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I think we have solved the mystery of the murdered chicken in the loft of the big barn. Boo found a possum in there yesterday evening. And grabbed it!


wet and soggy again


Yesterday was hot again. Summer hat and sunscreen hot. But today is promising a cool, cloudy slow drift down from the Gypsy Summer heat and freedom for the new Brown Bobby.

I am an immigrant

Yes, I am an Immigrant.   An expat- which is just a nicer word for an immigrant who still retains the passport of her birth country. ‘An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing, as an immigrant, in a… Continue Reading “I am an immigrant”

Is that you?

Do you ever look in the mirror and get a fright? Just a little fright. Just a small startle really. A widening of the eyes. Then you look again at the person in the mirror and think,  Oh Yes! There you are. It is… Continue Reading “Is that you?”

Ten days running

Bobby T the Dutch Belted/Holstein cross calf is only ten days old.  Such a strong vigorous boy. His favourite thing is to chase dogs.  It is amazing really how busy and strong these animals are right from birth and yet human babies who sit… Continue Reading “Ten days running”

Lady Astor

Yesterday we worked hard at getting Poppy’s farrowing quarters ready just in case.  Though I seriously think she will be going to her third date which is May 17. And while we were working hard in the barn I kept getting glimpses of  Lady… Continue Reading “Lady Astor”

The Little Queen

Yesterday for the first time since she gave birth to her little daughter Txiki, Alex stood at the gate looking at the other cows and mooed with longing to them. It was a long soft sound. She was ready to go out and join… Continue Reading “The Little Queen”

A little red kite

Yesterday Connor our second woofer joined the fold. It is a funny thing how a person begins an intense communication with me as they travel across the country and sometimes across the world to my little farm. As they get closer our txts and calls… Continue Reading “A little red kite”


Yesterday morning I went across to the West Wing to feed the four calves there and found that the little-ist one, who last week scoured so badly she was coating the walls in a bloody mess, was laid down shivering.  The nights have been cooler… Continue Reading “Harlequin”