Lambs: A Photographic Essay

Yesterday had horrible weather.  mead2-002

The wind was so strong and so cold yesterday that a few times I walked backwards from the house to the barn rather than have my face blown off. But thats OK, the Kiwi builder was on the other side of the house so he did not see.

But the little lambs were safe in their little pen. No drafts. No dangers. But very little light.mead-023

I had to keep the big doors closed all day. Even the peahens stayed in yesterday. mead-028

The lambs  drank and slept. Then drank and slept some more.

mead-018 mead2-016

Good morning. Today is wicked cold again. 8F (-13C), but so far no wind. And when I was out working with the gang in the night it was cold but calm as well. Thank goodness the winds have gone. I hope.

The home schooled children come today. I am not sure, but I think these will be the first lambs they will ever have seen, can you imagine what it will be like to see something for the first time ever.

I am also hoping that this might be the last very, very cold morning. Please say it is the last. The Tall Teenager said to me yesterday why does this feel like it is the coldest day of the winter when it isn’t.  We thought about this for a while and decided it was because we cannot bear it anymore. We are over the winter and that tired admission allows a weakness seep in. And weakness makes us shiver.  I was certainly feeling weak when I was walking backwards to the barn with my warm bottled of milk tucked inside my jacket and my 5 gallon buckets of warm water the only thing keeping me from being blown away.

I was certainly feeing weak, when down the back paddock in the icy gale yesterday trying to open the gate for Hairy and just could not lever the gate out of the frozen mud, having to tell him that he was stuck there, best go back down into the root cellar until I could come back with tools and hands that work.  Hairy was stoic.

Oh I almost forgot, we began the Mead yesterday. Honey Mead of course!  We have so much honey after melting out all the wax. So we are making six gallons of mead. John says I won’t be able to taste it for at least a year. KillJoy!!!mead-001

This is going to be good! Thank you bees.

And thank you darlinks for reading every day. You keep me strong.  I say this with absolute sincerity.

Oh and ViV your pocket hand-warmers came yesterday afternoon. What an incredible day for them to arrive! Just when I think I cannot bear the cold a moment more.  They are being heated right this minute and into my farm jacket pocket they will go for this mornings milking. I am thinking about how we could make big ones of these to warm new-born lambs too.  My new french patchwork ones are just so beautiful. Thank you ViV!

OK that is enough for me. I have to stop chatting now and get on with the day.

Have a lovely day.



78 Comments on “Lambs: A Photographic Essay

  1. That was quick! I’m so glad they’ve come. Can you buy loose wheat in the animal feed store? If you’re looking for temporary warmers for the new lambs, you could put wheat into an old pillowcase – not too much, not stuffed – and tie the corners off. Be very careful not to heat for more than 2 minutes in the microwave, as my bad back warmer. has been known to burn me.

    I’m sorry you’re having such horrid weather at the (hopefully) tail end of winter. Spring soon, please God.

    • and today the pulsator stopped pumping, it was so cold, it was freezing up, it is a tiny machine attached to the bucket on one end and the pump on the other, so we held the hot handwarmers up against it and wrapped them around it and sure enough they warmed the mechanism and after a long minute it to started to whir again. So these are very versatile indeed! you saved the day. thank you again.. c

      • Wow, that’s one use that hadn’t occurred to me. BTW My wheat bag back warmer is at least 15 years old and still works, though I had to put a new cover on it when it started to leak after about 10 years.

  2. Those lambs look so adorable in their little body warmers. They look so large, but i guess it’s hard to get any sense of size in a photograph.

    Everybody will be so happy when it’s my birthday, because I was born on the first day of Spring.

    • They are large, i really should have weighed them but I completely forgot! but they are heavy.. I look forward to saying happy birthday ronnie!! c

    • Thank goodness, I know it means cold coming for you but I do need this to be the last of the deep cold here.. c

  3. We’re all hoping that was Winter’s Last Gasp…last night it rained buckets, and the wind howled. I thought about you and the lambies when I woke up at 2 am from the noise…
    Hope the day goes well, and you can find some restful moments…Mama won’t have ‘issues’ with the children so close to her babies, will she?

    • Mama watches any strangers very carefully, she will stand solidly in front of them and stare, without blinking..c

  4. We’re a balmy 26 and it’s snowing. And Michael said it was supposed to be nice today! 🙂 Sweet babies. Kalina loves your lambies. Someday (soon!) she’d like to have a couple. We’d like to learn to spin.

  5. It will be so cold tomorrow that it might just be the end of this Brazilian as we know it. The trauma might do permanent damage to my delicate tropical self.

    Lovely collection of photos, I know you have so much on your plate, thanks for taking the time to compose such beautiful images for our pleasure….

  6. What dear little things they are. Any babies are gorgeous. It is cold and wet here today too and I am heading off to New York tomorrow where it is even colder. I am now ready for spring.

  7. Darling, darling lambs. And yesterday was the coldest day of the winter thus far here in southern Minnesota. Another raw day today with a major winter storm moving in on Thursday. Oh, how I long for spring and I don’t even have to do chores like you.

    • I do hope that if that storm comes this way we get some rain, our hay supplies are very low now and I am praying for early grass growth.. c

  8. They were talking snow here yesterday (quite rare). I don’t see any — it is clear and cold. Buckwheat in a pillow case — or an old T-shirt sewn up — also works as a warmer when microwaved as Viv suggested.

    • They are just setting up the school room, moving fast so that they can go and look at the lambs before we start! c

    • One is smaller, but they do all seem equally active. Especially at birth, they all coughed obediently and shook their heads madly to clear their ears! getting up much faster than any of the previous Mama lambs.. c

  9. I say it’s the last cold day… I love the lambs and think back to the farm days… those lamb warmers with wheat sound ideal for the poor little lads … but keep them inside for as long as possible that cold you’re having sure sounds cold… – 13 C… I would want a bed and cover full wheat heated and that’s where I’d stay… good luck Celi, I do hope the winter is now broken for you…

    • We have sun today but you are right still too cold for them, if they had been born in the fields they would have been dead very quickly. I do need to shift them to a larger pen this afternoon so I can clean this one out, then they will go back for the night. Though I hope to turn off this lamp soon, it gives me the willies in a tinder dry barn. c

  10. Gosh Celi, you have had a cold winter!!! We have been very fortunate that it hasn’t been so brutally cold here. But, we have a big ice storm warning for tonight and tomorrow!!!! And the ice storms are the scariest around here as they can take giant trees down and take out the power and horrible stuff like that! Sure hope you guys don’t get it up there! Just keep saying…’Spring is almost here!’ and it will cheer you right up! xo

    • we had an ice storm a few years ago that took us out for 6 days, trees down, branches down, roads closed and power lines toppled like dominoes, ice scares me .. I do hope it is not too bad for you. !

  11. Oh Celi, your 4 babies are just cutypituty!! And love the little warmimg jackets you made for them. I was a little scared for them last nite with these horrid frigid temps….so glad they are fine! Don’t know how you do it, getting up and down often during the night….do you get any sleep???
    Keep everybody warm today…….worse weather is com’in our way…

  12. With a wind as well, I wonder what the temperature is there allowing for the windchill factor?
    It has even got a spot chilly here, in sympathy maybe. After absolutely sweltering, quite a relief.
    You had better rename the barn the baa-aa-aan!

  13. Well I suppose you’ll appreciate the restorative powers of mead next winter 😉
    Those lambs are amazing – they look like several weeks old with all that wool and ability to stand up and walk around.

  14. You are providing those children with indelible memories to be cherished their whole lives long and with them their blessings upon you.

  15. Such sweeties! I can just imagine how soft and adorable they are.

    I too am wishing for spring. I’ve had enough winter. Very windy here today and looks like there’s some snow on the horizon. I couldn’t take it anymore so yesterday when it had finally heated up to 30 something and started raining, I turned off the heat and opened the windows for a couple of hours. Fresh air! It was heavenly.

    Enjoy your babies. 🙂

  16. I was grumbling about the unusual heat wave we’re having here! I can’t even imagine cold as cold as yours. I hope the wind stops soon. XO

  17. It horrible and dreary and cold here too…at least today the sun is shining but still cold. What kind of hand warmers did you get? I’ve broken down and bought the chemical ones but they are disposable and I don’t like that. The lambs look cozy and happy, they are lucky to have coats!

  18. Love the lambies!! No winter lasts forever, no spring misses it’s turn! 🙂

  19. Such darlings. I love them!
    Celi, is there a way I can ask you questions about your barn (repair, maintenance, etc)? I don’t want to clog your blog, but would like some 2nd hand knowledge if you are willing to share. farmlet(at)att(dot)net

  20. How cute are they! You should know that the news was very well-received by a Lady in Michigan. I just sent her the photos and I’m sure we’ll talk about them tomorrow.
    I was worried about you & the lambs last night. It was so frigid cold! If that wasn’t the last of it, we should be very close to the end. I certainly hope so!
    Thanks for taking the time, Celi, to shoot and upload these pics. It’s not like you haven’t better things to do. 🙂

  21. I think I’d be a little bit like your homeschoolers, Celi. I’ve only really seen lambs at the fair! But they are precious and I love the black and white photography. I do wish I could send you something to warm you up. My goodness I can’t imagine, but I hope that wonderful mead will be ready soon. I know what I’d be doing with that! 🙂 oxo

  22. What gorgeous little creatures! So glad they’ve arrived, Celi. I do admire you: cold makes me want to retract and do absolutely nothing except maybe languish under a duvet, and -13 is wicked cold!

  23. Celi, I found you on October Farm. Feels like I struck gold! They are wonderful and you are doing a great job helping Mom care for them. 🙂 I shall return!

    • morning mona and welcome welcome welcome.. wonderful to have you reading, i shall pop over soon and see what you are up to too.. c

  24. I am so ready for spring…summer would be nice, but I will settle for spring…HECK I would settle for even a little bit warmer weather and sun shine and no wind. But wind comes heavy in strong for us in spring so I shall not say that about the wind…if we didn’t get wind here all the snow wouldn’t melt and the trees and bushes wouldn’t know how to raise their sap from the roots and we would be stuck…but bitter cold face freezing wind…I’m so over!

    *♥´¨) ¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨) (¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥♥´¨

    • Everything single thing about what you said I agree with.. ok that is a sleep deprived sentence but you know that i mean! soon soon.. c

  25. Celi I’m lost in admiration for your devotion to those little ones in all that cold and misery, and to all the other creatures who turn to you for love and sustenance. Do hope you’re getting lots of love and sustenance for yourself… you need ir and deserve it.
    Spring Will come – as my grandson said to me – Everything passes…lots of love to you all

  26. Thank you so much for the photo essay: my hat off to you for even thinking of such when you seem to be in-and-out of bed like a yoyo helping Mama be mother! Shall also share with friends!

  27. Celi it is so good the lambs have their little sweaters. Such bitter cold weather for the babies. Now how fabulous is the honey mead. If you have to wait a year before it is consumed that will give everyone on the Farmy time to become Morris Dancers.

  28. Glad that the lambs are so well cared for. Hope you get your prize package from me soon. The PO said they would deliver it by Tuesday (yesterday), but President’s Day might have thrown them off their appointed rounds. :D.

    • your famtastic book arrived this morning, my postman very sweetly brought it to the barn ..and it is thrilling.. some excellent reads ! thank you so much.. c

      • Yay! This is a week of FUN arrivals for you . . . the lambs, Viv’s handwarmers, and The Writer’s Desk. Enjoy! (And stay warm).

  29. BABIES! They are so cute! But i feel ya on that weather. It’s been incredibly mild here in the Florida panhandle, but Jen had to scrape frost off the windshield Monday and you’d have thought she had turned into an icicle!

  30. So very lovely! What good fortune for your lambies to be born to such a devoted shepherdess. For their further warming, methinks I would go to the local thrift store and find six midsized wool cardigans (nobody knows the warmth of wool better than lambs), sandwich them together in pairs and sew all but the necklines shut, pour in some dry rice or other grain, stitch the last seam shut, and warm them with a short time in oven, dryer or microwave (whichever was nearby) just enough to take out as cozies for the kids, then bundle them in their new warmers. Or alternatively, just hug them all serially until they couldn’t stand it any longer. Can you tell I’m not a farmer but entranced by lamb adorableness? 😉 xoxo K

  31. I love the 5th black and white photo, with that little lamb, ears up, in silhouette. It was so poignant I wanted to cry for the tenderness of it all. Such harsh weather conditions, and that new life arrives so trustingly, and there you are keeping them protected and making brave trips out in the weather. Do you have a big furry headdress like the ones Scott and his team wore in the Antarctic? There must be an Antarctic provisions shop that you can visit when you next come to NZ because you have to be a hero to go out in that weather. Oh well, spring must be coming, because you have lambs, right?
    PS The honey mead looks so golden, like stored sunlight.

  32. Mead is a wonderful thing! I used to make mead every year. I made it with champagne yeast, and it would come out bubbly and on the dry (rather than sweet) side. Yum. I also experimented with fruit and herbs (which makes it a name other than mead but I can remember what those names are). My favorite included lemongrass, ginger, and strawberries. After one year of aging, it was good. After two years of aging, it was excellent.
    Love the lambs. They are so cute!

  33. The lambs are so so so adorable! I know the homeschoolers will be in awe of them.

  34. Looking forward to lots of photos of you drinking the mead in a year’s time! We always have it at our Christmas beekeeping party.

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