Night chores are really late evening chores but night chores is easier to say. And during last evenings night chores I separated Tia and Del. Tia goes into a big pen of her own in case she calves in the night. ( Wouldn’t that be nice – as easily said as done). Del has the pen with the open door. When I checked them at midnight I silently entered the barn to the sounds of two cows chewing their cud. Chewing the cud is such a healthy contented sound. They were loud in their contentment.

Yesterday Del’s body finally straightened out. She has been hunched and unhappy for too long now. But at yesterday’s afternoon milking she seemed to have turned a corner. Starting to heal after her awful experience.

It is getting close to weaning time for Molly.

Her fat little piglets need to get used to being without her before they move to their next home. Soon Poppy will need the farrowing pen.

The chicks are growing too. They are not at a pretty stage. I have to chip half an hour out of my sleep time as I readjust my schedules to add two milkings. As usual Del milks fast. I enjoy milking. It is a kind of dance that my hands and body knows well.

Just the cow and I.

Her milk has been white from the start – no heavy colostrum milk. Everything about Del indicated her calf was born early because it died in utero. But the calf himself seemed full sized to me.

I am picking and selling asparagus too now. Not a lot yet but every twenty dollars helps now that I am facing some pretty massive vet bills. But Del is worth it. I was so lucky that one of my own vets was on call in the weekend.

Anyway – time to get into the barn. It is storming again. Absolutely pouring down. More thunder and lightening. With a lot of rain to come. It always rains hardest when it is time to feed the animals. We are sodden again.


26 Comments on “CHEWING YOUR CUD

  1. The piggies and chicks all seem to have grown up very quickly this time round. So pleased Del is on the road to recovery. May Tia’s birthing go smoothly with no drama. Hope you dry out soon. Laura

  2. Are you secretly delighted at the milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream….? I’m so happy to hear Del is breathing easier, and that you’re in a better place to deal with Tia’s calving.

  3. Despite the rain, rain, rain, it seems to be a better day for Del, & soon you can use the milk. I have my fingers crossed for all to all to go well with Tia. I guess the ducks are feeling lucky with all the rain splashing down, though maybe not the teenage chicks.

  4. I’m so glad for the good news about Del. Sending positive thoughts for Tia. I came to the blog when you had lots of cows that you were milking. And I love those descriptions you could write of them. And all of the yummy things he would do with the milk. I hope you get beautiful milk from them both so that you can do some of those things and perhaps get a little extra income somewhere there too. I have the piglets adjust well to the changes coming.

      • oh dear! And sorry about all the typos, was whispering into my cell phone early in the morning before waking up my kiddos for school!

  5. It just seems to be wet all the time up there – rain or snow then melt. I’m happy Del has turned a corner. Very sorry about the calf, but Aunty is such a good cow. Yes, those ‘teen’ times for all animals are gangling and I grin as I remember my own awkwardness. Ugly duckling to a beautiful swan right?

    • That is such a sad story for those of us who are not gorgeous and swanlike. Now that I think about it – what a terrible story to read to a little girl like me – I always wanted to grow into a swan.

  6. I am so glad Del is alright. I can’t imagine if you lost her. You are such a wonderful caregiver to your animals. They are a lucky bunch : )

  7. Chewing cud…what happy news! I hope you and sweet Del are through the worst of it. That was so scary!

    Reading your post made me remember I was dreaming about your new chicks. Too funny!

  8. So happy to hear you’re hearing cud-chewing. Wish you’d sneaked in with your trusty video camera so we could hear such a unique sound it must be.
    A calming has occurred at last. In the throes of misery it’s so hard to think this too shall pass. At least it sure is for me!

  9. I’m so glad that Del is on the mend! Do you think the death of the calf CAUSED the pneumonia? So many variables here, and so few answers. I am hoping the rest of your year is easy, productive, and even profitable.

    • That’s what the second vet and I concluded. A dead calf will cause a fever – the weird thing is that she had no contractions – so yes – like you say – many variables

  10. Good noon to you all! What a busy place you have still and again, Ceci! I can just feel the life thrumming through the life veins, be it plant, animal, or human! Like living in a healthy, loving vortex! Bless every little raindrop that touches down there.

  11. That beautiful face of Del! The piglets have grown so fast. Hard to believe it is time to “let go” already! Might I ask or should I ask what happens to the stillborn calf?

  12. The second pic of the chickens…..the rooster peering in as if checking out all the pretty girls in there 🙂 I’m glad peace has descended after the heartbreak and worry about Del.

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