A moments respite

The sun came out and the temperatures rose and the internet came back on.  I am working faster than the speed of light.

Federico has gone back to Argentina, his absence is surprisingly strong. In Argentina they are more likely to judge time in days than weeks and he told me he had been here 55 days. Fifty -five days working together every day is a long time. He was my right hand man. No wonder we both feel a little lost. Plus I am probably going to starve to death now. Well – there you are. We must carry on.

Allison is already gardening, Kim is shifting her chickens and life goes on with its wonderful people, its angels, its air and light, its twists and turns and metaphorical pockets. Pockets to stow memories and pockets to stow people and pockets to stow everything to come. Though I sat up writing last night drinking my coffee by myself and no-one to read aloud to me as I worked.


I am working fast this morning expecting the internet to click back off at any minute. Interesting how we become so complacent about the most mundane things ( life –  internet access) and when it is gone we panic and all is lost and woe is me and rush about like long ants looking for an “answer” then we find another way to do things or none of it is important anymore and things roll forward. People are more important. We need to remember that .

dog rolling



Life moves so fast.

One little turkey chick keeps getting on top of their heating table and shrieking to be saved – I have put him back in with the others countless times already. Carlotta, Carlos and Charlie the peachicks have started to literally fly out of their box, soon I will have to put them out in the turkey house. We will have peachicks taking over the kitchen! I am just waiting for a few more feathers  and some settled weather then out they will go with their little heater. The turkeys I will keep in a while longer – they are smaller.

Kim and Allison will work in the gardens again today and continue goat proofing the gates. I will make sense of the barn and later Our John will bring home the hinges so we can finish the gates to Poppy’s farrowing pen.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,


40 Comments on “A moments respite

  1. Hello Allison, welcome back 🙂 Yay for the Peachicks and gobblers! Tima is still smiling, good to see, will she and Tane have another date or is that it? I am off on safari for 10 days and will miss the farmy. Stay well everybody. Laura

  2. I have a friend who raises puppies for deaf people, and every time the puppies are taken away for further training and evaluation, she sobs a little. It must be like that, a bit, when your new friends leave and return home. Be well, c, and lots of love to you. xx

  3. Oh, Celi, we can so quickly get familiar and used to nice people and wish it would last forever and when theyr’e gone we experience kind of a bad deprivation, don’t we? Take your time in this matter, this needs time… – ah, and work helps to get through. Sigh…
    Best wishes, Irmi

  4. I’m so glad to have the full version back – Farmy Lite wasn’t nearly so satisfying in terms of detail and pictures! We’ll all miss Fede, I think, but none of us as acutely as you will. He’s been a solid and enjoyable presence. It’s fun to see new names, though, and I look forward to hearing more about what Kim and Allison are up to!

    • Farmy Lite–I love that! The term, not the experience, but it is better than total silence.

  5. Aw, a little bittersweet. We will all miss Fede and hopefully he’ll find his way back to the farmy. Welcome Allison though, and I’m looking forward to photos of the ladies when your poxy internet gets its act together. Hopefully that’s red sky at night and not morning. 😀

  6. Your blog is a work of art. it is not just written words , it is made up of colour, life and feelings. It is made up of moments in time. It is a creation of love.
    Will Fede ever come back? I do hope so for I feel that his heart lies in what he was creating and it is just unfortunate that he has to leave after 55 days….There is so much to do and I think he is needed on the Farmy not just as a worker but as your friend….
    to have the ability to read to another person is rare indeed and I can understand why you miss him at that time.
    But life goes on….have a great day and may the sun shine upon your crops…lots of love P

  7. It’s a little silly how we hold onto things that make our life ‘normal’ when perhaps there is no real normal at all and complacency is always challenged by some small hiccup or change, which I think we need. Not large upheavals, but little nudges keep us on our toes. I love the blog at this time of year, perhaps more so than any other. Your life is so busy and so full and occurs for me with such purpose as to be a driving force to keep my world going Miss C.

  8. Fede is special, and was bound to leave you with a big hole in your daily life. and will be greatly missed by the Fellowship, as well. Fingers crossed that your internet connection will stick around, find itself at home!
    ViV – who is watching curtains of rain sweep across the field in front of the house.

  9. You have such a melodic way of writing that I head for your post first thing. I thought Fede was going to university there? How did the English exam come out? People come and go and leave a little of themselves in our hearts and take a little of our hearts with them. It feels a little like being unplugged from the electric current. I’m thinking weather has a lot to do with the internet. Hope you continue to have access. I know I’m lost without it. Thanks for my morning fix. I need this more than coffee.

  10. we will all miss Frederico…… I love opening up your blog each morning- a lovely way to start the day…take care.

  11. And it’s just that Argentina is so far away. How many people in the world can bake like him AND build water systems. Plus have such a wonderful personality.
    I love the photos of Boo having a back rub and the cats playing with each other.

  12. As hot as it is here this week, it is hard to imagine it being too cold for little baby birds. Even naked ones. It makes me laugh that they’re flying, or trying to!

    • We are having rolls and rolls of terrible weather… and I am told that turkeys are more delicate when hand raised? Once tonight is over hopefully it will settle down – they are forecasting tornadoes and you know me – I would have to sit out there with them!

  13. You have said so much in this fast, furious post. The essentials. The meat. People are more important, you are right, and I love to be reminded of it, as I can slide so easily into concern about how well the lesser tasks are being handled. And then, anyway, in the end, the people are a joy, not task. I love Boo rolling in the grass. I dog rolling on his back wins my heart every time.

  14. I wish I could come and cook for you and save you from starvation 😦 We miss Fede too – he left some lovely shadows and whispers behind him.

  15. With all the cooking and other things that Federico was busy with, did he have a chance to finish your watering system? We would love to see a photo when you get a minute!

  16. We know that we have been blessed when someone who has been in our life for only a short time leaves us with such a longing and pain in our hearts. Goddess watch over Fede and I hope that he does well on his exam so that he may return to the farmy and us all again.

  17. How wonderful it is to be blessed with the gift of a friend who leaves us, even after a brief time, wanting more. Safe journey Fede, looking forward to hearing from you and know that you will be back on the farmy and with us all again soon.

  18. I could feel the urgency in your writing in this post, alas I was disturbed several times when I went to add my comment. That is one wonderful sunset. Ours paled into insignificence compared to that one. Now I am off to enjoy the great outdoors for a couple of hours and then meet up for some knitting and nattering! Have a great day with all the helpful hands!

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