One of the reasons I came across this side of the world was to witness my daughter graduating from the Victory Police Academy in Melbourne.

SO, today I left Wellington at 6am and with the help of my favourite airline – Air New Zealand – I glided across the ditch and arrived in Melbourne just in time to meet my eldest son who flew in from Canada and now we are esconced in my daughters house.

Delightfully my eldest son who is a Warden Service dog handler for Parks Canada( – in North America he would be called a federal peace officer.) He will be wearing his full dress uniform and will award my youngest child Sophie her badge in her full dress uniform and might all cry.

For the record: the term “peace officer” is used to describe anyone who has statutory law enforcement powers. The term police officer is used to describe a peace officer who works for a police agency. That being said, a police officer, deputy sheriff, state trooper, or constable are all peace officers.

While we waited for my daughter to finish school for my son and I wandered the streets of Kensington, Melbourne.

The little cottages are very sweet.

My daughters dog is called Tia. She is a very energetic and sweet rescue who does not trust men one tiny bit. But loves the couch.

Look at this cute little cottage.

Things are ok back on the farm but it is still very cold. The extreme cold is just not breaking out there. Hopefully soon.

Tomorrow is the graduation.

Talk soon!


31 Comments on “MELBOURNE AT LAST

  1. Congratulations to everyone. What a lovely family moment for you to be able to attend. Enjoy Melbourne. xx

  2. Glad to hear you’re having a nice time with your children!! Can’t wait to see the big special graduation!!! yes it’s cold here!!! 12 degrees in the morning and it’s windy ~~ brrr!! It’s 1AM now and I think I’ll hit the sack!! have a great time!!

  3. Welcome to Straya! Oh Celi, there MUST be photos! I’d love to see you included in a line-up, too, so we can see the family likeness. What a wonderful event; you must be bursting with pride, not only that your children are achievers but also that they have chosen to serve others in such important ways. I’m glad you’re not getting our weather down there; we’ve had a massive cloudburst, some of the last vestiges of TC Oma, gutters running ankle deep and downpipes with water shooting out horizontally with the pressure.

  4. Well done to your daughter. I bet you are so proud! 😀

  5. Congratulations to everyone. A great achievement for your daughter. Thank you for the photos too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of Melbourne. I love the cottages. Sorry to read about the cold in IL. Glad all are OK.

  6. Mazel tov! What a wonderful thing to be able to be there for your daughter, and your son’s involvement makes it even more special! Love the photos, particularly the little cottages amid the city.

  7. Enjoy the family time, and congrats for the graduation! Love that dog, she’s got kind eyes and a wonderful color

  8. So wonderful Celi!!! And what a fabulous reunion and special time with your eldest and youngest! So exciting!
    I just returned from a month in Amazing Thailand, where I used to live and work, and have been thrust back into the deep freeze here! 😦
    Now my mantra is “Spring is just around the corner…” and it’s just got to be true!!! The Farmy should have a warm-up in the next couple of days! 🙂
    Finger crossed!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. How lovely & wonderful for all of you. How full of pride & happiness you must be. Congratulations to your daughter. Maybe your son can convince Tia there are some good men & she should get off the couch & come out & play. Very cold here too in North Carolina where spring was already trying to “bust out”. Too soon, alas.

  10. Congratulations. I’m so thrilled that you are having s wonderful moment with some of your brood. A proud moment indeed.
    Stay happy and thank you for the lovely pics.

  11. You will be crying while bursting with pride tomorrow, I am positive. Sure hope IL warms up before you return. Glad to read all well on the farm. Congratulations. Laura

  12. Very happy for you and your extraordinary family. So glad your eldest son was able to be there for such a milestone in your life and your daughter’s life.
    I love Tia too. And the charming cottages and homes.
    God knows you aren’t missing anything back here. The weather has been terrible and promises to continue to be more of same. Enjoy yourself and lovely family too!

  13. How great for your oldest to be there and to be involved in your youngest achievements. I was beginning to worry. I hadn’t heard from you in a few days but I worked the Matriarch’s post office yesterday and she filled me in. You are busy! A little warmer here today. Supposed to reach 30. May be 45-50 by the time you arrive back here. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  14. Congratulation to your daughter on her graduation and may she have a long and effective career as a peace officer. It’s lovely to see both your children again. You must be so proud of them and their dedication to helping others.

  15. A wonderful proud mumma reason to be in beautiful Melbourne. I grew up in a cottage just like the one pictured, in Kew, just across the city to the east from you! Have a great time there.

  16. Congratulations to your daughter and hugs all round to you and your family!

  17. Congratulations to your daughter and your son pinning her makes it an extra proud family moment. Delighted you both could be there. And yes, there should be tears. Happy to hear all is well back home.

  18. Huge congratulations to Sophie . . . . absolutely unreal that your oldest, and in full uniform at that, will be able to pin your youngest.! You don’t need to have the tears photographed but since both of the kids have been on your blogs – please, photos, please !!

  19. The others have said it all, Ceci, but please know that my thoughts and heart are with you all! What a memory maker!

  20. I think crying is a requisite at the moment your son gives your daughter her honors. 🙂

    That adorable house looks like ones around here (OH/KY/IN) that we call Shot Gun Homes. I believe they are called that because you could shoot a bullet through the front door and it will go out the back. All the rooms in a row. They’ve become very popular rehabs.

  21. Oh those photos were so familiar. I live in Ascot Vale, the next suburb, and travel past these buildings regularly. I hope the ceremony was full of pride and love and happiness!

  22. Hope you have plenty of tissues – I’d be in a right old state! Hopefully your son, with his doggy expertise, might win Tia around?

  23. A big Congratulations to you and your family, you must be so proud. What a lovely trip to NZ. You must tell us more about your favourite airline. We just endured 8+ painful hours on our return from the UK, but also endured a few intercontinental flights of slightly shorter lengths. It always amazes me that there are minimum space requirements for animals that fly in carry cases but sadly not for humans in seats; they squeeze us into the most smsllest of seats with the tiniest space for legs. And don’t get me started on the inconsiderate slobs with way too many carry-ons!

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