In the country!

Yesterday was my son’s wedding day.  It was extraordinary. I have many pictures from that day but while they all percolate in the machine, I have a few shots here from the day I arrived.  I was going to send you these yesterday morning but GOODNESS the day got away on me.  I  have been feeding the guests and the wedding party since I arrived here at 2pm on Friday.  It is been very successful but intense, endless prep and present, so this morning (Sunday)  I am taking the day off, the English contingent are in charge of food today. So I am quite literally sitting in bed, writing to you.

My feet hurt from that dancing last night. HURT. I threw my heels in the caterers bin as I left the venue and wore my daughters bright green jandals  for my midnight walk from the barn back through the sprawling country garden.  I followed the little solar lights through the old orchard, listening to the rumbles of laughter of my children behind me. We walked under an incredible star lit night with a sliver of a moon threaded in to the dark, dangling like the silver earring of a dancing girl.  As we brushed through the lavender at the steps of the big old house our senses shone with the sharp cut of perfume. And came home.

Home is not a place. It is the scent of a New Zealand night floating through the sound of the people. My people. Where there is home there is joy albeit sitting next to the sharp taste of loss – but mostly joy.

My coffee has arrived. Black and strong. Delivered by my son’s childhood friend. They are all here and though they are all taller and hairier it is like we are all young again. I am The Mother again. The lazy mother this morning.

Here are your first images. the-country-house-006

I may break one of my rules and post again later today with a few shots of the wedding.  I will load them shortly and see what we have. the-country-house-004

The Local Hotel.

Here is the house.

This afternoon I am going to walk the New Zealand contryside with Camera House.  There are cows here.

Speaking of cows, the vet sent me a message and Queenie is not pregnant. So when I get home we will look for a new home for her. And being the farm y-  sad news is often bracketed with the good stuff. Yesterday Lady Aster arrived. Jake took a picture for us with his cell phone. Here she is. lady-astor

Munching on hay after her long trip.  Jake said she is much friendlier than Elsie, eating out of his hand. From here she looks bigger too. Do you think? Hard to tell from this distance!

For now I am going to stay in bed in the  sunrise bedroom of this big country house and just be quiet for a while and listen to the the house and the sounds of the country floating in through my huge sash window.  It is warm, sunny and cloudless. Beautiful.

Love your friend in the country



52 Comments on “In the country!

  1. Not having the best day here in Virginia, so thank you for this post full of joy and beauty. Mark my words, this will be your line of the year: “Home is not a place. It is the scent of a New Zealand night floating through the sound of the people.” GORGEOUS.

  2. The week and wedding sound wonderful! And so does a morning relaxing, writing to us, and having coffee delivered to you in bed. Just love it!!! Lady Aster looks lovely! Did she arrive pregnant, by any chance? Continuing relaxing, dancing, and having big fun!!! xoxoxo

  3. How poignant the image of the farmy’s new cow following the New Zealand ones!

  4. sounds like a beautiful time at the wedding ~ can’t wait for all the pictures! and coffee in bed ~ way to go Celi! take advantage of it ~ I never hear you talk about such service at home!!! Maybe you should put that on the farmy application: must serve coffee in bed to Celi once a week! Can the farm survive without Queenie? Boo and Ton will be lonesome! Enjoy your family ~ and New Zealand!

  5. i compared the sunny day in new zeland to the winter day on the farmy,i think i would try to stay a few days longer in the sunny place surrounded by your children

  6. So, so much wonderful in this post…from the obvious delight you are experiencing, to the pictures of older buildings and country homes. Who in the world named Lady Aster? I love that name. While it is impossible to be anything but sad that Queenie must have a new home, it is understandable when we take the time as readers to remember that your purpose is not to house a farm full of pets, but to produce and sustain and grow.

  7. Oh, what lovely images of a warm and far-off place. Your home. Wonderful. And wonderful to have Lady Aster join your family. Love the photos!

  8. Oh the beauty and old-world charm of the hotel and the house. Just lovely. The description of being Mother again. Love it! And sore feet from dancing. That’s a new one! Not to mention coffee in bed. Well, wait a minute. John does bring you coffee in bed, if I recall correctly. Yes! Only it’s around 4:30 a.m.
    I’m sorry to hear about Queenie. It’s so hard to be attached to each. Maybe she’ll be happier surrounded by men, males, I should say. Some of us are, you know. And Lady Aster–how interesting she’s so much more friendly than Elsie. Gosh, they sure are individual! She does look bigger, pregnant, even. Now I’m going to have to look up exactly who Lady Astor was.

  9. At least the white board can be erased now. Time for a more relaxed fun with everyone, I hope. Lady Aster. I love the name and she is beautiful. I’m so sorry about Queenie.

  10. What a lovely place for a wedding! I’m happy they’ve let you rest this morning. ha When we moved away from our son, I almost could not bear having him leave when he would come for a visit or leaving when we would go back home for a visit. Bitter-sweet those visits. Happy you got a few twirls in. Can’t wait to see the pictures! xoxo April

  11. I am SO glad you have sore feet: what a wonderful sign of a memorably happy night! And coffee in bed! And bright blue skies over a scene which could have come straight from Australian countryside also . . . . so glad all went well . . . enjoy each and every hour left!!!! Lady Aster is a handsome addition to the farmy and pretty preggers by the look of it!!!!!!

  12. Lovely photos. And your new cow shares Naomi’s middle name, Aster. We use the Ethiopian pronunciation of ass-tear instead of the English pronunciation Aster, like the flower.

  13. Sad about Queenie, but the farmy goes on with Lady Astor. We like her! So lovely for you to be with your children in your…and their…childhood home. Reminds me of a favourite Shakespeare sonnet:
    Thou art thy mother’s glass and she in thee.
    Calls back the lovely April of her prime.
    Enjoy every precious moment and please break rules!!! 😀

  14. The weather gods have blessed you and the wedding. Such beautiful clean light, and I can almost smell your New Zealand night from the description. About time you had a lazy morning, C, well deserved and not before time. I’m sorry we have to say goodbye to Queenie, but the Farmy is not a petting zoo, and like all of us, the cattle have a job to do… Lady Astor has presence, and that thick winter coat of hers is a sign of good health. It’s an excellent sign. If she’s an ex-showing cow, she’ll be used to being handled and groomed, so she’ll be a lot less skittish than Elsie. Perhaps she’ll calm her down… I’m so looking forward to seeing edited wedding highlights whenever you’re ready to share.

  15. That’s a strange looking cow! Perhaps one of its stomachs isn’t functioning right 😉 Congrats on the wedding, and enjoy the rest of your time there! Aloha.

  16. Congratulations to all! A wonderful party by all accounts and enjoy your lazy day. Laura

  17. Such a happy post. I’m glad you’re having a small rest – you must be in need of it after all that excitement and activity. Poor feet.
    Welcome to the Farmy, Lady Astor and your calf to be. Your name gives you a lot to live up to – the first woman MP was quite a character.
    ViV xoz

  18. shame about poor Queenie but business is business and must produce something…I am pleased that you are having such a great time enjoying your family. The photos of the Hotel and the house look beautiful. Just the sort of house that I would like to have.
    Lady Astor has settled well and she does look a very lovely cow….Have fun and enjoy your day of rest

  19. I am so pleased you have a day to let these wonderful memories float and settle into the recesses of your mind with no need to pack them in a suit-case! Good news about our in-calf Lady Astor, May she provide milk for many a year to come! In the meantime, enjoy the walk with the New Zealand cows.

  20. Percolating pictures, sounds like getting a film developed.I know Tom Astor – Lady Astor used to be his mum 😉

  21. Ohh sounds like you all had such a lovely day! What a wonderful house and garden. I love the name lady Astor x

  22. I watched that same silver moon while I was out at the bach. Magical. So you are being Mother again, and when you get back to the farmy you’ll be Mother to all the animals. Good that you are having a day of rest. It all sounds wonderful.

  23. It sounds like you earned a bit of a slow morning. 🙂 Enjoy every minute! Sad about Queenie.

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