I was working in the corridor field yesterday and spied this fat wee mouse, just outside Tima’s barn door. She was picking up tiny specks of grain and gobbling them down. It was cold and she shivered but persevered until Tima came rushing out and like a wink the mouse folded back into the wall of the big old barn.

Yesterday all the eaves were dripping much to the delight of the ducks. And though it did not get above freezing point, I was able to drag the hoses up from the basement and fill all the water troughs. Having all the cows waters filled is a very satisfying feeling.

The cows across the way received a new bale of hay. Del’s mob got their new bale on Thursday so she is still happily chomping.

I smelt a skunk walk past the bedroom window a little while ago. He is out early! It is not spring yet. Skunks are crepuscular – their favorite times of day are dawn and dusk. Minks are crepuscular as are fireflies. Though minks are nothing like fireflies. Imagine wearing a firefly like a hat. Coyotes are crepuscular. We heard coyotes last night too. But that skunk can just go back from whence it came – along with the mouse.

The full moon – a Snow Moon – was close and so bright yesterday evening I felt as though I had gone back in time. I hope the moon is still bright tomorrow night – it can light my way home.

I hope you have a lovely day. I am working for Jake today then back home to pack.

I will dig myself out early tomorrow and give myself lots of time to make it through the snow and ice to the airport. John will take me as far as the train and I will work my way North. The weather will be better further North. By the time the plane appears above me the sky should have warmed up and cleared.

Love celi


30 Comments on “A MOUSE AND A SKUNK

  1. I hope NZ summer has waited for you. Safe travels, happy landings and see you on the other side. Laura

  2. What a beautiful “wee sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, awa sae hasty.” (B. Burns) Lucky there was time for pix before Tima rushed out. Just last night my son & I were remembering old favorite of both our childhoods, Pépé Le Pew, & doing our best Charles Boyer accents, but “no one ever wanted to hang out with him.” And here he was just passing by your window, maybe still looking for l’amour. I know your butterflies are really fluttering about by now. Have a great direct flight from Chicago as we know you enjoy flying, a good thing since your flights are so long. Remember to move around a lot & Bon Voyage. (I am looking forward to the virtual NZ trip.)

  3. Our mice are gray and sleek-haired…I have never seen a brown, furry mouse.. I will have to look that up.
    I smelled the skunk last month here and we are seeing a lot killed on the road….after smelling one I looked it up and they say skunks mate in February and they spray to attract the females.

  4. As many barn cats as you have, I don’t suppose you host too many mice.
    I hope the skunk doesn’t live close. They are cute from a good distance but not in proximity. And of course are egg snatchers. My great aunt used to tell a hysterical story of her months long war with a skunk eating her chicken eggs. I don’t remember the particulars except the dog seemed to have gotten the worst of the war.

  5. I know that minks are not welcome neighbors when you have chickens, but have you seen the You Tube video about the fellow who uses trained minks to hunt and destroy rats? The poultry owner caged all his birds securely, up out of the way, then the rat hunter turned his team loose. A female mink and her partner, a dog. The mink hunted and chased rats with a vengeance (and a weird sort of joy) right into the dog’s jaws. She could follow the rats into their hidey holes. Amazing.

  6. I was fascinated how large and close the moon looked tonight. You call it a snow moon but I very much hope it doesn’t mean we get any here !

  7. The moon was so beautiful last night. Wishing you safe, easy and “comfortable” travel. I hope the weather cooperates.

  8. Travel safely, arrive in health, Miss C. Down Under, your gigantic snow moon has brought king tides on top of the massive tidal swell of TC Oma, currently lurking off Vanuatu but heading for Bundaberg eventually. From the forecasts it looks like New Zealand will be a bit windy on Sunday, but you should be safely hunkered down with your family by then.

  9. Kate and I both seem to have been keeping our eyes on ‘Oma’ – she has the latest observations and it seems to be coming ‘our’ way . . . so: a smooth flight and a very warm and happy homecoming !! Smiles and hugs and a real rest amongst the loved ones . . .

  10. That looks like a deer mouse. We had four that ended up living in a large old aquarium as pets, it was mouse heaven with a wheel and lots of food and fresh water. They were most entertaining. My spouse just couldn’t bear to kill them, hence their captivity. The skunk that lives in the little wooded plot was out walking the other evening, it just toddles up and down the alley of an evening. It seems strange having a skunk living in an area that is mostly pavement and apartment buildings. We’ve got a chipmunk that lives under the stairs too. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself.

  11. Safe journey and wishing you a restful and lovely visit. The mouse is adorable.

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