Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips on the Beach.

Nothing better on a beachy sunny day.

Today we drive off into the country to set up the venue for Senior sons wedding. Lots to do yet!


Life is good.


Love your friend,






36 Comments on “Fish and Chips

  1. I can feel the heat of that sunshine on my back all the way over here, Celi.

    Safe travel and enjoy the setting up as the excitement builds. Memories, memories, memories galore!

  2. Ooh wow. That list is IMPRESSIVE. And the surroundings are breathtaking. I believe you New Zealanders got an extra shot of natural beauty. Can’t imagine what would be better than eating fried fish (a huge weakness of mine) in that location.

  3. At least there are several things crossed off the white board. Gorgeous beach shots. Looks like a lot of fun, family, food and the ocean. Enjoy!

  4. As soon as I saw the title, I was reminded of the Fish and Chips shop across the street from my Primary School where it was a special treat to get Flake and a bundle of chips wrapped in a newsprint sheet for a school lunch. There is nothing like it in the States. Thanks for the memory.
    Even though there looks to be a lot to do, I hope you have fun on the next part of your trip.

  5. Such a tonic in old January to look at your beautiful photos. I too can feel the warm sun & sea breeze just looking. Fish & chips takes me back to my unforgettable first taste one autumn evening in a lighted stand by the sea wall in Felixstowe, England, with my pen pal of 10 yrs (we were 20 then & meeting for the first time as I visited on my way to France & a year at the Sorbonne). The crispy fish -about an hour out of the sea- was wrapped in newspaper, the chips crunchy earthy, the condiments salt & vinegar,….all I could do was roll my eyes & Eat, sitting on the wall, watching the lights of Ostend glittering across the breaking waves. Amazing treat to this very day. Thanks for evoking the memory! Have some glorious fun times & tastes to remember down the years, Celi.

  6. Love the “Saturday – Holy Shirt” to do item. And the one just labeled “cheese. Oh and the Tally People in Cars, Tally Stuff in Cars.

    That person is a natural project manager!!! Hugs and well wishes for a long, happy, “organized” life together……

  7. Sooooo happy you got to the beach!!!! What a marvelous day!!! And very, very exciting to see so much crossed off the list! I just love crossing things off a list after they’ve been completed! Very rewarding!!! Big hugs to you and all your family! xo

  8. You all look like your having fun. games on the beach can’t beat it. I love fish and chips from the fish and chip shop, love their chips! Lovely from the north of England as they fry the fish in beer batter x

  9. Love that photo of girl plus flowers plus list. Amazingly wonderful photo. But so are the beach photos, the fish and chips, the gulls…all lovely. So glad you’re there in the warmth. You so deserve this sunny break with the family. (I’m so glad I get to be there too) 😀
    Saturday Holy Shiiirt Batman; 81 adults normal, 6 adults vegan, 1 adult gluten free! Looking forward to Saturday. Big calming hugs to the max. 😀

  10. Fish and Chips … and organised chaos 🙂 Everything looks to be running as it should. Laura

  11. Fish n chips by the water is the best way to have them. First thing I do when I get to Swanage is get some fish n chips and sit by the water and gaze at the cliffs and boats. Improves the flavour!

  12. My beautiful calendar picture this morning was from Riverton, NZ on the South Island. Made me think of you. Beautiful blue water.

  13. Tangible evidence that you are getting some balance of play & wedding prep. The fish & chip photos are delightful. The pic of the whiteboard is a great memento of the Big Day. I love lists because I love the satisfaction of crossing stuff off them.

  14. Bursts of laughter at the moment looking at that whiteboard 🙂 ! Oh, I totally relate and always function in the same way and so agree with those who say the best part is drawing a line thru’ tasks accomplished!!!!! Should not be so untactful but glad to see most of the guests qualify under the ‘normal’ heading 😀 !! And the water views and beach pics are priceless. Hope Sophie got there well and happy!!!

  15. It looks like a lot of things are marked off the list. I hope it was warmer, it looks like it might be.

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