The Weary Way

Tomorrow I  begin The Weary Way. The retracing of my steps. The flights and fatigue that shadow dogs international travel. I love to travel. I even love being lost in airports and alone in crowded planes. But each hurried step I take pushes me  further from my family in New Zealand and Australia. Each step I take in my booted stride  takes me closer to my American family.  Shedding summer and donning winter. Modern life means separation.abc123wedding-036

And not just me. (Yes that is me). Siblings are separated too. See The Header: (way above and then below)  – my daughter and son live in different countries. Two more of my  sons live in different countries from each other. Like many many modern families we deal wth separation.  In my family we have devised express goodbyes.  No wastage of words. We break from each other with the speed of a ripping band aid, so we do not have time to see each other cry.  We hug strongly, then “see ya!” and walk fast in opposite directions.abc123wedding-145

I leave you with this image of our newly married couple. (with their permission of course). I took  this 30 minutes after they were married.  sam and jo

Good Bye New Zealand.  I begin to fly tomorrow in New Zealand’s Wednesday and reach Chicago at midnight on an American Wednesday. After overnighting there I will leave as early as possible and drive back down country to my own farm. Hopefully reaching home in time for chores, with considerable relief I might add.

I am not finished with my travels though. In a month I go to California for a few days to meet a new arrival in our family. But that is not until next month.   For now I am looking forward to getting back to work.

See you on the other side.

Your friend in the air


58 Comments on “The Weary Way

  1. I can feel it all. I know those footsteps. I know those goodbyes. I am not at all good at them. Travel safely. (The two pictures of the newly married couple are spectacular. The two of them standing timelessly in that landscape…makes me feel optimistic about the future.) Lots of love.

  2. Those goodbyes are all to familiar to me. Thanks for sharing the precious family moments and I wish I still had the figure for that wedding dress these days. I can always dream! Safe journey home and I hope you have the thermals ready for when you touch American soil!

  3. Beautiful photos as always. I lived overseas many years ago and remember how difficult this leaving is, from both directions. Even more difficult for you with children so far away.

    And yes! You look wonderful! Great photo!

  4. C, what a beautiful photo of you.
    I know the pains you speak of with family living everywhere. I suffer the same with my family. I am completely useless and fall apart at the seams each time we have to say goodbye.
    Love, hugs and safe travels home.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  5. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Those are some lovely photos you shared. You must be a proud mama! How fantastic is it that we also get to see a glimpse of you, too. Just beautiful. We need more of these, please 🙂 And happy trails on your journey back to your American family, Celi!

  6. Cute as a button, you are! Safe journey, and hold tight those happy memories. Love and hugs, M. xx

  7. Travel safely, come home in health. Look out for soul lag, the feeling that the core of your being is left behind on another continent, trying madly to catch up with your flying body. Thank you so much for the lovely photos and the glimpses of your family. See you when you get back… K xx

  8. I know exactly what you mean! When we first lived abroad and I went back to see daughters and kids, it was always youngest daughter who took me to airport..then I cried..I did not want to be parted but at the same time I wanted to get back to my new life in the sun…after 12 years it is a little better but not much. Parting is such sweet sorrow!
    See ya soon…you got Lady Astor to meet when you get home…S M I L E

  9. Just lovely Celi. Thank you for your words, and you looking happy and full of life and joy.

  10. Wonderful times and wonderful memories you’ll have. Safe travels. I hope you make it home without any delays.

  11. Just like you Celi, I love to travel and I don’t mind airports at all. Oh, but those goodbyes , they tear me apart every time. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures, you look gorgeous . Have a safe journey.

    • Hopefully it will not affect one little flight ccoming out of LAX late on Wednesday night. Chicago seems calm compared to the East Coast weather.. c

  12. Gosh, is everyone and everything in New Zealand really so beautiful? Maybe that is where I need to be! It looks such an inspiring place, at least through your eyes. So glad you had a lovely visit, and wishing you safe travels between homes.

  13. What a heart-wrenching post penned with love.

    Your photos, as always, complement your words. The newlyweds make a lovely couple. I absolutely adore that bridal gown.

    Safe travels.

  14. thank you for carrying us with you. where in California will you be? safe journey home. I am reading The Good Good Pig – enchanting!

  15. Yes, I know, too. For someone who carries out her life and destiny on more than one continent, more than one place is ‘home’ and, sometimes, nowhere carries that designation.

    Modern life, indeed, but that also includes telephones, e-mail and Skype for keeping in closer touch.


  16. I love the Photos…the one of you is beautiful. The newlywed photo is terrific, love their stoic look…classic! Safe travels ✈

  17. Walking away fast. The only way. We are all spread so widely.
    The couple’s picture is elegant and like a time portal image. The old mountain land sweeping down to flown around them mirroring the folds and swirls of her gown and dark lines of his suit. It is somehow very much a picture of all those the land has held in the past and will nourish in the future. Quite timeless statement.
    Fill your eyes and soak in the memories. Safe travels!

  18. Oh Celi .. What a post! How sad to be leaving your family and NZ, thank heavens for wonderful memories, photos and skype (lol). I just love that pic of the married couple wow! Safe journey home lovely lady 😀

  19. I’m just catching up your past few amazing days in NZ. The pics, people, places are beautiful. And you (& they) have shared them so generously. It’s wonderful to get an insight to how [other] real people live, come together and celebrate their lives and each other. Safe travels.

  20. Travel safely. Beautiful photos. I like the bandaid approach. I will remember that if ever my kiddos move away.

  21. I love the girl’s inked sleeve in that first pic…….but that’s not the bride is it, she has a little sleeve, not a bare shoulder….sister maybe? And are you about to slip that pretty blue dress on, Celi ? It’s Wednesday here, so you’re on your way……safe travels and see you at “home”

  22. At long last we have a photo of you, Cecilia. Charming picture–and yes, beautiful smile. I love the way the bride’s dress falls, so creamy and flowing and elegant. And such a handsome son. Both kids with gorgeous hair!
    I’m wondering–when are all 5 of your children and their spouses and children going to descend on the farmy? They must be longing to see first-hand your critters all. Your family would create a whole town itself.
    I hope the daughter you brought ALL THE LIGHT for loves it as much as those of us in your fellowship who read it did. The author’s a poet. And what is The Good Good Pig? I’ll have to look that up.

  23. Well, just about time, Celi Not a photo of an arm or a leg or some hair from the back or a riding photo also from the back, but a beautiful close-up showing those happy sparkling eyes! Yippee, lady: in Oz we would say ‘jeez, she does scrub up well’ 🙂 !! Love the photo of Sophie’s back with a loving brother hugging and the bridal couple of course! What wonderful memories . . .

  24. A grand and happy picture of you, a bittersweet picture of your son and daughter and wonderful shot of your newly married son and daughter in law…thanks! Safe travels to your northern hemisphere home and thanks for sharing your lovely shots of your family and New Zealand with us.

  25. very brave of you C. i had to have a bit of a sob leaving nz. I love love the photo of bride and groom. so original. happy new year and love you always. love maria

  26. It seems strange… the days of your journey seemed to fly quickly by, but back home in the states, I feel it’s been an eternity you’ve been gone.

  27. A handsome couple! Lovely photo of you. What a blessing you were able to be there.

  28. Ah, the pain of partings. And the tears of meetings. The photo of the couple is so tender. And nice pic of you, looking so glam!

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