I did write this page earlier but had some technical problems and had to take it down. So here are your New Zealand garden photos again!

My lost post was full of interesting details but never mind – tomorrow is another day and the sun is out here today!

Have a lovely day.


28 Comments on “THE GARDEN

  1. Is this your son’s totally renovated garden I see? I followed him in the early stages of the project but just didn’t have time to keep up. It looks amazing!

  2. Ahhh, that’s wonderful! Am embarrassed to say that I never knew how artichokes grew, and so now I do…lol. Beautiful garden and an inspiration for northern dwellers in February, thank you. ~ Mame. 🙃

  3. Glad you are back up on the internet with pix of the special garden that grew. I love the little one growing there too. Reminds me of myself (dark head of curls) in my Granny’s garden long ago, gobbling cherry tomatoes. sitting on her sun warmed concrete cistern with the big iron pump handle. Magical.

  4. I loved seeing that small elf in pink disappearing around the corner. All those huge plants towering over her must make it a magical place to wander in.

  5. OH that is a Mini-MissC walking on that path!!!!! Blond curls all in disarray! Wild and glorious! Lovely garden and my mouth is watering for an artichoke.

  6. Wow, Sams garden is wonderful. Cute little Pixie in it too. Tried to comment earlier but site kept booting me out. Laura

  7. Is this one drop meadows garden? Nevertheless it is so nice to see a lush garden right now! Have a wonderful vacation😊

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