Says it all I think.

Maybe this one as well but don’t tell daughter!

Nothing like a little celebratory champers before going out for a celebratory dinner.

That is all for the moment.

We are off out for breakfast!


27 Comments on “JUST THE ONE

  1. Congrats, and I’m sure it meant so much to both of you that you were able to attend. She looks snazzy in that uniform.

  2. She’s so like you! Put blond hair on her instead of dark and I might be looking at you, in that photo at any rate. What a gorgeous moment too, both your clever, handsome children in their uniforms, and you there to witness it all. I bet there was a tear or two of pride…

  3. Wonderful! Happiness! Glowing warmth! Achievement and pride of effort! Joy! The pictures show it all!

  4. That does say it all – How proud your firstborn in his Mountie’s hat must have been to be there . . . how happy your daughter to have two formal handshakes on a very special day ! . . . Interesting that the Victorian Police Academy does their pinning indoors whilst the NSW one in Goulburn has a huge outdoors ceremony . . . oh, congratulations and hugs to all three after the occasion . . .

  5. Cheers and congratulations to you all! Such a fantastic moment. Iโ€™m so glad itโ€™s captured forever!
    Hope you enjoyed the bubbly and breakfast!

  6. Can your โค๏ธ be any fuller…I think not!

  7. Great moment captured, your daughter looks so happy and your son so proud. I’m sure you all enjoyed yourselves. Keep having fun!!

  8. A great moment in your family. You have handsome children and it’s great to see them accomplishing their dreams.

  9. What joy!! Well done and congratulations! Beautiful family

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