Here are a few pictures I took on the wedding day.

The girls dressed in a little cottage on site. We rented this venue for the weekend and all stayed in and around the house. The big house, the cottage and the shearers quarters, all jam packed!



The girls shoes and the boys shoes. In New Zealand you remove your shoes before going into a house.

We have a tradition in my family that the groom and his men wear very odd odd socks.


I did a speech.  It was a collection of telegrams from some of our family who could not be there.  It was a good speech I think.

Married. Of course there are more beautiful pictures but they are up to the bride and groom to release.

Tomorrow my daughter and I will jump into our considerably lighter rental car and we will drive back to Wellington. She leaves for Aussie on Tuesday and I follow suit on Wednesday. Almost time to go home. Almost.

New Zealand farm pictures next! I have found a whole herd of Dutch Belted cows just out of Wellington and hope to take some shots of them too.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on another farm,


39 Comments on “Colour

  1. I love the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses- some of my favorite hues in there!

    Glad your trip sounds like it is going smashingly well 🙂 New Zealand will miss you when you go home!

  2. Thank you so much,Celie, for letting us share your wonderful family wedding. That colour is my favourite, and my stepdaughter was married in deep turquoise, with the men in turquoise silk waistcoats and ties. There couldn’t be a happier picture than that last one!

    We take our shoes off, too – a habit we learned in Seychelles where every house has a line of flipflops and sandals at the door.

    • beautiful colours aren’t they and the girls just chose a dress they liked and brought it to the wedding.. very simple and varied.

  3. This is beginning to sound like a chorus, but I do LOVE the tones chosen by the girls for their dresses. And the natural posy is perfect. The whole day sounds perfect.

  4. That row of shoes looks like my back door step! It’s an Aussie habit too… What a beautiful wedding it must have been, and what a lavishly gorgeous colour theme!

  5. Odd odd socks, that sounds like a typical family tradition for a family like yours. I have an English friend who wears very strange brightly coloured bold clothes, even to a wedding.. lovely different blues for bridesmaids that is different to….. Look forward to being back in the Farmy…I am very eager to get there

  6. I love the colours of the bridesmaid dresses blue is such a pretty colour, and all the lavender in the garden looks fab. I’m going to plant lots more of it this year x

  7. Just liking this post is not enough. I LOVE It. From start to finish. I love the colors, the views, the socks, the fun that is translated through simple pictures. What a lovely day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Beautiful dresses in a beautiful place. Celi, where do all your children live …..Australia , New Zealand, California?

  9. I will forward this post to our artist friend Dominique (who stayed with us many times while she was at the arts university nearby) who will be getting married in our woodlands next October. I think she has something simple like this planned – her friends choosing dresses, cooking here for festivities after, an outdoor event. I love the odd socks tradition! These photos are so lovely. I do hope we’ll see more of the nuptials photographs. I’m excited for you to be home again. I think we are all missing the farmy activity… but oh what a lovely trip we’ve all been on with you. Thank you for including us! 🙂

  10. Beautiful images of a happy day. The colors and flowers speak to the happiness and free spirit. Would love to see a pic of your son and his bride from the front! 🙂

  11. Just beautiful C. You are so lucky to have another beautiful daughter in law!
    Can’t wait to get back to the farmy though and see what’s been going on!
    Squeeze every last bit of love out of these last few days.

  12. Feel exactly the way the others feel: grateful for the peek into a whole different world yet anxious to get back to the critters all.

  13. Love the colors; I love your points of view. Loved the photo of the bride and groom, their backs, arms slipped in together; dear, dear photo; I wish them a splendid life!

  14. Echoing everyone else…love the blues, a much better idea for each to choose the colour and style that suits them, instead of all the bridesmaids being stuffed into peach satin! Love the bride in her flat sandals and glam gown. Shoes get left outside here too, I learnt to do this in India, when you never know what you’ll bring indoors on your shoes. Looking forward to seeing the herd of Dutch Belteds. I’m missing Boo and the others, but won’t wish you home again just yet, you still have much mama loving to do.

  15. Well, I for one would have loved you to have had another week in New Zealand but what must be must be! Love the offbeat photo gallery . . . the happy relaxed atmosphere travels well!!! The ‘shoes off on entry’ is oft used in my neck of the woods also . . . . .

  16. Love the colours of the dresses, and they clearly had beautiful weather – though the hills do look dry. It sounds a very happy event, well worth travelling for. Take a big breath of warm air before you plunge back into the cold of the farm.

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