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Black and White

I am still in my black and white period. Though I do feel a brightening. I think subject matter has a lot to do with the success of monochrome images. With colour it is a much simpler equation. With black and white it is… Continue Reading “Black and White”

I am an immigrant

Yes, I am an Immigrant.   An expat- which is just a nicer word for an immigrant who still retains the passport of her birth country. ‘An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing, as an immigrant, in a… Continue Reading “I am an immigrant”

The ill wind that blew no good

.. was no good wind at all… Bad news should always be delivered fast I think.  So here it is. Yesterday when I woke up I discovered that our Old Big Dog had died in the night.   I won’t put you through a… Continue Reading “The ill wind that blew no good”

Our smallest crew member is M.I.A.

I am never sure how to tell you sad news. But I promised I would.  Tell you.  There are three promises I make for the The Kitchen’s Garden Weblog. 1. (Unless I tell you) All the shots you see are from the last 24 hours… Continue Reading “Our smallest crew member is M.I.A.”