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Lady walked onto the trailer very cheerfully and dismounted exactly the same way. Moving forward in her bovine bubble. And so ends another chapter. A good chapter too, she did well for the years she lived here and I think was managed well. So… Continue Reading “DAWN AGAIN”

Ya Wanna Bet?

I do NOT want to discuss the snow. I do not want to discuss how snow that is driven by wind flings itself like white mud at everything and sticks. I do not want to discuss gates frozen shut. And sit-upons that cannot be… Continue Reading “Ya Wanna Bet?”

Lambs: A Photographic Essay

Yesterday had horrible weather.   The wind was so strong and so cold yesterday that a few times I walked backwards from the house to the barn rather than have my face blown off. But thats OK, the Kiwi builder was on the other… Continue Reading “Lambs: A Photographic Essay”

Lunar Eclipse at Dawn on the Farmy : December 10, 2011

As the sun at my back rose, the moon past the barn set, losing slithers of itself as it fell. Dawn on Saturday, December 10, 2011.  10F (-12C).  A clear cold day ahead.  Time to feed the cows.  Have a great day. c

From the underbelly of a bridge

Leading over the river des plaines… today I love bridges.. and now to work… I have a story for you tomorrow… c