September in pictures

September heaved with tears.  And change. Good and dreadful. But it is an important month to commemorate.  A vale of tears  – a valley – a journey we took together. So, here are my favourite pictures from September.

Somehow these got completely out of order, but I know you will forgive me. A girl needs her sleep.

Yesterday I bought  (for some cash and frozen farm fed chickens)  75 bales of good green alfalfa hay. By the time they were all stacked into the two barns my muscles were jumping. By this time of year I am strong. Pumping strong. But I am tired too.  Like all farmers and gardeners  at this time of year.
letters for my little sister

Strong as I am though, some of these pictures are hard to bear. But we will not shy away.  The animals and birds in my care deserve our eyes. Even when I failed to keep them alive.   Life is hard sometimes.  We cannot pretty it up.  But we will deal with it – as best we can.









grass fed hereford pigs

Yesterday I launched the new Fellowship Book and already it is shaping up to be extraordinary. If you would like to write for Letters for my Baby girl. Please go to Menu/ Register and leave your name. Men and women. Boys and Girls. All welcome until I hit 100 contributers. This is  going to be great!

In FIVE sleeps I begin my own journey to New Zealand. I am taking you with me. And hoping that you will get to see what I see. In five sleeps we morph into a travel blog.  It will be lovely. Some relax time  but with a side order of anxiety about what is happening on the farm. But I have everything as locked down as I can.  The farm and her inhabitants should be ok.  I think a few days at the beach is ok.

Today the next batch of chicks is due to arrive (Jake is going to mind them in his brooder) and the Lady Vet is coming out to get some blood from Queenie so we can see if she is pregnant. I will let you know that news when I am away. Fingers crossed.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy (for five more sleeps!)




48 Comments on “September in pictures

  1. Life is never easy is it. Wonderful shots and memories you have given each of us.

    • wouldn’t that be wonderful. I will get to aussie again one day, in the next year or so i think.. fingers crossed.. c

  2. Despite the sadness, you have given us some happy photos. Who or what was that big bird in flight? I’m looking forward to your travels, but will miss the farmy.
    Fingers crossed for Queenie’s fertility.
    ViV x

  3. Do you have your suitcase out yet? Have you started filling it? Five more good sleeps for you, Miss C, solid hours of eyes shut and brain switched right off. You’ve done your preparation, your team is standing by, you’re nearly ready. Time to start letting go of all the strings you’re holding, and that are holding you. Nearly time to fly….

    • oh yes, all those strings! I think we are almost sorted and YES, the suircase is out and on the floor having things thrown at it.. MUST do some washing.. c

      • Morning, C! What day and time are you flying over my head towards the Land of the Long White Cloud? I want to know when to stand in the garden and wave!

        • I leave for New Zealand on the evening of the 7th after a day of writing in California. I guess I land on the 9th early in the morning. I need to check my ticket, that is the trouble with booking things so far ahead!.. c

  4. Such a wonderful post and lovely pictures of your beloved animals—both current and those who have gone from the farmy. We love seeing them all. I know you are incredibly busy with your getting readiness (is that even a phrase?) but we are all so grateful for your posts. Cant wait to see your travels here as you enjoy some time in your beloved NZ with your family. We will all be right here waiting to see what you have to share!!!

  5. Such a contemplative piece. I still love that haymaking image best. I suppose it reminds me of my father and uncle, the vision that remains in my mind as I carried lunch to them decades ago on the farm of my youth. Still miss that blessed place.

    Now journey on, my dear. Embrace your family. Grasp the sea and hold it tight for the long winter ahead.

  6. September was indeed a long month for you. Please don’t think that you “failed to keep them alive”. You did everything in your power to keep your beloved animals alive. Sometimes, nature just wins. It’s the blessing and the curse of loving animals and the gift they are to we humans.

  7. Calendar picture of the month (for me) would be the three running calves. Daisy and Cooter will live on long in our memories. Getting ready to go so far away is a double edged sword, for sure 🙂 Laura

  8. We’re off to Denmark for a bit. I’ll miss your departure. I’ll miss you. Happy journey, c. xx

  9. Carla said it best for me…I had tears seeing these photos of all your beloveds…Now you need some warm, southern, family, beach time…go knowing you did your very best and always do…can’t wait for our trip down to Kiwi land! 🙂

  10. If you need a pit stop, a leg stretch, or a coffee on the way to or from the beach – please call in. You would be very welcome.
    The photos are wonderful.

  11. Dear Cecilia,
    Today October 2nd, 2014, I saw for the first time the picture of Boo with the blanketed Big Dog. Yet I visit you every single day without fail. I know exactly what happened. The lead photo for the day on this website is partially covered at the bottom by the text. I was going to mention it to you when you changed your format many months ago, but figured there was nothing i could do about it.
    So for September 23rd, 2014, Boo and Big Dog under his blanket was hidden from me. Had I seen them, I would have told you then in all my life I have never seen a sadder, more affecting photo. Never!

    • I thought long and hard about showing you that shot, but it seemed to encompass so much. And honestly in amongst that dreadful week i did want to give Big Dog his due. We are getting very good at handling our sad moments aren’t we. And I do try to shoot so that the image works with the text but sometimes it does not work, however in this case it was kind of nice I thought.. c

      • Oh heck.
        I couldn’t see it either, until I went back just now.
        It is so sad, but also, so good.
        I have never ‘owned’ a creature who didn’t have to be euthanised… to die sweetly in his sleep… Is my wish for my elderly cats.
        All blessings to our Old Dog.

  12. 5 Sleeps. I hope they are sound and unterrupted. The photos are wonderful and ready to travel with you half way round the world. Happy packing.

  13. “September heaved with tears.” What a beautiful sentence~you pull us in with an open tenderness and a duality that shows the beautiful and the hard times. It’s hard to do, and I appreciate your openness and all that you share. I often find the months and the land and the animals reflect what I’m feeling inside, and you put into words (and photos) this internal and external landscape so well. Enjoy your rest at the beach!

  14. I hope you have a book for me in your bag! I’m so looking forward to seeing it.

  15. Sleep well. We have remembered and commemorated September with you. Smiled & cried… I will be away and offline for the few days until your departure, so I wish you safe and happy travels 🙂

  16. Oh Celi – these photos are just in the right order and you know it . . .Boo, the Mink-killer leading us off . . . and then saying ‘hello’ to Daisy and the Old Dog and Sheila [yoicks she has a better appetite than me!!] and Tima and the rest still enjoying the end of summer’s wonderful bounty!! Well, if Mr Google does not say ‘no’ to me [huhuh, it IS that bad!!] it will be just four sleeps . . . and you will get closer to your lovely daughter . . . [as well as your sons, but have just had a ‘chat’ to that lovely] . . . 🙂 ! Sleep well and dream!!!!!!

  17. You’ve a grand way with the words. I hope all will be well on the farmy while you’re off on your trip. If you’re leaving from Chicago you might want to check how things are with the airports there, I’ve read they might not have things quite back to normal until the 13th and that there will be unannounced cancellations. Maybe all will be back to normal there sooner than expected, but it is still up in the air.

  18. I think it is important to reflect on the past month. Touching those memories keeps alive the goodness of it all. I’m excited for your trip, and happy that you’re taking us along. What a special spirit you are Celi…

  19. You did your best to keep them alive–seeing that Big Dog had a winter coat, and blankets; untold hours fighting that mastitis–you are only human, Miss C. Though I think if we were to look closely, we would find your Wonder Woman attire in the next load of laundry.

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