Last nights weather forecast

Yes. Last night. We did get some remarkable weather, continuous thunder for hours, spiky lightening that lit the night like disco lights someone forgot to turn off at the end of the show for hours and hours, endless, but not much rain and the wind was mild. The phone was shrieking with tornado alerts but there was no need for alarm in our neck of the woods. Though the usual ambiguous weather forecast had encouraged us to prepare.

Monday Night 06/22 40% / 0.34 in

Windy with scattered thunderstorms, some strong this evening, then skies turning partly cloudy after midnight. Damaging winds, large hail and possibly a tornado with some storms. Low 67F. W winds at 20 to 30 mph, decreasing to 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

If you are in a drought reading this I am so sorry but Below is why we do not want any more rain or “possibly a tornado with some storms”. Really! How about POSSIBLY a tidal wave too!  Or possibly an invasion of dancing frogs. (which I think we do have after all this rain. ) Anything is possible.

We got off easy, Johns work mates are calling in with reports of loss of power and over 4 inches of rain in their areas. So I am grateful. Though Tane does not mind how high we fill his personal puddle. Every good pig must have a personal puddle.





peacock tail

I brought everyone into the barn last night just in case there was hail and the odd tornado, though I am not convinced that the barn is the best place to be. I would put my money on Sheila – she is probably the most stable animal on the property.

Talking of stable, those Spanish Black turkeys are so friendly. When I come into the chick nursery the peachicks hide but the turkey chicks raise  their heads up (in unison – they look like little tiny seals) and turn to my voice (like a strangely tame school of fish) . If I pick one up he sits happily in my hands. Nestled down. We found one in a book case yesterday. They are flying out of their box. They will all have to go out into their Turkey House very soon.

Kim and Allison worked hard in the gardens and out in the fields yesterday. They are roaring through the work.

Here is Allison’s blog post from yesterday.  They are having such fun and as you can see the cats adore Kim.  I think there are two or three posts from yesterday and the day before so wander about a bit if you have time.  The lovely thing about Kim and Allison is that they have been here before so they know how to do most things and work as a team. Today Allison is going to be the 1940’s Kitchen Mama. YAY!

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farmy






34 Comments on “Last nights weather forecast

  1. I’m glad the pigs like the new swamplands – you almost could divert the water to California now 😉

  2. So green and gorgeous. Things are drying out quickly here; no rain to speak of for weeks. Stay dry, c! xx

  3. The storms arrived in my part of Ohio about 5 this morning and are still ongoing. No tornado alerts yet, but we’ll see. I DO love the thunder!

  4. What a lotta water….you could sell some to the arabs in the desert!…..It was interesting reading Kims blog and seeing things from a different perspective….Try to keep dry

  5. The rolling, nonstop thunder is something else, isn’t it? And the nonstop lightning show too!!! Nature proclaiming she is here and is the boss! Hope all is well now and that you have days of sunshine ahead!

  6. Let’s start BULL FROG farming! Our newest addition to the pack, Chloe, LOVES to hunt the frogs in our back yard. We have 3 or 4 residents that are tiny tiny. She will not eat them, but loves to make the jump and then pounce on them like a cat plays with their prey. Quite fun to watch until your realize she is wearing herself out and getting overheated. Then you have to pick her up and take her in. A beagle on prey is never an easy thing to persuade away.

    I guess Fede made it home. He will be missed but maybe he will be back stateside for school soon. Fingers cross for him.

    Kim & Allison – nice to have you back. The blog about mending gates with a cat on your back cracked me up!

  7. For the record, that Bonnet (I think it deserves a capital letter) was given to me by a friend who giggled in delight when I opened it. I was told that I must wear said Bonnet at the Farmy and be photographed. My obligation is now fulfilled! 🙂

  8. “Personal mud puddle”… mine must be the bathtub. I am really fond of taking strawberry bubble baths – snorts to having a wonderful day my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  9. I running around with buckets of water from my wash machine to keep my tiny garden alive and you are turning into a lake.

  10. I love the print of The Bonnet.
    The last photo–are those Kupa’s?

  11. The mud hole photos are priceless! Too much water is about as bad as not enough. My gardens are a wreck this year after over 20 inches of rain in May. I thought it would be such a lovely thing, but sadly, no. Plants do not do well with too much water. I suppose the Universe knows what is best for all of us. Meanwhile, it’s good the girls are rockin the garden weeding and everything is moving like a well-oiled machine!

  12. Mud baths for pigs, is it any wonder they are such beautiful creatures, I know some humans who pay small fortunes for that kinda treatment!

  13. Perhaps it’s a year to experiment with planting rice between the corn rows… It looks sort of familiar to me, monsoon gardening – you need some sugar cane and banana trees to slurp up all that water… No wonder Tane is such a handsome devil with those lavish mud baths of his. Tima didn’t stand a chance against his charms! Have they had another romantic collision yet, or are you waiting to see if she’s caught?

  14. Your post did not show up in my reader today so I was fearing the worst after the weather reviews of your area on the news this morning. I was only now (5pm west coast time) able to check the blog and find this post and am so glad to see you weren’t blown into the sky with a fearsome witch pedaling her bicycle outside the kitchen window. We will gladly take your rain here in Washington as our state is slowly but surely beginning it’s annual summer forest land burns. Glad to know all is well Miss C 🙂

  15. ‘We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto!’ . . . . Oh did the Chicago weather Bureau a couple of days ago not get it wrong: but it does admit to flood warnings . . . Thought that once May was over you could breathe a little easier . . . love the way you mention ‘the odd tornado’ . . . . Once past Kankanee are you S or SE?

  16. Pigs in puddles (Tane is so cute!) goats in wagons and peacocks…? I hope not into the vegetables. Apparently, turkeys are well-read if you found one in the bookcase!

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