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A Wedding

In the Country. Our good friends down the road had a wedding for their daughter under the trees in their three acre back yard and were kind enough to invite us. We went to the wedding then milked the cow, fed the calves and went… Continue Reading “A Wedding”

The Weary Way

Tomorrow I  begin The Weary Way. The retracing of my steps. The flights and fatigue that shadow dogs international travel. I love to travel. I even love being lost in airports and alone in crowded planes. But each hurried step I take pushes me  further… Continue Reading “The Weary Way”


Here are a few pictures I took on the wedding day. The girls dressed in a little cottage on site. We rented this venue for the weekend and all stayed in and around the house. The big house, the cottage and the shearers quarters,… Continue Reading “Colour”

Pop Up- Up Date

Yesterday  I cooked and cooked and cooked. I even packed my own apron and knives in preparation.  Getting used to other peoples ovens is such a chore. My little helper wore his apron too and is the Bossy Breadcrumb Basher. Today my daughter Sopsta… Continue Reading “Pop Up- Up Date”

Snippets of Joy

Weddings are a curious mixture of fraught and fun. In laws and Out laws. Old husbands and new husbands.  Step mothers and watchful ex wives. Smiles to hide fright. Smiles as manners. Smiles as snippets of  joy.  Smiles that are all eyes and no eyes… Continue Reading “Snippets of Joy”