The air and skies are thick with gloomy thundery rain this morning – my first morning back on the farm after a busy couple of weeks in Australasia. However I am raring to go and enthusiastic about getting this season’s farming underway back here on the farm in Illinois.

There is a lot to do.

Everyone is looking happy and healthy. But the barns are in desperate need of cleaning out. I need to get ready for piglets and calves.

Tia is definitely developing an udder and is pregnant for sure. Aunty Del, as usual, is playing her cards close to her chest.

Molly the sow is also not giving anything away either. But none of them have due dates this month.

Today I will begin to clean out the farrowing pen and in a few days I will swap the Six into the field then Molly will come out of the field and into the farrowing pen.

I need to order feed and more straw and hay.

More on that tomorrow! Suffice to say I am BACK ON THE FARM and the Kitchen’s Garden daily farm journal blog is back in action.

See you tomorrow!


55 Comments on “BACK ON THE FARM

  1. Welcome Home C! Your two old, rusty, barrels reminded me of my friend…not the barrels but what he did with them :)…he cut the top half off( where a rim is) and used the bottoms for planters in his yard. They actually look really cool planted up with a mix of plants with some spilling over the edge. Free, rustic, recycled flower or veggie containers! 🙂

  2. Yes, missed you here too and it’s always good to see your postings. Interesting to see your snow is gone, while we still have lots with tons of treacherous ice… but this too shall pass away before long. With the lengthening days and daylight savings time it’s well after 7pm when darkness comes, you KNOW spring is very close.
    With all the babies coming, sounds like you’ll have a full house over the summer… and loads of fresh milk! ~ Mame 🙃

  3. Oh welcome home, l’m sure l’m right in saying that we have ALL missed you.
    Hope you had a good time with your family.

  4. Yes yes welcome back! I was getting worried. So happy to see the critters all! They must have missed you plenty!

  5. Welcome home Miss C, I am so glad you got that trip and family time.. Wow, you had such melting in your area, I am buried under so much snow and just got another five inches yesterday..

  6. Autumn coming this side, looking forward to spring on the farm with you. Welcome home. Laura

  7. Welcome! Glad you made it back in time for the wind and rain! 😁

  8. May I add my Welcome Home” too?! As with the others, I missed you big time – kinda left a big black hole in my ‘puter screen and no one to drink coffee with, or to laugh, cry, or admire photos with. So GLAD you’re back!! Your family s well, I trust?

    • You are not wrong – I immediately start saving for my next trip- though I have to say it is not much of a holiday- I should TAKE a holiday after visiting with my children- though – I am refreshed!

  9. Welcome home! I’m glad you had a wonderful time with your family – that is something very important. Everyone looks fit and healthy and I’m sure they’re happy you’re back.

  10. My word, that Jude is becoming a fairly chunky young person… I’m glad new life is brewing on the Farmy, another year, another batch of babies to enjoy. It’s great to hear you were so happy and busy with your family, but we’re all glad to have you back 🙂

  11. Glad all the landings have been happy. Glad you sound full of energy Glad all well on the farmy preparing for a burgeoning spring family.. OK: am different as usual – was happy every day you could not post – would have loved to see you gone a wee bit longer: we have no ‘right’ to you . . . just the desire to wish you well . . .

    • Thank you. Though John would have pulled his own hair out if I was away longer. He passed the baton and hightailed it back to his workshop in a big hurry this morning. He does not like being the farmer.

      • *sort’of’smile* Hmm – an interesting scenario for the years to come . . . .big hugs . . .

  12. It’s fantastic to have you back!
    I flew south yesterday – the weather was almost the same as London, but today the Spanish sun shone and we ate outside this evening (though it was slightly chilly in a cotton jacket). I did marvel at the sight of local organic broad beans and strawberries in the shops.

  13. It’s wonderful to have you safely back. Spring is in full bloom here. The trees are leafing out, and the migrations are going on. The swallows are here again, and every day now I see geese heading north. They’re on their way to your place — keep an eye out!

  14. I’m sure all your menagerie is glad to have you back! The sand hill cranes have come back and we’ve had a mega melt the last 24 hours, water standing everywhere and the river at breakneck speed. Maybe spring really will come.

  15. I see a Dodge Challenger in one of the photos. John does have the toys. Beautiful collection.

  16. I’m sure your menagerie is happy to have you back. The sand hill cranes are back here and a mega melt today – water standing everywhere, maybe spring really will come!

    • AARGH, I don’t know why this posted twice and as anonymous to boot!

  17. Glad to see the Bomb Cyclone didn’t impeded your return. Roberto flew back from Austin TX yesterday straight through it. He told me it was a horribly bumpy flight from Austin all the way to Newfoundland, after which it was smooth sailing, until bumpy London. Here in Milan, smooth skies. Ah flying. Can’t live without it. I love the rich colors under grey skies.

  18. The animals must be so happy to see you back, and with all that fertility going on it will be an exciting Spring I’m sure.

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