This post is at an odd time of the day but I am just popping in to let you know that I am home. Boo is home.  All the animals are present and correct.  I have been around everyone and they are ll glowing with good health. I am yawning. I was fine until last night when we overnighted in Chicago so as to make an early start this morning and I did not sleep at all. Just watched the clock and listened to the hotel heating system turn on and off.the-024

It is windy and icy here.  But doing the chores this morning, puddling about in the barn was like comfort food.

Speaking of which I am going to have a cup of tea then off to bed for a nap. I have changed the sheets and cleaned the bathrooms, made a start on the floors, the animals and the barn are all up to date, the fire is loaded and banked down. I can take a break I think. the-017

It is good to be home.


I will see you tomorrow. We will have a proper look at Lady Astor tomorrow.

Your friend on the farm


42 Comments on “Home

  1. Welcome home, I have been thinking of you travelling with all the winter weather. Glad you are safely home, the animals must be excited to see you.

  2. Welcome home! Get some good nap time in…perhaps with a kitten or two snuggled in there somewhere.

  3. Perfect time for me! Isn’t it wonderful to venture off into the world, enjoy it and then feel so good to be home. Cheers and have a delicious nap.

  4. Celi ~ glad you are safely home ~ bet all the animals were excited beyond words to hear your good morning voice to them again! And Boo dancing circles, Sheila gruntin’ like crazy and the little pooty poots meowing ~ they are growing! Happy for you that you could be with your Kids again ~ looking forward to wedding pictures!

  5. Welcome home.
    I can imagine Boo turning himself inside out with delight at seeing you… and Crikey those kittens have grown!!
    Ps Am still hoping for a photo of you in the black diet dress???

    • Yes.. me too! I know one of the boys took some so I have asked him to send me anything good.. I have heard nothing so maybe they are all bad!! I have my feelers out.. lets hope one turn up! c

  6. I’m glad you’re home. I was thinking about you with all this nasty storms and bad weather. I live between two worlds for while when I get home.

  7. Welcome home! Sweet dreams! I can only guess the delight Boo had when you picked him up!!!

  8. I am imagining the chorus of welcome for you on arrival back at the farmy. Enjoy your rest, we will look forward to your online unwinding in the next few days. Stay warm.

  9. So glad you are home, but the travel was wonderful, too. I had a great time seeing NZ through your eyes. Can those truly be the darling little tiny kits we saw only weeks ago? How they have grown. Sleep well.

  10. One travels the world seeking for happiness and in the end happiness is where your home is 🙂

  11. And all on the farmy breath a sigh of joy and relief….they can manage, but the world is much nicer when you’re around. (And Boo may not leave your side for a bit…well, maybe to see the kittens…) Welcome home

  12. Oh, I’m SO glad you’re back. Looking forward to the proper look. The light in those photos is interesting.Cold and warm all at the same time. How do you account for that? Did you take the photos at a different time of day too? I’m really so happy you’re safely home.

    • I was thinking the same thing today, and i think that when one of the boys had my camera they changed the white balance.. (boring technical reason!) So tonight Mr Google and I will go through my camera and reset everything back the way i like it .. Sons! c

  13. Pleased you are home safe, and all is well. And in your own bed with fresh sheets, after a cup of tea sounds wonderful. Gorgeous shot of the growing up very fast ginger kitties 🙂

  14. Welcome home… it feels good to have you back! it’s a day for coming home! My squirrels came back (when the weather turned cold again they came home to the comforts of the human parents and free grub), and Daisy and Spirit deer returned after being gone since early January. What a happy day for me! I can’t wait to catch up on the farmy tomorrow!

    • So glad they returned, i wonder what this spring will bring for those two.. wild animals are such fleeting joy.. c

  15. Welcome home Celi! The kittens look like they’ve grown heaps; all is well at the farmy it seems.

  16. You have been missed, by us, by your animals, and it sounds like John too! Have a lovely nap in your own bed, and we’ll hear from you when you’ve caught up a bit.

  17. You are a tough lady 🙂 !! Methinks I would have just collapsed into said bed old sheets and all after perhaps patting Boo! Oh have those kittens grown!!! And have the little larrikins made themselves comfortable on your bed . . . ? Hope you sleep . . .

  18. As much as you hated to leave your family and all the celebrations, I’m sure it is nice to be back home. I know every one is happy to have you home.

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