and her piglets to get out of this incessant wind and rain. The wind is so strong it reaches right into the barn on her side.

Plus it gives her babies a couple of days to acclimate to the middle barn before their mother goes back out into the field. P

Immediately two problems arose. Molly goes crazy when she smells the milk from the barn milking room – leaping up on the gates trying to beg for some ( she does not get it until feed time) which is awfully dangerous for the piglets below her. Plus every time I walk through the barn she startles up, scattering babies in all directions.

She is just too touchy at the moment and also, and sadly, I cannot make myself trust her again. I never go in with her now. She is still very suspicious. And I have the fear now.

So I will wean her this week.

I will sort that after work today.

Mr Flowers’s tail hangs down so low that it brushes my face as I walk through the barn. I can part the feathers like a curtain.

The rain yesterday was once again an endless series of downpours. This image is taken from the Instagram video. Scroll down and click on it if you want to hear the deluge.

This time of year we always get a lot of rain. It feels like this year it is more from the East. Everything is just going on a little longer and a little later and a little stronger.

The asparagus is loving this rain though!

I had better get going – to get everything done before I go to work I have to be milking by 6am. It takes me much longer to prepare for the milking than it does to milk. Del has always been fast.

Last time I looked, Tia was showing no signs of going into labour. My anxiety about her still sits suspended above me like a dark cartoon thought balloon. If all goes well I will definitely be milking her – she has a huge udder.

Talk soon.


19 Comments on “SHIFT YOURSELF

  1. Very sensible approach to Molly. Literally a case of “Once bitten twice shy”
    But she has been a good mum, the piglets are a delight.

  2. We are saturated aren’t we. Come July we will be wishing for some of this rain. Some sun sure would be nice.

  3. Once bitten, twice shy. You will probably always be respectfully wary now, but that’s probably safer for you. And just look at those beautiful chubby babies of hers 🙂

  4. I wonder why Molly is different this time around. If she craves cow’s milk might that indicate that she is short of essential fatty acids? Or some essential vitamins and minerals? Lack of calcium can make humans irritable(!) as can lack of B vitamins. Interesting studies have been done re B vitamins and schizophrenia – from memory lack of B3 played a major role. Has anything changed in her diet… Are the fodder supplies at the West barn less nutirnt dense than at the ‘home’ side? Does her humour improve if you give her half a bucket of raw cow’s milk? I’m sure your mind is exercised along similar lines. I hope the cause of her change of temperament suddenly stands out for you. All the best.

    • I was wondering the same thing- in the Midwest the soil is old – I know it is lacking Selenium at least in mid Michigan

      • Yes. Though hogs are not ruminants. I have a complete hog feed for the sows that addresses these issues. I have had this sow for years now and i know her well, I think she is feeling tired and fraught and overused – she needs a break. also does not do well living with other hogs. She is going down the back for the rest of the summer to have a proper rest.

  5. The Baby Pigs are so cute and growing. We are getting tons of rain here also. Glad to see mama Cow is doing well.

  6. Oh dear, your mistrust of Molly sounds ominous. Laura

  7. Mama mia Molly is a bit scary with her behavior- I’d be quite leery too. The piglets are adorable and will be better off being weaned and away from Molly’s feet.

  8. Parting a peacock tail like a water fall – sounds amazing. Back to yesterday – the ugly duckling story is a sad one and horrible – rock-a-bye baby is too – why do we have such horrid stories for babies? I don’t want to be a swan anyway…. ducks are cool and fast…. quack quack!

  9. Molly is giving that “who me?” look. Was thinking this morning what a perfect name Molly is for her. It just fits. I marveled at the amount of water that was falling from the sky in the instagram video yesterday. Then it started here!! So. Much. Water.

  10. I’m with Molly. I’d like to hang out alone in my own pasture for awhile. Once things get warmer, life will relax a bit. Sunny skies ahead.

  11. When you look at it like that it’s understandable… I think there are some who have the fear of encountering me when I’m tired, overwrought and in need of a good break….

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