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Lady walked onto the trailer very cheerfully and dismounted exactly the same way. Moving forward in her bovine bubble. And so ends another chapter. A good chapter too, she did well for the years she lived here and I think was managed well. So… Continue Reading “DAWN AGAIN”


This winter has been up and down and up and down in temperatures. And the varuation is so vast that the animals no sooner get used to hunkering down than it is warm again then cold again. Well, one of the three little pigs… Continue Reading “SICK PIG”

All Dawns are Not Born Equal.

Dawn shot. Not enough light and snow driving sideways. It stings your face that snow.  19F which is minus7.2C.   Note the MINUS as we head out the door.  I don’t like the minus.  This morning, I have discovered that if you have a… Continue Reading “All Dawns are Not Born Equal.”