A Wedding

In the Country.

Our good friends down the road had a wedding for their daughter under the trees in their three acre back yard and were kind enough to invite us. We went to the wedding then milked the cow, fed the calves and went back for the dinner and dancing.


As usual I annoyed the wedding photographer a LOT.  And brought home piles of left overs for the pigs dinner.

So here are some joyful images.


women walking

All the calves are good – even Little. Little drunk two full bottles yesterday. The first time he has drunk enough food in a day.

Today is Tomoyo’s last day working. She leaves tomorrow.  Back to school for her. She did such good work. Then we have a break before Hugo, a young man from France, arrives for a few months and then one of The Fellowship is coming for a week. Exciting.

What a grand day.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm



59 Comments on “A Wedding

  1. how beautiful is the bride, how cute the wee girlie and how lovely the people…so colourful and it looks like fun….they look like real characters and happy neighbours
    I am please Little is making small progress ..I did ask my friend above for a bit of help so maybe..that is the reason, as well as your tender loving care…

  2. Oh, fabulous! What beautiful people, old and young, and what a joyful day. And I don’t see why wedding photographers should have it all their own way. We didn’t have one at ours, we just made something beautiful from all the images sent to us by friends and family. I’d love yours if that was my wedding!

    • Poor fellow – I was always in the right spot seconds before he thought of getting there.. it amuses me no end how full of themselves wedding photographers are. As if a marriage has anything to do with a picture.. c

      • And equally amazing just how cheesy they can make their images if you let them. It’s as if they have a tick list of ‘appropriate’ poses and groupings. Love your work, Miss C!

        • There is a tick list. There are very specific shots they must get or their clients complain. They have to be very good at BS to keep the attention of the people in the large groups and inevitably someone in the family doesn’t like something about the shots or feels a family member has been neglected. It can often be a thankless task and a job I would never do. I have turned a lot of people down.

          • Good grief! Seriously, all those ‘bride feeds groom cake’, ‘bridesmaid inspects bride’s garter’, ‘best man checks pocket for ring’ shots are demanded by the clients? If we’d had a photographer, I’d have wanted black & white, reportage-style, and as casual as possible, and blow the grumpy rellies.

            • You have to get a non wedding photographer for a reportage “lifestyle” type of photography – that’s why I get asked, but it’s a huge responsibility and it can’t be shot again. It’s not my kind of thing anyway, so i don’t have a problem turning it down.

              • My daughter does wedding photography…..she’s in Ohio if anyone out there wants a great photographer, does it all, not just weddings…..and takes lifestyle photos, lovely casual candid shots as well as some staged, but not cheesy. She’s in great demand, so maybe more people are leaning towards non-cheesy.

  3. That looks like the definition of a happy occasion. How wonderful to have perfect weather on that special day! I’m happy to hear that Little is engaging at least in feeding!

  4. So happy to hear about Little! And what a beautiful day for such a lovely and colorful wedding. Great photos! I’d rather have family or friend-taken photos any day :*)

  5. If I ever get married again ….. I will insist on at least one picture with the cow being milked 🙂 Maybe Little could even be ring bearer. Lovely pics as always and great news about Little today. Laura

  6. Beautiful Wedding shots – the kids are so cute…
    I am so glad that everything’s well and ok at the Farmy. All calves still alive. Nothing bad happened. You did such a great work! Is Little out of danger now? Sending my love thoughts to him.
    As for Poppy on yesterday’s post: It seems that she has shrunk… Haha. Piglets have grown so much.
    Sorry for Tomoyo’s leaving. I wish her good luck! – Have a nice farewell party and a beautiful Summer Sunday.
    Here it’s got up to 95F (35°C) – makes tired and out of spirit.

  7. Lovely lively bright wedding, and photos. So kind of the friends & family and you to share so we can delight in their happiness too.
    And that little by little Little is finding his way 🙂

  8. Amazing photos of an incredibly beautiful wedding! Nice that you had few minutes of rest. I’m so happy for you that Little is doing a bit better.

  9. What a treat for us today too peep over the fence and enjoy the colourful occasion at the wedding. Great news about Little. I am sure the pigs enjoyed their feast after the wedding.

  10. Thank you for sharing the wedding photos—what a glorious day with so many beautiful people all enjoying the festivities. You definitely would win the photography award on those shots—they are lovely. But yes—I am sure shooting weddings would be incredibly stressful. Happy to hear Little is doing better. Fingers and toes crossed this is the beginning of something great!

  11. Gorgeous wedding photos – I’m sure the family will enjoy your photos for many years to come! I’m so glad to hear Little seems to be taking a good turn. He’s so lucky to have you.

    • I thought the same… and with her smile and neck lines, she is embarking on a life of beauty far beyond normal ! And, yes, the bride too is really beautiful as well. The whole wedding seems to be, and a treasure to have been invited,
      I am so happy with the news about Little Bobbie, and look forward to seeing photos of him knocking about with his brother Bobbies soon.
      Have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  12. Thank you and the family friends for allowing us to glimpse part of this day. What fun it seems to be–their smiles say it all. Baby steps still for Little but happy also that things are looking up.

  13. Lovely Bride photo….. So sweetly happy and in love… Thanks for the peak into her Special Day… Nice to hear a more positive tone in your remarks about Little…. Have a lovely Sunday, Miss C

    • You did? Really? Well, congratulations! And, yes, it was a lovely day for a wedding. Wishing you a happy future with a special person. ~ Mame

    • Congratulations with all my wishes for a long lasting and beautiful love and life togehter!

      • Miss c, I actually wanted to invite you but I thought you might be too busy with the farm. We are determined to renew our vows all over the world, and indeed had beloved friends whom we had never met at our festivities so perhaps you can be our “official” photographer for the next one in the Out Islands.

  14. What a beautiful wedding with beautiful people! Love the pink, black and white theme…especially on the kiddos’ sneaks. What fun! And the icing on the wedding cake day is to hear that Little is doing well, along with the others. Happy day!

  15. My husband was a wedding photographer. This was before digital. He would take an average of 16 rolls of film, develop them, arrange the negs. in sleeves, label them, arrange the proofs in books to be judged by the bride, groom, and family, often keeping them for a year or more. Then after their final decisions, arrange them in quality albums.
    On the day of the wedding he would be at the brides house by say 11 a.m. Carting 3 cameras, light stands, six-ft. backdrop and umbrella for bouce lighting–oh and lights too. Then to the church. Often having to deal with a prima donna official. Then to the reception. A place to park close to the hall a must for all his equipment–and rarely finding one. Parking always at a premium. He would get home by midnight or one o’clock, exhausted but wired.
    One time he had a broken ankle and had a wedding downtown. On crutches. I went with him for that one.
    He suffered a full cardiac arrest and survived only because he was going into a health club attached to a hospital. A woman saw him lying in the parking lot and alerted the health club personnel. This was 21 years ago.

    • Wheeu, your last paragrahp made me freezing… What a story. I hope he’s still alive healthy and happy!

    • I bet your husband took fantastic photos too, film was so much more special really, I do miss working with it – weirdly the blog has led me away from film as I do everything now for tomorrow. Being a wedding photographer is exhausting and such high stress.. clients can be so demanding.. I have done it years ago, now I prefer to take the candid shots like our header today – c

  16. What a beautiful bride! I love weddings, and your photos really capture the feel.

    Hooray for Little. I hope Boo-nanny gives him a reason to keep on trucking.

  17. Such happy and colorful wedding pics. And at last your rain has pulled back enough to have an outdoor event.
    And there happiness to know that Little has eaten more and is making some progress. Lots of prayers by many have been offered for him….and you.
    Summer is really upon us. It is to reach 100 degrees today with a heat index that is well past that and a good amount of humidity. The upside is that ponds and lakes are full again, grass is green everywhere during the part of the summer when we usually are having grass fires all around. Things in the garden and flowerbeds have not been themselves, however. Tomato plants are huge but with just a few blooms. Even with adequate water and sun the flowers are just not blooming and growing per usual either. A very unpredictable year. It makes my heart smile every time you post photos of your huge sunflowers.
    A peaceful Sunday to all at the Farmy and its community of friends.

    • Glad to hear you have green – Little is lucky we do not have your heat though, they have had a temperate few weeks.. raining today! which is nice for the garden.. c

  18. What a beautiful wedding! That handsome ring bearer doesn’t look too pleased to have his picture taken.

  19. I love every one of these photos! What a beautiful wedding day. (I may need a pair of those pink Chucks. 🙂 )

  20. By the time I get to the comments, everything has already been said. So I’ll just post a “DITTO”. Love, Gayle

  21. Same here Gayle Hoover…so ‘ditto 2’…..but I love all the tulle, the colours and the pink and black sneakers……wonderful!

  22. Beautiful bride, lovely pictures; a joyous time; wishing them many blessings; sounded like a great and blessed time.

  23. A lovely bride with eyes full of happiness . . .but those gorgeous kids feeling SO grown-up no doubt, do take the proverbial cake . . . Love those joyous chairs! Glad you were close enough to come and go and not have to leave your four-leggeds waiting for supper!!

  24. A fantastic day with lovely photos and joy supreme. I love them all, but what a delightful bit of whimsey with the tennis shoes. 🙂

  25. what lovely photos of such a happy day! And I’m kicking up my heels to hear how much better Little is. Good for you to have a bit of R and R!

  26. it’s the generations that always get to me when there is a joyful celebration. There is little better than 3 and 4 or more generations of family together, all smiles, sharing a wonderful time. You have such good friends to invite you to share the joy. What a glorious day, all the best to the bridge and groom for a happy future.

    Sorry to see Tomoyo go, perhaps we’ll see her again at some time in the future. With nobody there to be kitchen mama and take some of the work from your shoulders, don’t forget to take little breaks for yourself. Good job Little – keep improving!

    Chris S in Canada

  27. What a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. Isn’t that just the best place for a wedding, after all? A beautiful bride; and sending happily-ever-after wishes for them. I love the colorful and black-and-white bows on the chairs, elegant and festive. The girls in frilly dresses and sharp-dressed fellas make the day complete.

  28. I loathe the whole thing of wedding photography and you’ve shown how it should be done. At our wedding, some 40 years ago, a high proportion of the guests were photographers and I’m happy to say that no wedding pictures were taken at all..yet we’re still here and together:)

  29. You take as lovely a photo of human beings as you do of the animals on the farmy! The one of the older couple is my favorite.

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