How to explain the breadth of my feelings about being home within breathing distance of my own family would be impossible. There are over 170,000 words in the English language but none of them will fully explain the drift down into softness that comes as a woman swoops to the floor, dropping her bags and freeing her arms to receive three tiny flying child bodies. They were all released at the same shout of recognition and they cannon towards her, only her, hurtling across the airport terminal carpets, aimed straight for this woman. Their kin.

For some reason the greeting place through the final door of a long journey is infused with a kind of magic. Good magic. The magical abandon of children both disarms and nourishes.

It is Sunday morning now. The house is very quiet as everyone sleeps.

Only the wind from the sea whips up through the open windows.

Quieter here than the farm.

Love celi

35 Comments on “TO EXPLAIN

  1. No explanations needed about what it feels like from one ‘grammy’ to another! (From a grammy of 3, 1 of which is only an hour away and the other two are 3 hours away.)

    • Gorgeous photos. Beautiful words. They are simple words. Home. Family. It’s the spaces in between them, you can’t express, that have to be felt.

  2. Oh Celi!!! So very happy for you every time you go back home!!! I kinda know some of that feeling when I go to Germany to visit relatives!! Enjoy every moment!!

  3. All the joy and beauty of that language that you shared! You are right there may not be the words for that, but many of us understand that feeling of the joy of that reunion. The photographs are so beautiful and I hope you enjoy every minute of that time.

  4. It you did explain and I was carried away, lovely. Enjoy! ~Mame 😊

  5. I was so happy to see you made it in spite of the weather. I was watching for a post. I understand though I don’t have what you have. Grandchildren. There would be no words. Enjoy.

  6. What a coincidence! We Leave Taupo this morning for a two night stay at a sheep farm near Mangaweka. Then on to Wellington returning home to Arlington,VA Thursday night. Maybe we will run into you at a grocery store! Bud & Helen

  7. Oh my gosh, you took me back a few weeks in time when I went to pick my grandson and his mommy and daddy up at the airport for a week’s long visit. There are no words to explain that feeling when they run to your open arms. Have a wonderful time!


  8. The bones know their home soil and the heart its own country. I am child- and grandchild-less, and it is rare that anyone has ever met me off a flight, but I still felt the solid joy of a dear body flying towards me through your words. Hoki mai.

  9. Even after a day at school, that spontaneous greeting on return is wonderful. And when we meet them at the airport after their annual pilgrimage to Cape Town — I know exactly what you mean.

  10. Just let yourself go in your feeling-world . . . no explanations needed. Share precious time and love and enjoy every moment . . . warmest wished across the Trench . . .

  11. Aww, how sweet that they can love on you. And you back. And what a view! I know you will soak up every minute.

  12. A word….AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! THE SIGH OF EXHALING! Welcome home, Ceci! Breathe deeply as you inhale.

  13. I follow you, as we sometimes say, meaning I get it. Home and children. The beauty of it all. It would be nice too to follow along. But then I do, this way, gratefully,

  14. Even the simple word Love is not bold enough for that emotion.

  15. Hello C, I got an email note to say you had a new post, but it’s not on the blog. Just hoping it’s not something gone wrong with your website while you’re away?

  16. So you are HERE! What a moving and eloquent post. Have a beautiful homecoming. We think the weather has turned a little cool but for you it will be perfect. Those little grandchildren flinging themselves into your arms, what greater sweetness could there ever be. I know you will savour every moment.

  17. how about the word Karma Muta? “a positive emotion evoked by observing or actively taking part in a sudden intensification of a communal sharing relationship commonly accompanied by physiologic reactions including weeping, feelings of warmth and chills or goosebumps…and [which] motivates acting communally or altruistically.

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