Still on the phone

image image image image image image image image imageInternet intermittent to non-existent in the wave after wave of storms – more rain – and more rain. We are in the tropics.

Otherwise all is well. We are off to the airport today to wave goodbye to our precious Federico and collect our darling Allison another of the fellowship coming to help out for a week.

the computer man (also one of the fellowship) is coming back today to try and sort our internet out again.

Please excuse all the errors. Typing on the phone is rubbish . The phone photos all came in with a rush. But the rain last night was worse than ever. The lightening was very close. The thunder continuous. Fede and I sat up waiting it out. The rain falling in sheets.

I hope you have a lovely day.

I hope the rain holds off while we travel up to the city today with my precious load of people.

Love celi




36 Comments on “Still on the phone

  1. I hope the problems are resolved quickly. Fede will have a heavy load on the way home – al little piece of all our hearts! may all the travellers have a safe journey.

  2. Drive carefully, come home safely with your precious crew. Stay safe, all of you. Beautiful tiny little photos!

  3. Gardens are loving all the rain, one positive. Good bye To Federico, happy journeys! Holding thumbs for Our John to win the 4 July tomato contest. Be safe on the road c and crew. Laura

  4. I thought we were going to get washed away after we drove through one puddle that was deeper than we thought in yesterdays monsoon. Stay safe.

  5. Good morning to all, good morning, Celi.
    And Good bye to Fede: Have a well and lovely comming home and may your further steps and future way be full of ease and happiness!

  6. Goodbye Fede, thanks for being great help to Celi and the Farmy. All the animals will miss you. Come back someday. Welcome to Allison!! Boo is waiting for you!!! How much rain have you had lately Celi? Here on the Pontiac west side we’ve had over 3″ and more. And last nite some pretty high winds with the rain. Have a safe drive to the City.

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed that the computer man will get the problem sorted out soon!!! xo

  8. Safe journey home fede 😊. Stay safe Celi driving to and from the city x

  9. your posts are as precious whether done on phone, so short and sweet or on computer long and lovely. All these things are sent to try our patience….Thank you Fede for your company these last weeks , good luck with the results of tell us will u? And Hello Alison!
    Isn’t it wonderful to have all these people in your life..such lovely people…..don’t worry about us Miss C we know that you have problems..and a lotta lotta rain!

  10. What beautiful, lush summer photos for this 1st day of summer! Good-bye Federico, I’m sure we will hear from you again! May the memories you have of the Farmy serve you well in whatever direction, life takes you.
    C. What are those gorgeous circular pastries? Welcome Alison!

  11. Wonderful photos in spite of having to use the phone. Love the panoramic view. Bon voyage Federico. I know it’s hard to say goodbye because he’s become so much a part of the family. Welcome to Allison. Hope your bad weather is over.

  12. we will all miss Fede! Wish him well and do keep us posted on his future plans! Take care- enjoy your day!

  13. Safe travels ALL……..thank you for using your phone while your internet connection is down ! We become worry worts when our daily blog goes away !! The sun has to on its way ,,,,

  14. Ditto Vivinfrance. Rained in Chicago but not torrentially. I love the photos–and also wonder what that gorgeous wheel is. Safe trips for everyone!

  15. It’s great you are able post via the phone. Lovely pics. Your kitchen is the same colour as mine. I’d love a ginger kitty to match. Gorgeous pic of blue Boo with the blueberries.

  16. I hope you stay safe, and the rain slows. Your photos are so pretty. You’re kitchen is so bright and happy. It must be a joy to cook there.

  17. So many beautiful photos today. Your weather hits us in a day or two in Michigan. I will have my rain boots ready! Safe travel to those departing and coming. We will all miss Fede.

  18. Hope all of you got back safe and sound!! Looked up my 7-day weather forecast: cool and windy – the Chicago one sits right below it and it seems you are going to be both warm and dry till the next weekend!! Hope the computer appreciates the ‘news’ and behaves!! Lovely that you are still going to have a ‘full house’ both for help and companionship . . . you’ll miss Fede but hopefully have a happy productive time!!

  19. I’m so sad it’s time for Fede to go. I’m quite fond of him, and I see I’m not alone. I will just wait for him to return for visits when he is back stateside for his studies. Right? Right.

    Take care, Celi! Keeping my fingers crossed for your internet connection. Fussy things, aren’t they?

  20. I will miss Fede. Love the shot of Boo and the one of the cabbage. You should be getting hot, dry weather soon!

  21. Safe journeys to all, and I hope your weather (and tech situation) improves soon!

  22. We had our phone and internet knocked out by a lightening strike last week….nothing like your tropical affair but I can sympathise with the annoyance of trying to blog on a phone….being an intermittent blogger I have to admit that I just don’t do it. Hope the weather clears up for your new intake:)

  23. Hope all the travel transfers, both in and out, went easily for you today and the rain held off for your travels. I feel certain the outgoing was a little tough; as you say, Fede certainly left a footprint on the farmy. We’ve had a beautiful weekend, weather-wise, but along with your nasty weather I have also heard from friends in the north-east of the U.S. and they apparently had tons of rain and gale force winds on Saturday. We, in Toronto, normally get Chicago’s weather a couple of days later, due to prevailing west winds, so I suppose we too should be gearing up for some good rain. We could use some. Hope all your critters have settled back and are feeling better. I am sure one sick bird would cause a lot of stress when you depend upon them for so much.
    Best wishes for a good start to a new week ~ Mame 🙂

  24. Hope you had safe travels. We had the rains last night (the wee hours of Wednesday morning). Your gardens look good! What are we looking at in the first photo? Is that pastry? I do see a pretty ginger kitty, too. 🙂

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