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The Beach

For the last couple of days we have been at the beach in Cambria, California. We got a little motel room and in the morning while all the sleepy heads slumbered, I dressed and raced over the road to find the beach. My heart… Continue Reading “The Beach”


How to explain the breadth of my feelings about being home within breathing distance of my own family would be impossible. There are over 170,000 words in the English language but none of them will fully explain the drift down into softness that comes… Continue Reading “TO EXPLAIN”


Yesterday was hot again. Summer hat and sunscreen hot. But today is promising a cool, cloudy slow drift down from the Gypsy Summer heat and freedom for the new Brown Bobby.

I got close

But the day whipped past.  The boys  delivered the chickens to the abbatoir nice and early,  then while the Day Mother cleaned my endlessly busy kitchen we ran farm work until the hay started in the afternoon. It was a long day. We worked right into the… Continue Reading “I got close”

The Weary Way

Tomorrow I  begin The Weary Way. The retracing of my steps. The flights and fatigue that shadow dogs international travel. I love to travel. I even love being lost in airports and alone in crowded planes. But each hurried step I take pushes me  further… Continue Reading “The Weary Way”

Snippets of Joy

Weddings are a curious mixture of fraught and fun. In laws and Out laws. Old husbands and new husbands.  Step mothers and watchful ex wives. Smiles to hide fright. Smiles as manners. Smiles as snippets of  joy.  Smiles that are all eyes and no eyes… Continue Reading “Snippets of Joy”

Cameos from California

Actually more of a vignette, but cameo and California rolls off the tongue.. As we speak I am off out this morning to check all our animals on the farmy. c Tomorrow we will get ourselves all up to date on the farm. But… Continue Reading “Cameos from California”