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Finding my way back

Many things have been happening to people around me in the lately, so much sadness and injustice and tragedy, and though the farm and I are fine – many of the best people in my life are struggling and sad. This left me with… Continue Reading “Finding my way back”

A moments respite

The sun came out and the temperatures rose and the internet came back on.  I am working faster than the speed of light. Federico has gone back to Argentina, his absence is surprisingly strong. In Argentina they are more likely to judge time in… Continue Reading “A moments respite”

The Weary Way

Tomorrow I  begin The Weary Way. The retracing of my steps. The flights and fatigue that shadow dogs international travel. I love to travel. I even love being lost in airports and alone in crowded planes. But each hurried step I take pushes me  further… Continue Reading “The Weary Way”

September in pictures

September heaved with tears.  And change. Good and dreadful. But it is an important month to commemorate.  A vale of tears  – a valley – a journey we took together. So, here are my favourite pictures from September. Somehow these got completely out of order,… Continue Reading “September in pictures”

Our smallest crew member is M.I.A.

I am never sure how to tell you sad news. But I promised I would.  Tell you.  There are three promises I make for the The Kitchen’s Garden Weblog. 1. (Unless I tell you) All the shots you see are from the last 24 hours… Continue Reading “Our smallest crew member is M.I.A.”