Pigs are reported to enjoy each other’s company but these two,Molly and Sheila, are not getting on at all even preferring to sleep in separate quarters.

Sheila the elder is the one being mean – yesterday she held Molly trapped in one side of the field for over half an hour, casually chomping on hay and then darting aggressively at Molly every time Molly tried to pass. Molly is quite terrified of Sheila too afraid even to drink the water on that side.

So after distracting Sheila so Molly could slip through and out the door and back to her side, I shut the new door. They can have a field each – Molly has chosen to sleep in the root cellar so there is no problem with them choosing to live apart.

Molly is pregnant, and being fearful every time Sheila comes over to her side would be detrimental. John will just have to manage two waters.

There is no way they are going to be friends and no point in forcing the issue. When I get back I will move the Six into the fields, clean out the farrowing pen and Molly will go in. At the moment Molly has a nice big field so will get lots of exercise.

Poppy on the other hand has settled in with Manu very nicely over on the West Side. In a little over two and a half weeks I hope they will start making babies.

There has been more snow of course.

In fact it is snowing right now. And snow is forecast tomorrow and into Wednesday morning. I can only hope now that it will not interfere with my travel plans. I hate to miss even a day.

All is in the hands of the weather gods now.


30 Comments on “NOT FRIENDS

  1. Sheila seems to be living up to that term “pig-headed” doesn’t she? Of course we all know that she is the queen, but she must learn to play nicely and not be a bully to her subjects.

  2. Poor Molly. Finger and toes crossed that the weather does not interfere with your travel plans.

  3. Poor Molly, Sheila wouldn’t be jealous would she? No, no this snow must be gone by Wednesday. Laura

  4. I feel sorry for Molly – I would imagine it might be down to smell and Sheila prefers Poppy’s eau de cologne. Soap dodgers aside, I have met people, very occasionally, who I’ve thought smelled unpleasant, but it wasn’t down to washing or perfume. I imagine it’s pheromones…

  5. Mean Sheila. Hope the babies arrive in a timely fashion and your trip home is a good one. No excitement needed on your return either. 🙂

  6. Hi! Have you finished your studies now are free to travel without that in the back of your mind? I made a comment way back when we were discussing recyclables, waste. etc. I said I rinsed my paper towels out and let them dry for re-use. Let me clarify – the ‘re-use’ is for wiping up gunky messes, dirt clods and mud, etc. The hub brings this in no matter how hard he stomps and wipes his shoes – those waffle treads just won’t let go! But no, I don’t re-use them for anything around food! If I gave that impression, I’M SORRY! I’ve been worrying my head about this ever since! Have a wonderful trip! Come back safely, warm, and refreshed!

  7. There is always a “peck order” with most creatures whether it be pigs, cows, chickens, cats and even the wild birds. When one gets very agressive to the point others can’t eat or live a happy life you have to make a change. Sometimes we have to make hard choices for the sake and safty ​of others in the herd… You may have to relocate Shiela or give her a new home.

  8. I adore Sheila. Always have always will. Even when she’s a mean old lady.

  9. That “I love Sheila. Always have, always will. Even when she’s a mean old lady.” comment was from me. I just forgot to sign in properly.

  10. Sheila and Molly may have a serious difference of opinion. I remember well when I spoke in Pig Latin during my elementary years in school. Many did not understand it. Those who did were quite off-hand about the deep meaning behind the words. Let us not be jumping to judgement here.

    • Actually a lot better than three weeks ago. My colorful diet did the trick – plus of course a couple of weeks alone and not having to prepare and eat meals at specific times . If I only eat when I am hungry it is not thAt often really.

  11. I imagine grumpy old lady Sheila has her own routines and preferences and doesn’t care for a rambunctious gossipy broad with a bun in the oven coming in and expecting a kindred spirit. Molly probably has the message by now, but sometimes people or creatures just aren’t meant to live together. Separate quarters sounds like the best solution. Good job you have the space.

  12. Oh my mind is quite elsewhere at the moment as far as you are concerned. Am holding fingers and toes crossed: a particular low pressure system has been playing havoc around the Coral Sea for a couple of weeks inundating Northern Queensland . . . it has now become a grade two cyclone still intensifying . . . some of the BOM models have it moving towards New Zealand by the weekend . . . well, for once U hope they are wrong and it heads down the Trench 🙂 ! Best with the final travel preparations . . .

  13. Can’t help but wonder if Sheila – being a maiden – is simply being a jealous bitch about Molly being once again “with child” while she is not…

  14. Your pigs always seem to have smiling happy content faces. Is this where the expression happy as a pig in poop derives?

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