For us New Zealanders. For us of the world. Though sad, the word, is not enough. Outrage. I feel sick. It was all about hating immigrants. Hating those with another faith. Fearing that which we do not understand. Blind hate that could have been cured by honest ordinary curiosity. People used as cannons fueled with evil words.

And I have no good words. It is all too medieval. Too awful. My head is down in shame at what has happened in my own home country. My cousins and nephews and nieces having to hide inside their homes and locked down in their schools quick dialing me across the world that there are shots, we are ok.

But may the Gods have mercy on us all.

I am so sorry for us all. And for what will come next. If someone had shot my family in their house of worship while they were on their knees in prayer … I dread to think of my response.


40 Comments on “A SAD DAY

  1. Dear Celi… I am in Sao Paulo at the moment, and we had a shooting just a couple of days ago that shook the nation. I was already feeling like humans don’t belong anywhere, a cruel, horrible species without any respect for life.

    now I woke up to this. On the other side of this beautiful planet, the exact same violence, senseless, pointless, completely horrific

    I hear you, and I feel your pain.

    • You know, Sally, humans DO belong here. God—the One, True, Triune God—put us here. The trouble for us is the He gave us free will to choose Him, who is all and only Good, or evil. People CHOOSE evil and do much unspeakable damage to other humans and in the end to themselves. But most of us humans choose Good and Love. I pray that all the souls of those who died will spend eternity in heaven with God. Those of us good people left will comfort those who are suffering immeasurably and choose GOOD. THE DEVIL ULTIMATELY LOSES, but in the meantime we have to bring as much GOOD as we can to the world while we are alive. There are many, MANY more good people than evil ones. The devil likes us to believe that evil is winning, but as always, he is wrong.

  2. So saddened to hear about this appalling tragedy. I’m so sorry that the people of NZ have been traumatised in such a brutal way. May your loved ones be safe. Our thoughts are with you all.

  3. It was hard to sleep last night. I thought of you and yours, and of a friend living in Christchurch. I was sickened by what happened, but enraged by some of the responses I saw on social media, which had its own, negative role to play in the events. We have to stop allowing others to divide us, no matter how high or low in rank they may be.

  4. Hate. A blinding madness that seems to be contagious. A far step away from what it is to be human instead of animal. Shoreacres is right. May strength and courage find each today.

  5. Are we not all the same under the skin? Do we not all bleed the same blood, feel the same pain, live and die the same? I cannot understand what makes someone feel these actions are justified, necessary… We are better than this. I am grateful for your innocent creatures, who do not spout ugly rhetoric or kill each other for some perceived difference of ideology.

  6. Cruel and totally unnecessary and undeserved by the NZ nation. Laura

  7. I did not hear about this until this morning. I have never understood how some can hate so blindly. Unfortunately, this was not a surprise, just maybe a little more shocking because we do not hear of such things coming from NZ. So glad to hear that all your family is safe.

  8. I am so very, very sad today. I don’t understand the world anymore. The hate, the anger, the violence that never stops, that permeates everything, everywhere. What has happened to us? Humanity…does that even still exist? What kind of a world have we created for our children?

  9. I hadn’t been listening to radio or on social media today, so your words are all that more shocking. Why is “do unto others” such a difficult thing to understand? Although written in many different languages, it is the common thread that ties all religions together… If they would just listen. Ignorance is the enemy. Love conquers all. So please, show your love to others; not just today, but especially today and all days.

  10. We didn’t hear about this until just now. Very sad for the “human “ race.

  11. Will this insanity ever end?? There are haters loose all over the world. It hurts my heart too. But you did not do this or condone it. You brought your children up to love and be kind. We will all keep trying to bring peace back into the world. I just don’t know how other than to be that.

  12. Unbelievable news. New Zealand is so beautiful and peaceful. Thinking of those poor families dealing with their loss and some … not even knowing if their family member is okay.

  13. And how many Christians and Jews have been killed by Muslims? This is not about immigrants, This is a war between Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

  14. I am so sorry and also ashamed that our world has come to this.
    Our own family through marriage has Chinese, Iranian and Serbian. It’s so marvellous that this Italian immigrant of the 50s hmnow has such a rich heritage.
    My heart goes out to you and your family. I am praying for you and all New Zealanders.
    Peace and well being,

  15. Yes, Cee we are reeling from the shock of this happening in our peaceful corner of the world. I am glad that your family is safe as are my two grandsons both of whom live in Christchurch. There is no place here for folk to be locked down in their offices for hours on end. Jacinda Ardern had it right when she said this is not who we are.

  16. Your last line is so very poignant, people targeted, killed, injured, terrified… were someone’s family, and fellow human beings going about life on this earth.

  17. This man-made catastrophe tears my heart. It’s times like these that make you want to gather your children and grandchildren about you, hold them close and protect them while you make some sense out of this chaos. My heart aches for those who have been so aversely affected by this – that means All of Humanity!

  18. I can not accept the level of hatred all these acts of murder, terror and horror show. I keep hearing it’s about “race” except there is NO GENETIC basis for race, it was invented to enforce the superiority of “white Christians” and has been beaten into the cultures and societies of this sorry world that “race” is a true fact. It is the insistance that what is different is more important that what is shared. We all are related, we homo sapiens, but refuse to be the Wise Knowing Man we’re named for. I’ve heard it since I was little. That person is DIFFERENT. They don’t believe what you do, they don’t look the same as you, their hair is light, dark, straight, fuzzy, their skin is lighter, darker, they are a threat to you and yours, they’ll take your place, your food, make you change what you believe. It is so wrong, it’s a lie which has been told so often it’s believed as truth. We are killing our cousins, members of our families. This latest horror is just another example of the lie being believed and innocent human beings died for the maddness of another human being. The media will whip this as far as they can, churn the hatred, reinforce the differences, and it won’t solve anything. In some ways the access to a worldwide audience has only exacerbated these kind of actions. I can only try and remind those I know that the lie really is a lie, that we should accept other people as they are, that they really are not a threat to us in any way, that we should treat others as we would like to be treated, that we should love them as the family members they actually are as we are all members of the human family.

  19. The farmy residents in the photographs, worried and confused as I am, are looking for answers. Like them, we can they stay close to each other and hope.

  20. Aquila has said it all. A mentally disturbed country boy from my state in Australia managed to disturb the peace and stability of a beautiful country and . . . . and what he has done in this 24/7 world is to bring more hate and more division – unless we all quietly sit back and think as almost all writing above have done and acknowledge it is up to each and every one of us to take responsibility and turn this ignorant hate around . .I was a boat person, I was shot upon, bombed, threatened, almost child-raped many times – I was a refugee, I was an incomer to a country totally ignorant of my background. But I has a white-skinned face and, as a Lutheran, was accepted as a Christian and I was given a chance . What chance have many like me in today’s world if fate and genes have deemed them to LOOK different to those ignorant . . . I weep . . . .

  21. I have few words, other than to say I don’t understand that kind of hate. It makes no sense to me. When I heard there was a slight connection to the Mosque shooting in Quebec I simply felt sick.

    I have no way to make the world better except to be kind and promote kindness in any small way I can find.

    Chris S in Canada

  22. I was still awake last night when I heard this dreadful story, and my mind flashed to you, knowing your personal ties. The tragedy has been on my mind and heavy heart all day. There really are no words, but I see us all as part of a broken and bereaved human family. So painful, Celi.

  23. Sometimes I just have to hate humans, no matter what their views, religion or country. We are so flawed. And when all the flaws coalesce into one human it’s a nightmare.
    I’m glad your family is safe and wish I could say the same for hundreds of people now morning. It’s awful. So wrong. The world is broken and we keep pretending the pieces are just the silverware and china set.

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